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A few times a month my wife indulges my fantasies and lets me undress her on webcam. Last night was one of those nights. She was really into it. As I setup the webcam on a tripod, she got into her sexy read lingerie. I logged into and I like a bit of both. On RealCoupleCam, I can watch other couples who are also getting naked. On ShufflePeople, I like watching the faces of others when suddenly they're staring at my wife's beautiful body as I fondle her. There were a few couples watching on RealCoupleCam and the typical crowd on ShufflePeople. She danced for me as I played with her and slowly undressed her. I kept flipping through people on ShufflePeople until I found ones I thought were worthy of my wife's show. One was a beautiful young woman who was there to turn on men. She really enjoyed watching me work my fingers into the wife's pussy as she played with her clit.

We don't show our faces and can only do so much standing up. When we're ready, I have her lie on the floor on her back. I adjust the webcam facing down on her showing everything from her neck to her thighs. The couple on RealCoupleCam was getting into it and was texting us things they'd like to see. For the most part, I ignore these. It's about what we want...they're just the audience. After playing with her more, I went down on her for a very long time. I obviously can't see it on cam, but I imagine what it looks like with her wiggling her hips approvingly as I pleasure her and work my fingers in her.
When she's ready, we move to our favorite position. I lie on my back. She gets on me reverse cowgirl style and lies all the way back. This way everyone watching can see her tits as she wiggles around on my dick. She uses her vibrator there and has a huge orgasm. When she was done, I kept pounding her. I had her spread her legs apart so our audience could better see my dick sliding in and out.

Then, it was my turn to play :)

I took my time and did her every which way. I usually like being all the way on top of her, but stayed back so people could see her tits move as I fucked her. I usually don't interact a lot with people who are watching, but couldn't resist asking the couple watching on RealCoupleCam..."Should I cum in her, or on her?" They really wanted to see me cum on her and, honestly, I kinda wanted to. I had never done anything that porn like on webcam and was very turned on by it. I had my wife spread her legs wide so everyone could see. I wet my dick in her a little then stroked myself until I cam all over her stomach.

It was a great night.
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1 year ago
That sounds awesome. Regarding the sites you were using: What if you don't want multiple parties watching you - like, if you only wanted it to be one on one with another couple? Is that more a Skype situation?
2 years ago
Sounds like a hot night and a show not to miss