Valentines Day

It's Valentines Day February 14th 2010...It's 6:00 A.M. and I wake up after a restless night of sl**p. I really don't get into Valentines day because I don't have anyone in my life. I always find it hard around the Christmas Holidays and Valentines day because of being alone with no one to celebrate it with. But I get through them every year. I get out of bed and make some breakfast and the phone rings. A good friend is on the other side. He always calls on Valentines Day to talk and he always ends with telling me he loves me. We are talking and all of a sudden a knock on the door. I excuse myself for a minute and go answer it. Much to my surprise here is my friend outside the door. He is laughing and I am crying, I haven't seen him in three years. We both hug and give each other a kiss. I ask him if he is hungry and if he would like to join me for some breakfast. He says no because he says he is taking me out to breakfast. But I tell him I have to jump in the shower first. He winks at me and says may I join you. Of course I say yes....I grab a couple of towels and wash cloths. He is fully clothed and all I have on is a robe and a teddie. He unties my robe and takes it off my shoulders and it falls to the floor. He can't take his eyes off my full breasts. I am blushing big time. I start to unbutton his shirt one button at a time while looking in his eyes. My hand goes to his pant belt and I undo that and unzip his pants. They fall to the floor and he steps out of them. I start to laugh he has on these red valentine boxers shorts. He had all this planned. I help him take off his boxers and they also fall to the floor. Here stands in front of me this drop dead gorgeous 6' 2" male friend of mine. My eyes start roving down to his cock. It is so beautiful and it is so hard and thick. Then I feel his hands on the straps of my teddie lowering them down to expose my breasts. Now his hands are all over them rubbing them and squeezing my nipples to get them hard. My teddie has now fallen to the floor. He turns the water on in the shower and we both step in. The water is spraying on the both of us and he takes my hands above my head and pushes me up against the wall of the shower. His body is laying against mine and our bodies are like one. I feel his cock rubbing against me I am getting so turned on. He is kissing me ever so passionately starting from my lips down my neck to my breasts. I bring down my arms and my hands find his cock and I rub it starting from the balls up the shaft he is getting so hard. I am rubbing it against my pussy and he then finds his way in me going so slowly at first. I am getting so aroused he now is going faster and faster while his mouth is sucking on my breasts finding the nipples and litely biting them. I am about to cum and I am moaning in his ear telling him to bring it all the way home. He is so deep inside me and I have such an orgasm and the cum is flowing onto his cock. He then releases his hot juices and it's running down my thighs. Again our bodies are like one. We finish our shower and we help get each other get dressed. We leave the house but now it's time for lunch. He has never been to Arizona so he trusts me to pick a place to go. We go have pizza and wine. Then after lunch he wants to go see a movie so we do. We get there and don't know what is playing. So he picks one and we go in. It's a chick flick for me. The movie starts and I feel this hand go around my shoulder and his hand is going down my shirt it brings back wonderful memories when we dated when we were younger. He is squeezing my tits and my nipples are getting so thick. I am getting aroused again. My hand finds his cock and I am rubbing it. I feel it getting hard and erect. I whisper in his ear I want it now.... He looks at me and we both smile. The movie is over and we walk out of the theater and he wants to go to the mall. Me the mall I hate them and he knows this but we go anyway. There is one just down the road. We park and walk in. He takes my hand in his and we walk around. We are about to leave and we walk by this jewelry store and we are both looking at these gorgeous gems. He shows me this one ring and he says isn't that beautiful and I said yes it is. It's a three carrot heart shaped engagement ring. It was beautiful. The sales person came up to ask if we needed any help and of course I said no but he said YES we would like to see this ring if we could. He brings it out and of course says very nice choice. Then to my surprise he gets on one knee and he asks me to marry him. I have tears starting to fall down my cheek. I say yes!!!!! He slides the ring on my finger. He stands up and slides his hands around me and draws me up to him and he kisses me passionately. We walk out of the mall and he grabs my hand and kisses it and he tells me he got a job here in Arizona. My life turned upside down this Valentines day in the best way ever. I never thought this would happen to me and now my life has come full circle for me. Went back home and celebrated again with a bottle of Champagne and chocolate covered strawberries and a bed. I was laying in bed and he walks out of the room and comes back in with three dozen red roses. Again a tear falls down my cheek. He kisses me and wipes the tear from my eye. I tell him I love him and we both fall asl**p in each others arms.....
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4 years ago
that was awesome u should do another one that follows this one
4 years ago
sweet & wonderful lil'lady
4 years ago