Hockey Night Date

It's a Friday at work and I am working late. I have a blind date with Chris for a Rangers and Chicago Blackhawks hockey game. I am nervous about this blind date. I have never met him and don't know much about him. All I know is that we are both hockey nuts and I am older than him. Also I know we will be at opposite sides of the coin. He a Rangers fan and I a die hard Blackhawks fan. We decided to meet at the stadium since I only work a block away. Out readevous point is the ticket pickup booth by a certain door. I told him I would have a jersey on and I have short blond hair and glasses. He told me he would have a jersey on too and brown hair and glasses. I clean up at work and go change into my hockey grubs. I leave the building and walk to the stadium. I am at the point of where we are to meet. All of a sudden I see this man walk up to me and he asks Cindy. I said Chris. We both smile and we can't take our eyes off of each other. He takes my hand and hands me a yellow rose. Little does he know the rose is my favorite flower and yellow rose is my favorite color one. Takes my hand again and walks with me into the stadium. Little did I know we were right behind the glass in the first row. Dream seats..... Then the refs and lineman come out on the ice. Another surprise my friend Randy who is a NHL linesman was coming out on the ice. We are right by the players bench and he saw me and came over and gave me a hug. I introduced him to Chris. Randy and Chris hit it off right away. He gave Chris a puck with the Rangers logo on it. Randy asked if we would meet him at the bar next door after the game We agreed..... Game starts. First period game starts out kind of slow. We both thought if it like this it's going to be one long boring game. Then a breakaway happens Hawks have the puck. I am on my feet and they score 1-0....The first period ends that way. During the intermission Chris and I talk and get to know each other. We talk the whole 20 minutes of the intermission. We found out we have so much in common.

The second period begins. The Rangers come back with a score Chris is on his feet. Then there is another lull point so I feel these eyes looking over at me so I look back. He is rubbing his leg against mine and then I feel his hand sliding between my legs and rubbing my crotch. OMG I am getting so turned on. I keep looking into his eyes. Then we both get scared because of a check on the boards right in front of us. We both laugh.....Randy comes to break it up and looks at both of us and smiles. He knows what is going on between us. Game resumes after some penalties are called. Two Rangers go to the box compared to one Hawk. So hawks have a man advantage. Two minutes with one more player I am on my feet cheering with 20 seconds left the Hawks score. So it is now 2-1....I sit down and again I find myself just staring at Chris and can't take my eyes off of him. He turns at me and laughs and says you have a dirty mind and I say yes I do. We both have sweat pants on so it was so easy for Chris to find his way with his hand down my pants and rubbing my pussy. I then take my hand and start rubbing his cock. Thankfully our coats are hiding all this. We are both tensing up as we both are enjoying each other. We don't even notice the end of the second period. It ends 2-1 in favor of the hawks. We again talk during the second intermission.

Third period begins within 10 minutes the hawks put another one on the score board. It is now 3-1.... But within 5 more mintes the Rangers bring it up to 3-2. Chris is estatic....I love seeing him like this. Again we can't take our eyes off each other. Two miutes left in the period and Rangers score again and it's 3-3. Period ends so 5 minutes of OT. Over time ends and no more scores so we go into a shoot out. Over and over both teams try to score. Last chance for the Rangers nothing. Then the last time for the Hawks. The put it high and in the right side corner of the net. Hawks win the game...... We both leave the stadium to meet Randy at the bar next door. He finally arrives. Chris and Randy talk and talk and talk. Then I feel Chris reach over and rub my thigh with his hand and then finds his way down my pants. He starts rubbing my clit and then pushes two fingers in my pussy and in and out in and out. I don't know how I am keeping it together so Randy doesn't know what is going on. All of a sudden Randy throws his room key at us and says enjoy the room I will stay with my other linesman friend. We take him up on the offer.

We go to the hotel room. Chris opens the door and takes my hand. He feels and knows I am shaking a little. He takes both my hands and kisses them and kisses me passionately on the mouth. Our tongues find each others and it is a long kiss. He starts taking off my jersey and untieing my sweat pants. Everything falls to the floor. I start removing his clothes and they drop on the floor too. We make our way to the bed it is a king size bed. We lay there holding each other our bodies are like one. He is lying on top of me his hands find my full breasts and he takes them in his mouth placing kisses all over them. Now he is sucking on my nipples and nibbling on them. I am so aroused I don't know what to do except find his cock and start rubbing it. It is getting so thick and I hear you moaning in my ear. I am kissing your ear lobe and down your neck to your chest. I then make my way down and take your big juicy cock in my mouth. I feel it getting thicker and thicker as you drive it down deeper and deeper into my throat. You tell me you are about to cum you pull our of my mouth and start thrusting it in and out of my pussy. I whisper in your ear more Chris more. You cum inside me and it is running down my legs. You take some on your fingers and put them into my mouth. I suck on your fingers then I start to lick your balls up the shaft and then the head. Again you moan in my ear don't stop baby... You fall asl**p in my arms as I watch you. I awake in your arms and you have a dozen yellow roses around me. You then ask me will there be a second date???
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4 years ago
It's sweet! Great sexual tension and tender too :-)
4 years ago
i like it lil'lady