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Five Things I've Learned on xHamster

1. I'm a total babe magnet. Hundreds of women have invited me to be their special friend
exceptionally beautiful webcam girls--all of 'em! I have no idea why they're so interested in
knowing my Visa number and expiration date, but I do know that I'm like catnip to them.
Y'know, if I'd had a better understanding of my powers of attraction back in college, I would've
gotten laid a lot more often. An awful lot more.

2. It's always wise to check out who uploaded a video before posting a comment dissing the
appearance or performance of somebody in that vid: the two could be the very same person.
Getting flamed and blocked is just so humiliating.

3. Trannies can really fool ya! Some of my readers might know that I'm most passionate about
women with beautiful faces. More than once, however, I've saved a stunner in my faves only
to learn weeks later that "she" was actually a ladyboy. I used to delete these pics, but not
anymore. Not since I encountered Yeidi Collins:

Beautiful is beautiful, and Yeidi is breathtakingly beautiful. I'd suck her angelic cock anytime
she asked me to. (Never in my whole life could I have imagined that I'd someday be writing
anything like this. But here we are.)

4. I'm not exactly the same person here in xHamster that I am elsewhere. I think in some ways
I'm actually a better person here.

5. In my wanderings throughout this great big xHamster world of ours, it's been heartening for
me to observe that the people here are just plain folks like me--from the guy who likes to jerk
off onto baby dolls to the gal who likes to have her boyfriend stitch up her vagina with a needle
and thread and absolutely no anesthetic. God bless us, one and all!

Posted by courteouscliff 2 years ago
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2 years ago
This made me happy to read, thank you Cliff.
2 years ago
A lovely post both funny and thought provoking.
2 years ago
I had to log back in just for this! This was hilarious. Thank you very Cliff.