A first meeting

I lay there watching you sl**p. Things are racing in my mind with all of what just happened between us. One thing I know I loved every minute of it. Staring at you while you sl**p and smiling from ear to ear. Over the year of chatting I know now what it felt like to be fucked in the way I have wanted to be. I fall asl**p in your arms.

The next morning the sun wakes us both up as it comes through the d****s on the window. I get up and wrap up in a blanket and walk out onto the balcony. I am looking over the horizon and watching the sun come up over the mountain. I feel these arms go around me and they are so tight I can hardly breathe.

I turn around and wrap you up in my blanket with me. As I back you up to the bed again I start kissing you all over starting from your cheek to your mouth. I continue down your neck and finally start sucking on your cock which is so hard and thick. Feeling your cock go deep in my throat I find myself gagging on it.

In no time I am feeling this warm sensation squirting in my mouth. I feel it dripping down my chin and feel it dripping onto my breasts. You see this and you start to lick and suck on my breasts. Feeling your mouth and tongue on me really gets me going. Then I feel your hands slide down on me and start to rub my clit. Oh my god you have me going and wanting more and more.

Throwing me down on the bed you are on top of me and your leg is spreading my legs apart. And with no waiting your cock is sliding in me again in one shot and I am moaning with pure delight. Your thrusts become so much harder and quicker. Before I know it I am cumming all over you and you are going even harder. This time I feel your warm sensation inside me and feeling it drip down my leg.

Both exhausted but it is not over yet you tell me. Turning me on my back I feel you start to enter me from behind. You are taking it very slow and easy till you get all the way in and then you thrust even harder. I always knew sex would be so good with you but you know how to take me to the heights of pleasure.

We decide to take a shower and we both step in and feeling the hot water splashing down the both of us. Washing each other and hands again exploring each other’s body like it was the first time. Your hands take mine and you back me up against the shower wall. Kissing me from my neck and slowing kissing each breast and the hard nipples. Again driving me wild and wanting so much more but we keep it to just to foreplay.

We both step out of the shower and after we have dried each other off we sit on the bed. Our conversation is about the past year of chatting and camming. I tell you I never thought this day would come where we would be with each other sharing our sexual desires we both have for each other. A dream comes true.

Our first day trip is to this quaint little winery I go to three times a year. It is a three hour drive which gives us a lot of time to talk and such. We get into town and I stop to get us something to eat while we are at the winery. When we get there I buy a couple bottles of wine and we head upstairs. There are tables and we sit and eat and enjoy each other’s company.

First bottle of wine is a white wine called Sonora Blanca. Of course it is my favorite and you seem to like it too. For the first part of dessert is one of their new Asti wines. This one is a peach Asti and it won first place in the state for a dessert wine. We both look at each other and both know it is time for the real dessert.

I lock the door and come back and sit on the edge of the table. We both can't take our eyes off each other and I am feeling your hand slide up my skirt. Much to your surprise you notice I have no panties on and I see you smiling. I unzip your pants and they drop to the floor as do your briefs. I start to rub your cock till it is so thick and hard.

Then without hesitations you slide him into me. I am getting wet so fast and it slides in with ease and your thrusts start out so quick and fast and getting faster and deeper with each one. I am begging you not to stop. Make me cum baby want all of you. And it does not take either one of us very long to cum.

I didn't bring a towel or anything to clean up with so we clean each other up. Then kissing each other and really tasting each other. Now it is time to get back on the road to head back to the hotel. The next couple of days we see other sites that I wanted to show you. Our last night together we go to this fancy restaurant and then after we watch Hot Air Balloons take off in the desert.

The last night we just lay next together and cuddle and talk and I watch you fall asl**p. I lay my head on your chest and I am listening to the beat of your heart. I want to stay up all night because if I fall asl**p morning will come to fast. And I don’t want to say goodbye to you. But I feel myself closing my eyes and falling asl**p.

I wake up the next morning and you are not with me. You come out of the bathroom fully dressed and your suitcase is all packed. I just say let me get dressed and I will take you to the airport. You tell me you have ordered a limo to take you because you would rather say goodbye here then at the airport. You sit on the bed next to me and kiss me goodbye.

I am not good at goodbyes because I don't want you to leave. I give you a couple of bottles of wine to take home with you. I wrap up in a blanket and walk with you to the door. I hold you so tight because I don’t want you to go. You give me a kiss and hug and I watch you walk down the hall and you step into the elevator.

I go out on the balcony and I watch as you walk out to the limo. You turn and look up at me and you blow me a kiss and wave goodbye. I watch the limo drive away and you call me when you get to the airport. We talk for just a little bit and you tell me that you had the best time and I tell you ditto. I also tell you how about Malta for me in the spring.

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