My Days At University

I suppose I would have to say that when I left home to study at university at the age of eighteen I was sexually fairly inexperienced and completely unsatisfied. A few clumsy fumbling encounters and a handful of young boys cumming way too soon was all I had to show for my trouble.

Although a lot of people imagine university days to be endless wall to wall fucking, my first few months were nothing like that. My first encounter came through the landlord who owned the flat where I was renting a room.

The flat had 4 students sharing - 3 girls and a boy and it was a little run down but safe enough and we all seemed to get on well enough. Initially I had kept myself to myself and my sexual activity was confined to my dildo and my imagination when I was alone at night.

I'd been suffering with flu and I was home through the day when the door bell rang and I was greeted by my landlord with a smile on his face. He was probably in his mid 50s I would say, a large framed man but not fat and you could see he'd been handsome in his day. He still had 'that look' in his eye and I could feel his eyes on me from the instant I opened the door. The only name I ever knew him by was Mr. Robertson (I've changed it for this story) but I was about to learn a lot more about him.

He told me that he needed to check out the tiles in the kitchen and bathroom because he was going to install some new ones for us as he wanted to spruce the place up a little before it got too badly out of condition.

He followed me through to the kitchen and I watched him with his tape measure and he didn't seem to try and hide his increasingly long and obvious glances at my tits. He soon finished and went into the bathroom and after a minute or so he called me in. He asked me to stand at the sink and turn on the water, which I did. Within ten seconds I could feel him standing behind me and he suddenly began to rub my arse and whispered into my ear that I was turning him on.

He then took my arse in his hands and grabbed at it - pulling me back against his cock. I could feel his hardness through his jeans and he seemed like he was packing a much bigger cock than I had encountered previously.

After a couple of minutes of grinding against me, he spun me around and placed my hand on his crotch, telling me to unzip him which I did very quickly although I was very nervous. During all of this I don't remember saying a thing, but my breathing was getting heavier all the while.

I took out his hardening cock and it looked enormous to my young eyes. I think it was over eight inches long and soon it was iron hard. He told me to get down and lick the tip for him and all I could say was "yes, Mr. Robertson".

As soon as he told me to open my mouth I did and he slid his cock into my hungry teenage mouth. I could feel its power throbbing and I was so turned on at this point I just wanted his cock more than anything else in the world.

I was struggling to take more than a few inches and he took it out of my mouth and wanked himself off really hard and fast and began calling me a filthy young slut and telling me he was going to cover my slutty face. When he came he did as he had promised and shot much more wildly and harder than I thought a man of his age would.

He then scooped up his jizz and fed it to me and I hungrily ate it on my knees in front of him.

After that, my landlord was a very frequent caller and he fucked me all over the flat in as many positions as he could think of. I loved each and every moment.
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2 months ago
"Are you trying to seduce me Mr. Robertson?"......:)
3 months ago
a perfect tenant
6 months ago
Hehe naughty girl ;)
1 year ago
Whwt a lucky landlord... he didnt even have to wait until you were late with the rent ...
1 year ago
lucky man
2 years ago
Nice! Can we get more of what happened?
2 years ago
nice story - looking fwd to hearing more
2 years ago
did you pay him rent after that?:)