My Secret Love

Every Friday night a bunch of us from work go out for sushi and martinis. We ladies love the martinis but the guys prefer beer. I always hitch a ride with Mike. I meet him after work at his car and we head to the restaurant. We are the last two to arrive and we both notice there is a new person in the group.

One of the guys that work’s in the next office has brought a guest. He introduced him to everyone as Mark from Malta. And that he is thinking about coming on board with the company. I was sitting next to him at dinner and he started up a conversation with me. We both couldn't quit talking all night.

I found out so much about him within just a few hours. It was getting time to leave and he asked me for my phone number. I do give it to him. The next day at work he was at the office interviewing for a vice president job with the company. He stopped by my desk and asked if I wanted to go out tonight for dinner. I said I would love to.

I wished him luck on the interview. It was time for lunch and he still had not come out. So I went to lunch and was back in an hour. Everyone was gone from the meeting. I went to my desk and there was a note on my computer.

I opened it and there was a big smiley face with I have the job. We will celebrate tonight over dinner. I will be here at 5:00 when you get off. The afternoon goes by quickly and here is Mark standing in front of my desk. Mark helps me on with my coat and we leave together.

Going down the elevator I asked him where we were going and all that was said it is a surprise. Now my mind is thinking he is new here and doesn't know places yet. Well three doors down there is a quaint little place that I just love. It is nothing fancy but the food is awesome. They have anything you may imagine.

They have pizza, pasta and sandwiches. We sit down and the waiter comes and gives us both menus. He asks me what is good and I said depends on what you like. We both go over the menu and he orders a hamburger with fries and I order a gyro. We sit there talking and he grabs my hand and he is holding it.

I now feel this foot starting to rub up the side of my leg. It does surprise me since we just met really. But you know I really like what he is doing. He looks at me and I can't take my eyes off of him.

Dinner comes and he is looking at my gyro and I could tell he is wondering about it. I give him a taste and he loves it. I ask if he wants half of it and he says only if you have half my hamburger so we do split each other’s meal. We finish our meals and leave the restaurant.

We are walking down the street and I ask him if he would like to come to my house for a night cap. Smiling from ear to ear he says yes. We hop on the bus and in 10 minutes we are there. I open the door and I invite him in. I get a bottle of Gavi wine and get the opener and two glasses.

I ask him if he minds opening it while I go freshen up a bit. I come back and he is sitting on the couch and I sit next to him and he hands me a glass of wine. I finish my glass and he pours me another one. He starts to move closer to me and he touches my face with his hand. Leans closer and kisses me.

It's not a short peck but a long passionate one. I find myself returning his kiss. His hand is starting to unbutton my blouse exposing my full breasts to him. His eyes are fixed to them. I start to unbutton his shirt and he has a nice hairy chest which I love.

I start to unzip his pants and within a short time all of our clothes are laying on the floor in a pile. Both of us sitting there naked and we both move even closer to each other. His arms go around me holding me so close my chest up against his. We walk into my bedroom.

He lays me on the bed and steps back just to look at me. Standing at the edge of the bed I take his cock in my hand and milk his cock up and down the shaft. His cock is getting so hard and thick. I lay my head over the edge of the bed and he starts to fuck my mouth.

Feel it going so deep down my throat. I begin to gag on it. He pulls out and sits on the bed and positions me on my back. His body spreads my legs and I feel him teasing my clit with his cock. Oh god am I getting wet and begin to moan.

Sliding his cock up and down my clit and finally entering me. He starts out going slow but he starts thrusting harder and going deeper with each thrust. I start to beg him to cum for me. I feel this warm sensation squirting in me as he lets out a gasp.

He keeps fucking me and he makes me have the best orgasm I have ever had and cum is all over his cock. He now places me on my stomach and he asks me to kneel in front of him. He starts rubbing my ass and he slides a finger in me and then two fingers. Then he starts teasing my ass with his cock. I hand him some lube and he puts it on his cock and me.

Then his cock starts to enter me very slowly going a little farther each time. In and out till I feel his balls slap against me. It feels so good and he tells me that he is about to come again and I feel it squirting in me. Then feel it drip down my ass. We both collapse and he is holding me.

His mouth is all over my tits sucking on them and licking my nipples getting them hard. I ask him if he would like to take a shower or a bath. We hop in the bath tub my legs wrapped around him. We are washing each other and I turn around just laying against his chest. His legs are wrapped around me now.

We just sit there and his hands are all over my chest. We get out and dry off and we both get in bed and turn the lights off. We talk and he is out shortly and I fall asl**p also. I get woke up and I turn over and watch him sl**p. He opens his eyes and he kisses me and we both fall back asl**p.

The alarm goes off and we both have to go to work. Thankfully it's Friday. We both get dressed and go into work. Before we get there he says last night was wonderful and you are so sexy. He goes into his office and I open my desk and turn the computer on.

Then my phone rings and it is him wanting me to step into his office. He asks me to come over to the desk. He is looking at me and takes me by the waist and I am sitting on the corner of the desk. His hand is running up my skirt and rubbing my pussy. His knee is spreading my legs further apart.

He pulls down my panties and undoes his pants and slides his cock into me. He is thrusting so hard and fast as I moan with each thrust. Lying there feeling him fucking me so hard and it feels so good. It doesn't take either one of us long to cum at all in fact we both cum together. Then his phone rings and he has to take it talking and thrusting his cock in me at the same time.

He hangs up and says he has a conference meeting he has to get to. But I want to see you tonight if you can. I leave for the day and he hasn't come back yet so I leave him a note that says to call me when he is on his way. I go home and clean up the house a bit and hop in the shower and change. I hold off eating in case he wants to get a bite to eat.

But it's getting a little late so I eat something. I then get changed for bed and watch some television and go on the computer. It's almost 10:30 so I decide to go to bed. Then the doorbell rings and I open the door and it is him. He comes in and apologizes for being late but he had to do something first.

He takes me by the hand and says I need to ask you something. He goes on to tell me he has to go back home for a couple of weeks for business and he wants me to go with him. He tells me this will be something that could happen on and off. I am ecstatic about this whole trip and ask when.

We have to leave in two days. He hands me my ticket and tells me take the day off tomorrow to get ready to leave. He then says I will pick you up the day after tomorrow to go to the airport. He kisses me goodnight.

The morning comes to leave and he picks me up in a limo. We head to the airport and when we get there I find out it is by private jet. So we take off really quick. I am really impressed with this plane we are alone on it except the pilot. Up in the air and we have a long flight to Malta.

I walk around the plane and see there is a bedroom in the back. It has a beautiful king size bed with a bathroom. I go to lie down on the bed and I fall asl**p. I get woken up by him slipping in bed with me. To my surprise he is naked and starting to undress me.

I lay there naked and he is just looking at me. I pull him down on me wrapping my legs around him. I am feeling his cock get so hard and thick. His cock is teasing my clit and pussy and he finally enters me. His hands are cupping my breasts and his mouth comes down on them nibbling and biting them.

I feel his teeth biting my nipples pulling on them. His cock is going so deep and hard and I feel this warm sensation squirting in me. Still going in and out I squirt all over his cock and he pulls out and starts to lick and suck me clean. Lying next to each other I feel me starting to fall asl**p.
The next thing I hear is the pilot telling him we land in an hour. We clean up and get ready to land in Malta. We get off the plane and a limo is waiting and it takes us to his villa. We pull up and I say "WOW". He shows me around and I am just stunned.

We settle in and just enjoy a nice dinner and a bottle of wine. The next week he is really busy with business and I get to just lounge around and be lazy. The night before we leave to go back to the states he surprises me with a night out on the town. He orders dinner for the both of us and we sit and talk.

He is looking at me and he tells me we have to keep this a secret for a while and I agree with him. I am looking back at him and just say you are my secret lover and lean over to kiss him.

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2 years ago
great story
2 years ago
A potential classic!

Daylight Doctor

by CanIHasCookie

Rising Suns begin my day
Eyes shattered from the light's ray.
My body is aching; about to die
Extending arms reach for the sky.

It hurts, why does it so?
Can you tell me Doctor...
Will you keep me Warm?
Will you use your Medicine?

Son, Doctor says
You truly are sick.
It's all over
Love sick.

Jaw dropped, eyes wide.
The medicine is here.
Hello shes says, you alright?
I am your cure,
for the night!
2 years ago
need morefucking great