The Best Dream

The Best Dream

One night I went to bed and had the best sexy chat with a wonderful person I have been chatting with for two years plus. Our chats can get very intense with the sex. Tonight was the best night ever. Meeting at a hotel close to him so him and I can finally meet up and have a night of passion we have wanted ever since the beginning of our chats.

I am outside my hotel and I ask someone to take a picture of me and I send it to him with my room number. Also stating there will be a key at the front desk to the room. I wait for an answer and there is no reply. I decide to go get something to eat and then I walk around for a bit to see the beautiful view. I start walking back to the hotel and I get an email message.

I look at my phone and it says “where are you”. I said I am now walking into my hotel. I walk through the doors and through the lobby to the elevator to go up to my room. I don’t even pay attention and walk into the elevator and someone gets on with me. I push 3rd floor and turn to ask what floor for you? I see his face and it is him. He says whatever floor you are getting off at.

He has the most wonderful smile and has a red rose in his hand. He gives it to me with a kiss to follow. The elevator stops and opens and I am just a few doors down. He takes the card and opens the door for us and we walk in. I hardly get the chance to turn on a light and he takes my arm and pulls me closer to him. He starts to take off my t-shirt and my pants. I am standing there in just my bra and panties.

He notices my panties are the ones I sent him soiled and he returned them back to me with his juices on them. He takes them off so slowly and then unclasps my bra. I then unbutton his shirt and take off his belt and unzip his pants. Everything is on the floor except his briefs which I make sure they come off quickly. Now the both of us are standing there naked.

He grabs me and gives me the most passion kiss I have ever had and backing me up against the bed. He lays me down on the bed and crawls up beside me. He is touching me from my head down to my toes and looking at me as he does this. He finally says “I am so glad you are finally here”. I feel his cock rub up against me and it is already hard and thick.

I lay on the side of the bed with my head over the side. He is standing right by my head. I start to rub and milk it and also lick it from the balls up the shaft. He then starts to fuck my mouth going in and out and feeling it deep in my throat and gagging on it. And within minutes I feel an explosion of thick dense cum. Feel it drip down my throat.

Then lying in the middle of the bed I start rubbing his cock again and licking and sucking on the head. It again gets hard and thick. I whisper in his ear baby want that cock in me. You grab me lay me on my back and spread my legs and start to lick and suck on my pussy getting it so wet. Then you tease my clit and pussy with your cock. I am throbbing so much.

You slowly start to enter me with just your head at first then thrusting it in all the way. I am moaning with every thrust. Feeling it go deep in me and hitting my gspot. Nothing has ever felt so good. Again I feel this explosion in me and feel it drip down my thigh. And I did cum all over your cock.

I then get on my knees and you are behind me rubbing my ass with your cock. You slide it in my ass very slowly also. Your hands are on my hips as you thrust your cock in me getting it in deeper with each thrust. Oh god this feels so good I tell you and your hands now cup my breasts pinching my nipples. You get them so hard and thick.

For the third time I feel your explosion in me again. I feel it start dripping down my ass and I feel your tongue licking my ass cleaning me out. I turn around and start to clean your cock with my tongue tasting both of our juices. We both collapse in the middle of the bed and lying in each other’s arms just staring at each other. I ask you if it was worth the wait and you look at me and say let’s not let it wait again so long.

You then ask me if it was good for me and I said I can’t wait to do it again. I kiss you goodnight and you fall asl**p before I do. I lay there watching you sl**p. I finally fall asl**p and before I know it the sun is starting to come up and I turn around and you are gone. I look around and I see that I am in my own bed. I can’t believe this whole thing was a dream and it never happened.
But it was the best dream I have ever had in my life.

One I would not mind having every night.

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2 years ago
horny dream you had.
2 years ago
nice story sweetheart