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I love porn and I love being a part of the xHamster porn community. I'm into women with big tits (chiefly natural but not exclusively) and hourglass figures, but what I really adore are beautiful faces. Take a look at my favorites while you're here; I hope you'll enjoy them as much as I do. Let me know what you think.

A NECESSARY ADDENDUM: I don't accept friendship invitations from users with dick avatars. I DON'T CARE ABOUT YOUR DICK! And I have to believe that most of them are fake anyway. This is deeply offensive to those of us who are genuinely hung like railroad ties but choose not to brag about it.
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29 days ago
Wishing you the most beautiful new year, Cliff. You are one of the nicest people here, and I am always glad of your friendly words..
8 months ago
Hi Cliff! I browsed and found an audio recording of "The Darling". I like having chances to hear a story from many different days to find more little connections to my own feelings and experiences. Your recommendation could not have been better. Thank you, my friend!
8 months ago
Hi, Cliff! I hope all is good in Connecticut. NJ is slow recognizing spring this year, but I don't mind. Anything that delays the relentless oven of summer, I have to give it a little rub behind the ears :)
I was in Manhattan today, and the ladies were enjoying the pleasant weather. It was a pleasure to be in their midst!
8 months ago
Come on down! Your biggest problem will be keeping your drinks cool, sunburns & figuring out which girl gets to feed you fish tacos.
8 months ago
Thank you for your visit and compliment
I'll just keep on doing what i'm doing
Stay safe
9 months ago
Hi, Cliff. I hope you are well, my friend. Springtime is making such a late and uncertain arrival this year, but glad to welcome it with open arms! Strange in northwest NJ to still have bare trees in May. I would like to see bare girls in May:)
9 months ago
Get out of the frozen North, pull up a pew & have a drink with me down here in the dirty South, Cliff! We'll get 7 strippers: 3 for you, 3 for me, 1 floater :)
10 months ago
Hi Cliff! If I recall correctly, the bar was in Louisiana and she was the bartender!! Can you imagine how many "special" drinks she did for customers??
11 months ago
You're not kidding about the brutal winter, Cliff. I thought of you a few times as those snow storms were coming in succession like that! As tolerant as I am for winter, I'd like it leave as soon as possible. Hopefully a long and very mild spring this year. Six months of cherry blossoms:)
11 months ago
cliff claven is the man
1 year ago
I hope you're doing okay with the cold and snow, Cliff. I didn't have to work today (yeahhh:))
1 year ago
Merry Christmas, Cliff, wishing you all the best, my friend!
1 year ago
Thanks Cliff, and a Happy Thanksgiving to you, too!
My family is safe, sound & ready to assemble for some excessive feasting tomorrow... I hope the same for you and yours :)
1 year ago
Thank you, Cliff. I'm working on the unpardonable excess in terms of porn viewing right now, lol. Happy Thanksgiving to you too, my friend:)
1 year ago
I like your new fave vids, Cliff! I hope you are well, I love anything you say:)
1 year ago
Sp0oky HДLLÖШЕeЛ, Clif :). I successfully escaped (at least thus far) the menace of the overhead piano. My visit to Plattsburgh was good, and ushered in the end of mild temps, lol :)
1 year ago
Hi Cliff. It's Wednesday of my 1st week in Plattsburgh and I'm enjoying it here! I love the clear air and moody skies and view across the lake. The tower that gives perch to the eagle statue is not very elegant, but it seems like a friendly, no-nonsense town; Bridge Street leads to a bridge and Dock Street leads to a dock. The drive up was a genuine pleasure:)
1 year ago
I'm enjoying my visit with WIndsor! I'd spend ages working in Jersey City, NJ for a sewer project, so Windsor, CT is like heaven to me. The station is quiet and quaint and feels very 'New Englandy' with the changing colors. The iron sculptures are funny and kinda amazing. The scrap iron globe at Union and Broad is one of the coolest public artworks I've seen. It was a wonderful chuckling pleasure to hear of your acquaintance with Plattsburgh:) Thanks for your always thoughtful words, Cliff, you are a nice person to have as a friend.
1 year ago
Hey Cliff! I love your visits. My weekend had no noteworthy activities; recovering from 2 mid-week late nights seeing music and resting for this weeks travels. I'm in your neck of the woods as I write this, lol, working at the Windsor Amtrak station, then next week to Plattsburgh, NY for the station there. Life is feeling kind to me right now, and giving me nice friends and nice places to travel.
1 year ago
Hi, Cliff:) I think the mundane things have a mystery and beauty and elegance to them. Digging rocks. I remember you telling me last winter about the weary requirement to go with the canine for a walk despite the snow. In my mind, it was low-key, but nice.
1 year ago
Belated congrats on 1000 days, buddy. I hope you are well,
1 year ago
Hi. Cliff. I know you're not on xHam. so often of late, but you are just a nice, funny articulate dude and I think of you as one my most cherished online buddies. I love the cooler weather (so much), and I'm wishing you a beautiful autumn season. Every time you say hi, it's like a little holiday:)
1 year ago
reality as we know it is being broadcast from the planet saturn, through the moon and onto earth
1 year ago
Penny loafers AND a bowtie?! That's perfectly good attire if you wanna look like someone who kills hoboes for sexual release when nobody's looking. How many notches do you think a guy like Tucker Carlson has on his Hobo Knife?
1 year ago
Hi Cliff, great to hear from you! My summer was getting overheated til last week, and it's been kinda nice as of late. Glad to hear things are well with you, and you've got my curiosity all interested with news of your project. Best wishes, my friend, I'm dying to see what you're working on:)
1 year ago
Does this mean you're gonna start wearing bow ties when you're in formal dress situations? Nothing says "Relax... I've been de-balled, you're safe with me!" like a bow tie does.
1 year ago
I'm glad to hear of your vacation, but have you heard of a certain solution to your shrinkage problem that involves black sweatpants, a metal thermos, coffee brought up to the boiling point in temperature, and a brisk jog on a hot day?
1 year ago
Just stopping by to say have a great weekend, Cliff!
1 year ago
Hi Cliff. Thanks for your festive visit, my friend. My new feline avatar would likely take exception to being called a "kitten", lol. He is a seasoned male with experience of NYC's outer boroughs as well as upstate Adirondack regions. He answers, reluctantly at times, to "SeaLips".
1 year ago
Congrats on your 900 days here, Cliff.

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