First Encounters with JR & J(R)D

An ad on Craigslist read : looking for nsa hookup now... serious replies only -m4m- 27 (11-17-07). The thing that intrigued me about the ad though was that the guy posted pics of him and his wife! So I decided to give it a shot.

-have you found anyone yet?
+no.. what u look like.. when you looking.. stats..
-23yo, 6ft tall, 245 lbs - stocky build, short black hair, dark brown eyes, light brown skin, 8" c, Black/Native/Puerto Rican. Very flexible schedule, but not sure if I have to work my other job tonight, but normally I'm pretty much available anytime.
+that's cool.. i'm 6'3 180 short brown hair hazel eyes,white, 7.5in cut, i'm pretty much free after 9 at nights. u interested in wife watching or no.. it
doesn't matter just wondering. and what do you get into. let me know when you got some time to hookup..

-does she just watch or join in? I have no problem with her watching, i've only had it the other way around before. Possibly tomorrow or during the week
after 9 is good for me

+well she'll watch if u just want her to watch.. she would join in if everyone is cool with it. we've had 3sums b4 so but thats up to her if she wants to and if ur cool with it. like i said it don't matter to us. either way or not at all. well just email me and we can set something up

Work must've kept me busy because I didn't get back to them until the following week (11-24-07).

-Hey, what's up? Going to be up?
+for awhile.. tryig to find someone to bring me cigs and soda cause i dont get paid til monday .. so yeah i'll be up for awhile.. u?
-Monutain Dew and Newport 100s (I had seen another ad he had written earlier that night and guessed that he wanted)
+ yup thats what i'm looking for... want to call?? set something up?? let me know and i'll give u number and get off of here..
-(So he gave me the address and I was somewhat close to their vicinity) Give me about 15-20 mins to find a gas station so I can pick up your stuff
+ yeah thats cool.. just wondering what time around ... i'll be up for awhile .. would u want wife to join in or watch if she's up for it?? 414 3** ***8 name is
j***.. if u call and get voicemail just call back like 3 to 4times in a row and it'll kick us off here..

So I get to their place and call, no answer. I almost forgot about him telling me to constantly call to kick them offline, so I start knocking at the door and calling until finally I get an answer. He answers the door and I walk into their disorganized house. I see the wife sitting at the computer, she's a timid looking thing with very big tits for a woman her size. So the husband leads me to a bedroom and asks what I wanted to do. The first thing I ask was if his wife would be joining in any capacity. He told me she wasn't feeling it that night and I can honestly say I was truly disappointed, but I let the husband suck me off. Wasn't the best blowjob ever but knowing I could look at his wife sitting at the desk through the hallway added to it. A short time later I announced I was coming and he jerked me off onto my stomach. He got a towel and cleaned me off, I pulled up my pants and was out the door, in my car headed home.

They/he continued to post ads(I'll get into that later). Fast forward to (3-31-09), I see an ad with a familiar vibe to it: hey can you help me out? not asking for money -m4m-27. So taking a huge guess and risk, I dive right in

-Where do you stay now?
+who is this? right by state fair park

From there we exchange numbers again and I head over. Things are different this time, the main difference being it's day time. I walk in, the wife is on the couch and I can hear thier k**s playing in the back. I give the husband the cigs and soda. He graciously takes them and asks what I want. I point at his wife and only say "her." They both oblige me this time. She tells him to go and take the k**s to the upstairs neighbor. As soon as they close the door behind them, she leads me to their bedroom. It is again disorganized and with no real curtains on the windows, just sheets barely covering everything. I tell her to undress, slowly. She takes off her shirt, revealing more of her pale skin and juicy tits in their bra. She removes her bra and her tits immediately drop, revealing their natural sag. I immediately reach down and start sucking her left nipple until she moans then switch over to the right one. I pull away so she can focus on undressing. She removes her pants and eveals her lace panties and before I can admire that sight, she has removed them revealing her shaved pussy - but not too recently since I could see and feel the regrowing hair. Now completely undressed, I have her do a spin to admire her body before telling her to hop on the bed. She immediately got on all fours, I don't even undress all the way, just let me pants fall around my ankles and lift my shirt up before I mount her. She's wet but not wet enough to take me, so I pull my head out and spit on it before pushing it back in. I don't know if she was just tight or it was the situation as a whole but I didn't last more than 15 minutes before I pulled out and shot a load on their bed. She fetches me a towel and I wipe myself clean and she uses the other end to wipe herself. I half-heartedly apologize about the mess and she says it's no problem since they're planning to do laundry that day. I pull my pants up and watch her get dressed, but oddly enough she doesn't put on her bra or panties when she gets dressed. I tell her to go get her husband to let him know that we're finished. He walks me to my car and we discuss doing this again. I returned 2 more times - usually the same scenario only thing that changed was he stopped asking for soda & cigs and instead asked for $20. No big deal I thought.

Fast forward again to sometime in 2010, I see the wife's profile on Myspace but her status is listed as single. I message her out of the blue and just ask if she's really single and she confirms that she is(that's why she went from JR to J(R)D. We eventually end up adding each other on Myspace. Either she doesn't remember me, blocked that out, or is pretending that she doesn't remember me.

Fast forward to 2011, she and I have built up a rapport. She informs me that she's moved with her k**s to a town about 30 mins north of Milwaukee. Her husband has moved to North Dakota with some chick. It's during this time that she sheds some light onto their relationship. Basically her husband was dom with women but sub to men, specifically black men. So the ads from them that I had seen throughout the years when I wasn't playing with them were for the most part written by the husband. They ranged from the "needs cigs and soda," to "woman wanted for a 3some," to "looking for a bbc to give my wife a creampie then watch me eat it"! The straw that broke the back of their relationship for her was him having another sub female on the side, for him it was one of the bbc's they were playing with and wanted to breed the wife, playing without the husband around.

Our budding friendship ended, when after meeting up a few times and me buying her some brandy and cigarettes a few times. The last time we were going to get a room, but instead of her coming up, she took the stuff and drove off. I'm actually ok with that, just wish I had came in her, gotten head, and fucked one last time. She apparently has a boyfriend now, but I'm sure that won't make it into the new year.
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Awesome story