Me and Daddy

So one day in the middle of June. It was HOT HOT HOT. The Temp. was around 95 degrees. I was off for summer break. I was 17. I was usually left home alone alot during the day. My mom worked 7am-6-pm and my Dad worked in construction. My b*****rs were moved out. But I was all alone. And it was SO hot in that house. I thought. "well I'm alone, I can just walk around in my underwear" so I did. I slid off my shorts and shirt. I was a big guy (NOT FAT) but muscular/average a little extra weight. A football players build. I had hairy ass legs and thighs, a hairy ass and hole. An AWESOME Happy Trail that went right down to my hot bush.
So I walked around in my black briefs My pubes hung out a little bit. But it was cool. But an hour later my Daddy came home from his job. He was sweating big time. He walked in and I was sitting on the couch watching tv in my underwear and he said "You Hot too?" and I said "YES, its too hot in here". And he sat in the Recliner next to the couch. As we were sitting there he got up and said "Well, I'm takin a shower". He got up and started sliding his clothes off in the Living Room. He's hot. Hes a Country guy, with tight ass jeans and a white shirt. Still sweaty he slid his pants off and his shirt and then everything. I looked at him, trying not to let him notice. I saw one hot man. He was average, Hairy chested, stubble and goatee, Salt and pepper hair, Tons of pubes a rocking hard ass too. just the sight caused my cock to get horny. Before he got in the shower he said "Wait I'll just go for a swim in the pool" and I said "Hey Dad, I want to" so we did. Our back yard was fenced in and tons of trees. I went out there in my underwear and jumped in, and my dad went out there in his white briefs and jumped in.
So for about 20 minutes we swam and I said "Hey dad, have you ever Skinny Dipped?" and he said, "Why yes I have, I was with a couple of buddies of mine a long time ago". I was horny as fuck by now. Looking at his hairy chest in the water. He said "Well I feel like skinny dipping" and then i said "is it okay if i can too?" he said "Your my son and were both men, it's Fine" as I slid off my briefs and he as well. I was horny and was trying to hide it. My dad said "Look at you, you've become a handsome fella. Your starting to look like your old man with all that hairy on you" I said "Thanks dad, I could never be as hairy as you" so we swam around and talked a little. I was still horny, My dad noticed. "Hey its okay if your a little hard, you don't have to hide it. I am too. Were Men it's just how life is" so I said "oh okay cool" so I went under the water and came up but as I came up I didn't notice that I was right under my dad pretty much I cam up and is cock slid down my face. I tasted it, it was nice.
I said "OH Crap Dad, I'm sorry" he just laughed and laughed and said "Son its fine" with a smile. Then he got out and said "HEY Can you do a flip?" and so He jumped in and Flipped. I got out, still naked and Horned up "I said I guess I can try, I'm scared" then he said "Son You look like an adult you can do this, if you have as much pubes as me, you can do this" I smiled and Did the flip I came up out of the water and my dad was swimming over to me I had my back turned and he hugged me, I felt his cock on my ass, but I didn't move. He said "Good job boy, that was great" He got closer and it felt like his cock was entering my hole. I jumped he said "oh my bad son, I didn't realize" he smiled. I said "Well, i kinda liked it. It was felt nice"
He looked at me and said "oh really? well come here" so I did. Before I knew it We were kissing and thrusting against eachother. It was hot. He said "get out of the pool and lay on that towel" So we got out I laid down and said "Daddy is Mom going to get mad at us?" he said "What she doesn't know, wont hurt her" so he laid me down and kissed me and then I felt his lips around my cock. OH IT WAS GREAT. He sucked and sucked and sucked. and Said "You like this boy?, You want more, I love this Hairy cock of yours" after A while I got up and said lay down. I Went straight for that 7.5 inch hairy ass cock. I Sucked and sucked. it was amazing. It tasted so good. I licked his pubes and his chest and he said "I know you want this hole boy, take it" so he gave me a condom and i slid it on his hole was wet and ready, I looked at it, it was hairy and warm i licked and shoved my cock in as far as I could. He Moaned "OH MORE, MORE, MORE, Son your do ing great" And I was so into it I said "You like this dad? I love you daddy and your hole" and before I knew it I was ready to cum I pulled out, he flipped over and laid down, he grabbed my cock and jacked me off, I CUMMED All over his hairy chest he said "Do it boy, Let it go, let your cum go" Oh it felt great. I licked it out of his chest kissed him and smiled he got up pushed my on my back, and Shoved his cock in. It hurt at first but it was amazing it was soo powerful I could feel his bush on my balls and ass. he shoved and shoved in and out in and out. Then He came all in his condom in my hairy tight hole. He moaned and said "Oh son, I love you. Ohhhhhh" and he pulled out and laid down next to me. I got on top of him and laid on his is stomach. I looked him in his Eyes and kissed him. He said "we have to do this more often" and I said "Oh yes" then he said "You were great. Your just the man I want"
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1 year ago
1 year ago
Great Story... made my Cock Hard and I Jacked Off envisioning the scenarios as you desribed them, not with my Dad but maybe someone elses?
2 years ago
2 years ago
super geile Geschichte, sehr gut geschrieben.weiter so.
lg. Freddy
2 years ago
Damn Nice!
Pool/patio sex is Awsome!
2 years ago
Hot fuckin' story guy!
2 years ago
hard as hell, brings back lots of times with my old man inthe pool.
2 years ago
ditto, I would like to have a son who would like to be his daddies lover hmmmmmm
2 years ago
nice I was reading this and I started to get a hardon too. it's good to have a Dad and a good buddy
2 years ago
Stories like this make me wish I had an older man to Pal around with....and then some.