First Encounter with E I

I first met E I in 2011, we had a computer course together at college. I'll be honest, E I was probably the oldest women in the class next to the teacher and her "mom" jeans really couldn't compare to young, hot latina or my table mate who expressed her love of giving blowjobs our first day in class. I did notice she had nice hips and decent tits on a few occasions but no real interactions after that. Fast forward to the end of that course and table mate asks if I have an account on a social network site. We exchange information and lo and behold, she's already got E I on there as well. We must've been discussing grades when E I messaged me with some small talk, which lead to I didn't think you knew I existed talk, which lead to add me.

Within a day or two of me adding her, we chatted a while and the conversation quickly turned to sex. What started off as playful flirting, quickly escalated into me assuring her I'd back up every word I said. That's where the real fun began because she explained to me that she played the field like a guy (code for women to be sluts and I guess not feel bad about it). Since those were the cards she dealt me and herself, I asked for her address so the next day so that we could meet and I could show her I was a man of my word.

The next day, I headed straight there after my last class. She greeted me outside with a hug, kiss, and grabbing me by the hand to lead me to her apartment. Once we got in the complex she introduced me to her neighbor and her daughter who were both at the neighbor's apartment. After that, we proceeded into the bedroom, closed the door and laid on the bed. We hugged and kissed for a while before I made the first move and removed my shirt, followed by my shoes and pants (I don't wear underwear). When I removed my pants she was greeted by my fully hard dick. She quickly followed suit and removed her shoes, shirt, pants, bra, and panties. She laid back and I crawled between her legs and spread them as I proceeded to suck her clit, lick, and tongue fuck her pussy. She screamed out in orgasm about 15 minutes in, as I continued to eat her. Finally, she begged me to stick it in her (per our chat online, we agreed no condoms).

Having been turned on and orgasming from my tongue lashing, I slid into her pussy in one gradual stroke but 3 "phases" if you will. We were in missionary and in the last "phase" I had bottomed out in her pussy. Liking that feeling and sensation, I put her legs over my shoulder and began pounding away on her. Screams of pleasure and the headboard thrashing were all that could be heard for the next 35 minutes until my declaration of ejaculation. I dumped a hearty load into her already soaking pussy and rolled off of her onto the other side of the bed. She retrieved a towel and cleaned me up and then herself, and went to get herself some tea. Upon returning we talked for 7 minutes, at which point I told her I was ready for round 2. She looked at me and told me no I wasn't. I had to laugh as I placed her hand on my raging hard dick and assertively tell her I was. She apologized and explained that she was used to fucking guys her age and older (she was 46 at the time I was 27). So first we went back to missionary and after a few minutes I told her to get on her hands and knees. Apparently she didn't like it from the back, but that didn't stop me from coaxing her into it. After I got her into position, I slowly guided my dick into her pussy before going balls deep in one thrust just letting her get used to this new position. Before long she was meeting my thrusts and her head was buried in a pillow to mask her screams. 20 minutes later she was enjoying another creampie delivery.

I still fuck E I today. She's quite the slut - fucking me while her k**s are home (both grown), fucking me outside at a park a few times, and fucking me in her friend's apartment while she was watching the place over a weekend. I've also fucked her while she's been with 3 boyfriends, including her current one (as of 6/19/12). E I is constantly looking for work, so if you have any, feel free to message me.
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