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Need some quick advice

I'm going off the deep end of perv so no need to tell me that. I have some cousins who I found out a few years ago were/are(?) "ladies of the night." The older one was actually caught in the action by my b*****r in an alleyway years ago. I saw both of their ads on backpage a year or two ago.

The younger one just had a k**, so I won't bother with her. The older one works in a nursing home or something like that now I think. Would I be wrong in bringing up her past or possibly trying to "conduct an interview" about her exploits?
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[Story] Framily

No, I k**. When I wasn't working, I was fucking. I noticed I have a "friend of a friend" fetish if that's such a thing. I fucked EI's former best friend (I'll let you guess why they aren't anymore). I'll be posting a few pics and vids of her soon. One session was hot because she only wanted to give me head, so she sucked me off while I watched the clip of me giving it to EI in the ass lol.

I also somehow managed to talk to a chick's former SIL who they both hate each other but stay together. Only got some pics of her tits but I fucked her in the living room floor right next to the couch I f... Continue»
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Update as of 4/7/14 / Potential story(ies)....

Well I've been very busy the last few months with work. However, I am happy because it's leading to my annual Vegas birthday trip -- May 28th - June 4th (feel free to get a hold of me if you'll be visiting too or live out there).

Besides work and planning this Vegas trip and a potential return in the fall, what have I been doing? Fucking...The End.

No, I k**. When I wasn't working, I was fucking. I noticed I have a "friend of a friend" fetish if that's such a thing. I fucked EI's former best friend (I'll let you guess why they aren't anymore). I'll be posting a few pics and v... Continue»
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Updates as of 1/8/14

Happy New Year and Happy Holidays! Hope life is treating you all well. Life is good, work is a pain lol. Updated some of the galleries, added a new one - Crystal. Let me know if you like the galleries and want more. I have more to add to the existing ones. Also working on adding a few after I remove a few tattoos and the like. Same goes for clips.
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UPDATES as of 7/9/13

MP found a functioning alcoholic for a boyfriend so she's out of the picture for now. J(R)D is pregnant by her boyfriend and do in a few months. MP's friend just moved in with her boyfriend but still wants to fuck off on the side. EI has a new boyfriend for the moment, we'll see how long that lasts. LL is still around just not as much. On the bright side, I do have a few pics to add from some existing girls and will hopefully be adding some new girls by the end of the month. Also looking for playmates in the Milwaukee area specifically but willing to expand to the SE WI area if I can. Lo... Continue»
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What's going on...

As you can see new pics are coming up. As my schedule allows, I'll be adding fresh from the camera pics as well as some from the vault. Also dependent on time, new stories will be coming as well. I wanted to do one for a while now but one of the parties involved may be coming back into the fold. If she does, I'll hold off to make sure I can add the new things and make it complete. If she doesn't, I'll start writing it ASAP. Be sure to check out the pics and vids and be sure to rate and favorite them!!!!
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Hopefully coming back soon

So 3 weeks ago, my house caught fire starting in the basement but was contained before it got too bad. However, I lost many clothes, furniture, and electronics in the fire and attempt to put it out. You guys and gals probably don't care about the clothes and furniture, but the electronics you should! My external hard drive got wet and I have yet to test it out, I'll try it later this week and see if we're still in business so to speak. On a brighter note, saw LL this past weekend, as well as EI, and I'm hoping a new girl MP. I'll keep you all posted as to what's happening.
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[Story] First Encounter with Sharon, a meaty pussy GILF

I was looking through profiles on one of the social sites I'm subscribed to, when I saw an interesting profile. The thing that was interesting about it was not the fact that she was white, her age (50), or the fact that most of her friends were younger black guys. No, the thing that made her profile interesting was that she had provocative pics and little provocative comments of herself on her profile. Of course, the pics were enough for me to try and engage her and it worked. We chatted on the site for a while before exchanging phone numbers and having text exchanges. The conversations w... Continue»
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[Story] First Encounters with JR & J(R)D

An ad on Craigslist read : looking for nsa hookup now... serious replies only -m4m- 27 (11-17-07). The thing that intrigued me about the ad though was that the guy posted pics of him and his wife! So I decided to give it a shot.

-have you found anyone yet?
+no.. what u look like.. when you looking.. stats..
-23yo, 6ft tall, 245 lbs - stocky build, short black hair, dark brown eyes, light brown skin, 8" c, Black/Native/Puerto Rican. Very flexible schedule, but not sure if I have to work my other job tonight, but normally I'm pretty much available anytime.
+that... Continue»
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Quick Update #2

Have had f****y in town since before the holiday, hence the delay in new content. Also need your opinion - was thinking of creating another profile for non-original/homemade stuff, good idea? Bad idea? Let us know. Thanks
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[Story] First Encounter with J H

This story may fall a bit into the taboo section for the first part. Don't take offense.

Adult Friend Finder used to be golden for me. Always someone close who wanted to get down to business. J H was just like that. The conversation started simple enough - greeting, small talk, then sex talk. The sex talk was very interesting, not because she had some strange fetish or anything like that but because she was basically a slut but she was only 18 and still in high school. She told me about how she had sucked a guy in school and the neighborhood guys who used her. I thought that w... Continue»
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[Story] First Encounter with E I

I first met E I in 2011, we had a computer course together at college. I'll be honest, E I was probably the oldest women in the class next to the teacher and her "mom" jeans really couldn't compare to young, hot latina or my table mate who expressed her love of giving blowjobs our first day in class. I did notice she had nice hips and decent tits on a few occasions but no real interactions after that. Fast forward to the end of that course and table mate asks if I have an account on a social network site. We exchange information and lo and behold, she's already got E I on there as well. W... Continue»
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Quick Update

First and foremost, a big thank you for all the kind words, invites, accepted invites, views, and comments!

Right now, I'm in the process of waiting on a few snippets to load onto the site. Hopefully another first encounter story will be posted soon as well. I'm going to try to keep them on track with whatever lady's pics I put up as well but I'm sure that won't always be possible. I'll try to keep it in that format as close as possible. I have a first encounter story that's more of a series I guess since it involves 3 women linked together but I believe I only have pics of two of them ... Continue»
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[Story] First encounter with L L

Big bold gal seeks big black man - 40 (Milwaukee)

For some reason that ad caught my eye on Craig's List four years ago. Mind you, it was in the Women seeking Men section and not the casual encounters section, but the title alone had enough implications that led me to believe that it'd be a wise choice for me to respond.

I hope a younger big black man is ok, if not, I understand. 23 years old, 6ft, 245lbs. Black and Native American, short black hair, brown eyes, golden brown skin. I enjoy a cold Corona or some decent vodka from time to time. I'm an ok cook, a decent pool pla... Continue»
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I've been cruising this site for a few years now and it's usually my go-to/only site, so I recently decided to join. Like the profile states, just really testing the waters and seeing what kind of reaction/audience we get. L L is not my only girl but I have to go and get permission from current and past ones before I post vids or pics (I believe I have some sort of vid(s) or pic(s) of most of the women I've been with for at least the last 5 years). This provides a great outlet for me as I'm probably a perv.

Until then, I'll do a story or two about first encounters and another juicy tail ... Continue»
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