No, I k**. When I wasn't working, I was fucking. I noticed I have a "friend of a friend" fetish if that's such a thing. I fucked EI's former best friend (I'll let you guess why they aren't anymore). I'll be posting a few pics and vids of her soon. One session was hot because she only wanted to give me head, so she sucked me off while I watched the clip of me giving it to EI in the ass lol.

I also somehow managed to talk to a chick's former SIL who they both hate each other but stay together. Only got some pics of her tits but I fucked her in the living room floor right next to the couch I fucked her SIL on.

A few years prior I had a trifecta of framily (thanks Sprint). I met the original friend on Yahoo. After months of talking and losing contact, we reconnected. The first time I went to her place it was just talking and groping. The next time I went over, I found out she was one of the most powerful squirters I had ever been with - she could hit my chest from missionary position. After a few more fuck sessions we lost contact again. Fast forward maybe a year later and I catch her on Yahoo again and we go to lunch. She tells me she's in love with her new boyfriend but still wants me. I tell her I still need sex. She says she would give it to me but can't so she tells me to hit on her friend. (Unbeknownst to me this was her ploy to get me out of her system because she supposedly couldn't fuck someone who fucked her friend) She gave me the whole game plan - "Tell her she's cute, sugarcoat some other shit, then make your move." I did exactly that and by the next morning I had dropped 2 loads in her pussy. The original friend also told me new friend was a swinger and she told me some of these stories. One in particular caught my interest though. Apparently the previous year, she had friends over at her place for sex. A female and a guy. She is bi so she showed me some pics of her and her friend sharing the guy's cock and sucking tits. However the part that interested me the most is about the guy and her (legal) niece. The niece was in dire need of a massage and apparently her male friend was good at them. So she offered his services to her niece in exchange of her niece blowing the guy. So the guy gave her a massage first and the niece blew the guy. What makes it so hot is that she watched her blow him and after the niece finished, she gave him a second bj while the niece just watched in some unknown state of shock or ecstasy or both. So naturally when the aunt had to have a hysterectomy and was out of commission for some months, who would I turn to? The niece!!! We started out simple enough chatting on Yahoo. (I honestly think she was passed to me as well because he aunt gave me her screen name and told me she said that she thought I was cute.) So small talk became sexual talk and sexual talk became let's find out talk. We started off just sneaking some kissing and touches. The first night I fucked her was when the aunt was soaking in the tub. I knew she'd be in there for a bit, so I checked on her and slowly crept to the niece's room across the hallway. Gumjobs are the best and she had a nice tight, wet pussy. I tried to savor it as much as possible but never knew when the aunt might get out so I had to make it a quickie. We'd keep this up for a few months, sneaking around. Usually when we thought the aunt was sl**p, or I'd volunteer to go to the store for her and take the niece with me - playing with her pussy the whole time and she'd blow me on the porch before we went in. The last time I fucked the niece I ruined a great opportunity - the aunt was fed up with being out of action and let some guy fuck her ass, meanwhile, I'm in the apartment basement fucking the niece on a towel with all kind of foot traffic above us. After that night, the niece decided she needed to let her aunt know and that was the last time I fucked either of them. I did however get some head from the niece in a park when her boyfriend pissed her off one night. I believe I have pics of at least the original friend and the niece, not sure about the aunt.
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