First Encounter with Sharon, a meaty pussy GILF

I was looking through profiles on one of the social sites I'm subscribed to, when I saw an interesting profile. The thing that was interesting about it was not the fact that she was white, her age (50), or the fact that most of her friends were younger black guys. No, the thing that made her profile interesting was that she had provocative pics and little provocative comments of herself on her profile. Of course, the pics were enough for me to try and engage her and it worked. We chatted on the site for a while before exchanging phone numbers and having text exchanges. The conversations were always peppered with sexual innuendo but nothing direct until a few weeks later.

It was February in Milwaukee, meaning it was still winter and snow-filled here. She had been hinting that she wanted to hang out and I of course wanted to meet her in person. She however lived with her daughter and granddaughter, and her daughter was not too keen on her having guests at the house. She also expressed that she liked to party (420, drink, occasionally pills) and I was ok with that as long as she wasn't planning on going overboard. She did however usually had the place to herself on Fridays, so we planned for that. Earlier in the week she sent a text informing me that her daughter had been called away and business and there was a chance that her granddaughter would be gone the entire weekend as well. Excellent I thought to myself as she invited me to stay the entire weekend. Friday finally arrived and earlier in the day she informed me that not only had her granddaughter stayed but she also had a friend over. I thought about rescheduling but she made a big fuss about me not wanting to meet her, but the problem was I had cancelled my ride to her side of town. So now what was I going to do?

After thinking it over for an hour, I knew that L L was working on my side of town and would do for me pretty much anything I wanted. So I scheduled L L to pick me up at 8:45 and during our trip to her house, I'd make up some excuse about needing to stop at Sharon's place. We arrived around 9:15 and although I'm sure L L loves me and doesn't care what I do, I had her park across the street and 1 house ahead so that she wouldn't see just in case Sharon walked to the door out of respect I guess. She invites me into the house and tells me to take off my shoes. She's in her crazy house shoes and a black outfit with no bra on. We make small talk and I ask about the k**, again she's not sl**p and probably had no plans of going to sl**p knowing I was there. So we sit on the couch and touch each other and lick each other's necks. Now we're both getting worked up! I offer to do it right there in the living room but she's worried about getting caught. At this point, I became a little bit desperate as I was supposed to be enjoying the weekend with Sharon, naked and fucking the whole time. Around 9:30 I offer to leave since the plans are pretty much ruined but before I go I make a last ditched effort. I try and get her hot and bothered in the kitchen but she was worried about neighbors seeing her, when I notice the basement door! So I ask what's down there and she says her daughter's rec room basically. I ask if we can go down for a quickie, she must've thought I was joking at first but next thing you know I had opened the door and had her hand leading her down.

We get down there and it's freezing! Not wanting to keep L L waiting and wanting to cum, I ask her if she's ready. She responds with a head nod, as I remove my coat, shirt, and under shirt. As I remove my pants, she's still standing, so I reach over and pull her pants down - nice midnight blue lace panties. I admire them for a second before I pull them down as well. I lay her down on the couch and am greeted by the meatiest pussy I have ever seen in person! I quickly come out of my daze and prepare to guide my dick into her pussy but her ass is in between a cushion giving me a bad angle, so I readjust her and make my approach again. Sharon's pussy juice had the same consistency as lube as I slid right in. I'm in an awkward position with one leg on the couch and one holding me up but it gave me the perfect leverage to really fuck her good. She was pouting and moaning the entire fuck. Remembering time was a factor, I increased my pumping until I was close to climax. At the last second, I thought of pulling out but instead dumped my load, leaving a picture perfect creampie. I quickly got dressed and urged her to do the same. I was up the stairs and in L L's car by 9:50. She text and ask what did my friend say waiting out there the whole time. I assured her nothing was said either way and she proceeded to tell me she's never done anything like that before because she's always in a relationship before she has sex with a guy.

Got to L L's place and immediately went to the bathroom to try and wash off as much of her pussy off of me as I could before me and L L played. Must've worked because as soon as I got into the room L L was naked sitting on the bed and inhaled my dick right in.
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