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I am leaving Phoenix airport for Chicago Ohare airport. I have a three day meeting I have to attend. The plane takes off and I have a three hour flight. I just lay back and relax. The plane arrives in Chicago. I get my luggage and then I catch a cab to my hotel down town Chicago. I walk in and go up to the desk to check in. There is this very interesting man next to me checking in too. He gets his key and I see it's 316 and then I get mine and it's 314. I turn and head to the elevator and this nice same man gets in the elevator too. We both look at each other and we can't take our eyes off each other. We both say hi and talk a little. I find out he is attending the same three day meeting that I am. We get to the floor and then we get to our rooms. I take a second look and say bye. I go into my room and I put my clothes away and then get comfortable in the robe that is in the room. I then hear a knock at the door. A waiter is there with a bottle of Champagne and chocolate covered strawberries. I see who it's from and I call to room 316. I ask him to join me. I hear this knock on the door but it's not coming from the hall door. I notice it's a joining room and I go to unlock that door. I invite him in the room. We talk for a little bit then he opens the Champagne and he takes a strawberry and feeds it to me.. Then he takes me by the hand and we walk in the bathroom. He goes back and grabs the two glasses and the bottle. He starts a bath and he then unties my bath robe. It drops to the floor. I then unbutton his shirt and take it off and then I undo his belt and unzip his pants and they drop to the floor. I am on my knees and I take his briefs off slowly. I start to rub his cock till it gets thick and hard. I then start to suck on it taking it in deeper and deeper. He then takes his hands pulls my head in and out going as deep as I can gagging on his cock. I squeeze his balls and he cums into my mouth. He then takes me down on the rug on the floor and his mouth finds mine and his tongue is in my mouth finding mine. He then finds my tits with his mouth and is sucking on my nipples. His hand is rubbing my pussy and I am moaning in his ear. Then he guides his dick into my wet pussy and starts thrusting himself in and out slow at first but then getting faster and faster. I finally can't hold back anymore and oh my god what an orgasm I had. He was so full and when he came in my pussy and it was just dripping down my legs. We both got into the tub and I just layed in his arms as he held me tight. We stayed in there till the water wasn't hot anymore. Then we made our way to the bed he had both my arms pinned down and he kissed me like I have never been kissed before. My body is just conforming to his and we make passionate love again. We both fall asl**p in each others arms. I feel this kiss and I wake up and it's morning. He goes back to his room and we both get ready for our first day of our meeting. All during the meeting I couldn't help it but I couldn't keep my eyes off of him. That night we had a dinner and cocktail party to attend. We talked again but we both knew we both had to mingle with other guests. I left the party and went back to my room. I noticed I forgot to to close the door to his room. I closed it but not all the way. I went to bed. During the night I felt someone get into bed with me. I turned over and he made mad passionate love to me. We fell asl**p in each others arms again. Second day of meetings was again hard for me. Couldn't concentrate on anything but him. We had dinner together but he had another meeting he had to attend. I went back to my room and curled up with a good book. I fell asl**p again I felt someone crawl into bed with me. Tonight we just fell asl**p in each others arms. Our third day of meetings I was thinking tonight would be our last night together. We had dinner again and tonight he took me to a beautiful place. I had this skimpy red dress on. The neck line went down to below my breasts. We were sitting at the table and his foot found his way up my dress and he was rubbing it up and down my leg and his foot found my pussy and he started rubbing it with his foot. I was really starting to get horny. I wanted him so badly. He knew this so we rushed through dinner and went back to the room. Tonight was the night of all nights. We made love in the shower. He guided me in and he turned on the water. He pinned me against the wall of the shower and he slid his cock into me thrusting so hard. I was throbbing so much. He pulled his cock out and released his juices all over me. We then went to bed and held each other close all night. In the morning we both got dressed and packed up our things. We left the room and went down to the front desk to check out. We said our goodbyes and he walked away as a tear rolled down my cheek. He turned back and ran back to me and kissed me so hard and gave me a single red rose. On the rose was a tag with his number. I looked up and kissed him back. I left Chicago back to Phoenix. I landed and went home. The next day I received a phone call and it was him. He was offered a job in Phoenix.
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4 years ago
I really liked this story...very real & passionate ...well done & carry on..more baby more
4 years ago
nice story
4 years ago
lovely storie like the ending and hope u write moe xx
4 years ago
wonderful well written
4 years ago
nice good ending the man of your dreams
4 years ago
4 years ago
Good story-you should write more-if you get time check out some of mine and let me know what you think.