My Ghostly Haunted House

Today I decide to take the next step in my life and buy my first house. I have been saving for years and I now have a great job and can afford it. I have had my eye on this one the next street over. I used to sit in the yard when I was a little girl. I contacted the Real Estate agent and talked to her.
The next day I met her at the house and it looked kind of scary on the outside when I drove up. We went in the front door and much to my surprise the inside looked just beautiful. The outside is the only thing that needed any updating. Just a new coat of paint and needed a new look in the landscaping.
My agent shows me the whole house starting in the living room with an attached dining room and then the kitchen. We started up the stairs to three bedrooms and two bathrooms. Everything was in good shape. Maybe some d****s needed to be changed but that is it. Then she showed me the back yard and that just needed some landscaping done also.
We sat down at the table and went over things and I decided I wanted this house. I made an offer on it. One thing she told me is that all the furniture came with the house. I was glad to hear that because that meant I didn’t have to buy any furniture. We got up to leave and she told me she should have some news the next day. As we left we both thought we heard voices but we looked at each other and thought must have been outside.
I didn’t get too much sl**p tonight thinking about my new adventure with this house. The day went by so slow because I was waiting for my agent to call. About four in the afternoon my phone rings and it is good news. My offer did get accepted and I can move in the house in a week. I called my f****y and they were happy for me and said they would help in the move.
Moving day arrives and I have all my things packed. My f****y arrives and we get started. I rented a little truck and it takes us two trips with all the boxes. All at the house and we all attack each room one at a time and get the box’s all unpacked. We have dinner and afterward I am so tired all I want to do is go to bed.
I take a shower and while I am in the shower again I hear voices and this time I know it’s not outside. I get out of the shower and check things out. Going from room to room but I am not finding anything. I relax and watch some TV in the dark. I can barely keep my eyes open so I head to bed. I go up the stairs and head to bed.
I know I fall asl**p fast because I am just beat. But I am woken up by feeling the blanket being moved like someone is crawling in bed with me. But I don’t see anyone but I feel a body sliding in with me. This is scaring me and I go to get out of bed but get pulled back in. I start to scream but a hand goes over my mouth. I hear this voice telling me I won’t hurt you.
I don’t know what keeps me still but I am afraid to move. This body I feel on top of me taking his knee and spreading my legs. Now feeling a hand rubbing my clit and pussy and I am getting aroused. This all is intriguing me and beginning to like it. Next thing I feel are his hands removing my clothes one piece at a time.
I am lying there naked and feel his mouth on my breasts and sucking on my nipples and pinching them with his fingers. He is spreading my legs again and his cock enters me. He is just teasing me at first with the head then with every thrust he is going deeper and harder. I am not fighting this at all in fact I enjoying every minute of this.
His cock goes so deep and it is hitting my gspot and I am about to have the best orgasm I have ever had. Screaming and moaning I feel this warm squirting sensation in me and begin to drip down my leg. God I can’t move and I don’t want to. I am thinking I better take a shower so I get out of bed and hop in. The hot water is splashing down on me and it feels so good.
The next thing I know the door is opening and this body is up against me from behind. These arms come around me and his hands are cupping my breasts. His cock is getting really stiff and it pressing against my ass. He bends me over and he slides his cock in my hole going so slowly building up speed and I feel him cum in me and dripping down my ass as his cock is so deep in me.
The door opens and I turn off the water and get out myself. I get dressed and go downstairs for some breakfast. I sit there and think what just happened last night. Am I crazy or was I dreaming all of that? I thought if I told anyone no one would ever believe me. So I decide to keep it all to myself and not mention my night.
I go to work and my day goes so slowly because I can’t think of anything but my first night in the new house. But it doesn’t frighten me at all. That night I go home eat dinner and settle in for the night. Go to bed but can’t relax wondering if I was going to be visited again. Much to my disappointment I have no visit tonight from my ghost.
In fact it is four days before I have another visit from my ghostly friend. I am cooking dinner and these arms go around me holding me so tight. Tonight seems different I am hearing more of his voice and he has a deep sexy voice. Again tonight we have the best sex. I wake up alone and I am glad it is the weekend.
I get up and work in the yard planting flowers and shrubs getting sweaty and all. I get done and decide to take a bath I want to soak in a hot tub. I run my bath and start to undress and all of a sudden these hands are helping me. I get in the tub and he is right behind me joining me. Both sitting in the tub and my legs are wrapped around him.
His mouth is finding mine and his kisses are so soft and long passionate ones. I am lost in them and not wanting them to stop at all. Tonight is the best night sex wise having multiple orgasms and making him cum more than once. Again he disappears before the morning light. I wake up this morning and there is a red rose on the pillow next to me.
I have kept all of this to myself still because no one will ever believe all this. Every morning when I wake up I have a red rose on my pillow from him.

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2 years ago
very nice
2 years ago
2 years ago
very nice i d0 belive in ghost but never had sex with one