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[Story] A late birthday gift!

Introduction:. this does contain very graphic imagery of very young children. I would never even think of actually harming a child!!!!!! EVER!!! this is entirely fictional and I would never advise anyone to EVER touch a child in such ways as is told in this story!!!! Please enjoy!!!! A Child gets her late birthday gift from her father.

One night a father lay in his bed with an uncontrolable erection so he decided to do something about it. He got up and went into his daughters room who just turned 7 a few days before. He went over to her picked her up and as she woke up she said 'daddy what... Continue»
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[Story] what will she do

this does contain very graphic imagery of very young children. I would never even think of actually harming a child!!!!!! EVER!!! this is entirely fictional and I would never advise anyone to EVER touch a child in such ways as is told in this story!!!! Please enjoy!!!!
do not rede if esle a findid ......................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................... Continue»
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[Story] Adopting My Wife (part one

Introduction: Sex in this series of stories gets younger and younger so if you are not a fan of real young sex please do not continue reading.

Three weeks had passed since my talk with Kristy’s mother and I started to think the woman was trying my faith and testing my patience.

The week started and everything seemed to be going normally but by Thursday everything changed for the better. Kristy’s mother arrived at school with two suit cases of Kristy’s clothes. I was then called to the principal’s office. Kristy and her mother were already sitting in the office and I was confused of what... Continue»
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[Story] She Loves Her Daddy

Introduction: 12-year-old gets raped by her dad after exposing herself in front of him and telling him she loved him.

Don't read this story if you don't like rape, violence, incest, underage sex, etc. stories. Don't give me negative comments just because you don't like the genres. You've been warned, proceed only if you want to read this...

Eric and Danielle have always been really close. Danielle's mum, Rachel, left Eric and her daughter long ago, when Danielle was still in diapers. They didn't hear much from her afterwards, and Danielle had grown up just with her dad, with whom she wa... Continue»
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[Story] Take It Baby

This story involves a sexual relationship between a father and a daughter. If that is a subject that do not enjoy reading, please exit the story. If that is a subject that you do not enjoy reading, read it anyway, and want to comment on how you didn't like the subject, blow me.

My name is Eric Mathews, I’m a married man in my early forties, and I am also a father. My daughter Amanda is twelve years old is an angel. I know all dads say that about their little girls, but my daughter really does have a heart of gold. She honestly has a hard time figuring out if someone is doing something bad, ... Continue»
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My Daddy and I

Hi my name is Michelle I am 39 years old and I would like to share a secret with everyone I have been having and enjoying sex with my step dad (John) since I was 19 yrs old. I would like to share with everyone just how this came about and tell you about the fun we still have today.
First off I will be referring to John as my dad as I so hate calling him my step dad as he more or less raised me as my mom and real dad divorced when I was just a baby. John came into my mom's and my life a little over 25 years ago. My mom had swore that she would never marry another guy as she didn't r... Continue»
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[Story] Incest and Anal with Granddad

My big question was, 'Just how good is anal sex'?
When you are a girl, as you develop, you become acutely aware your body is starting too attract interest, making you sexually aware of men, and their need for you.
In those days magazines and 'By word of mouth' you started to learn what your body is capable of doing, and as your own sexual desires started to ferment, you suddenly found yourself with a deep need and craving to satisfy the urges, pulsating in your loins.
Of course I was aware of the term, 'Anal Sex' and that someday a man, or men, would want to try it on me.
Touching myself i... Continue»
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[Story] The Captains Wife (Chapter 4)

Chapter 4 - The Red Devil

I must have slept. It was dark and I vaguely saw a large man standing before me. He was wearing a beautiful red cape with black trousers and vest. A thin rapier hung free at his side, and I could see a pistol and a several daggers on his belt.

His face was narrow and thin, his red hair heavy around his head and face, his beard a well-trimmed goatee and a bushy mustache. His eyes gleamed at me and he smiled triumphantly as I awoke. He was quiet handsome I thought, with some hope to my fate. Could a handsome man be cruel?

I was trussed at th... Continue»
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[Story] The Captains Wife (Chapter 2)

Chapter 2 - The Aftermath

I awoke to a shocking cold and wetness. I found my clothing soaked and as I tried to sit up I discovered my head was throbbing and spinning. It took me a few moments to understand where I was.

I was on deck, apparently. It was day, a beautiful blue sky with scarcely any clouds was above us and the sea was calm as far as the eye could see. I struggled to my feet glaring at the stupid sailor still holding the incriminating bucket.

"How dare you!" I shouted at him. "I am in need of medical assistance, you lout! Not seawater in t... Continue»
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The rising sun's warming rays glinted off the ocean waves. Her eyes flickered open, squinting to see her surroundings. She lay upon what remained of the ship, bobbing lightly with the swells of the turquoise ocean. There was no land in sight. Something inside her clung to hope, like a newborn clings to its mother. Hope that she would see land or that a passing ship might see her. But part of her also knew that the sun and the lack of drinkable water would most likely get her first.

During the first couple days on her makeshift raft, she had been able to stay alert and awake. Now, it was nea... Continue»
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[Story] I Had No Choice

(This is a long story and has some build up, but I believe it’s worth it to really set the plot.)

What am I going to do now? I’m stuck in a no win situation, and the stress is killing me. I never wanted a complicated life, but I’ve got one weather I like it or not. Strange thing is that while I know it’s wrong, I cannot help but love it anyway. Now I had some wild times in college, but while I still was young, I fell in love and married my college sweetheart Rachel. We graduated and I became a Middle School math teacher, while she went to work at a Preschool Daycare business. Everything was... Continue»
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[Story] Summer Holidays with my cousin

Here is another story I found while I was tidying up my hard drive. Not sure where I found it, but credits to the original (unknown) author.

Summer Holidays with my cousin

My cousin Cheryl and I had always been close. In fact we were born only three days apart. I was the older one and the wiser I always used to joke to her. We lived in the city but went out to my Uncle and Aunts farm almost every weekend after my Father had passed away. It was like our second home.

Cheryl and I spent so much time together we became like b*****r and s****r. Right around puberty, my Mom remarried a... Continue»
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[Story] Paying the rent

This story involves "statuatory rape" so if you don't like it, don't read it.

About ten years ago, in my 30's my father died and i inherited an apartment building he owned. As landlord i met a lot of interesting people. Perhaps the most interesting people was Brenda, and her schizophrenic mother.

Brenda was an adorable little 13 year old girl. She wasn't smoking hot or anything, but she was more the cute kind. She had a medium long light dark hair, and a fit little ass. Appearently she had been into gymnastics since she was 6, which explained her fit behind.... Continue»
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[Story] Paid to rape ... a little girl

Introduction: This is a FANTASY -- FICTION -- if you are looking for reality go somewhere else -- also this is my first time trying a male POV -- constructive critiscism on that is welcomed.

I’m going to die, I thought. These guys are going to take me to a dark place, break my knees and then shoot me. At 38 I was divorced due to a gambling addiction, and thousands of dollars in debt to a local Vegas bookie. My wife had taken my daughter off to Glendale about six months ago and slapped me with divorce papers. She hadn’t gotten anything out of the divorce because I had nothing. Now my loans ... Continue»
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[Story] Popping Ashley's little cherry: Part 6 the e

Introduction: As her father feels more pressure because of outside events, he finally deflowers his Ashley.

Ashley's ninth birthday was on a Wednesday, so I planned a little party for her that Saturday. I told her that she could invite anyone she wanted, but the only person she seemed to want there was Jannie.

"Are you sure you don't want to invite anyone else?" I asked over the little birthday breakfast I had made for her.

"Nope." she said without even thinking about it. Then she seemed to ponder for a moment, and added, "Jannie's uncle John?&... Continue»
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[Story] Adonia "Warehouse Whore"

I got a call from a guy who worked in a warehouse.
He wanted to buy a whore to his work mates.
They would have a little party
"There are rumors that you have a whore"
I said "That's right, you can get her right away"
I asked "How many are you?"
"Ten guys"
I said "No problem for her!"
Because it was in a warehouse, I decided to have Adonia
in a box that I taped up
I wrote on the box "Contains fuckmeat"
I put the box back on my little truck and drove down to the warehouse.
I knocked on the door
"Who's there?&... Continue»
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[Story] Popping Ashley's little cherry: Part 5

Introduction: A romantic sexual affair with his nine year old daughter threatens to turn from a dream into nightmare, as certain cold reality's start to assert themselves.

It was a week before Ashley's ninth birthday when things started to go bad.
I had been called to my daughters school for a parent/teacher conference, and as soon as I arrived I was met by Ashley's teacher, and the school psychologist. I already didn't like the look of this. We sat down, and Ashley's teacher Got straight to the point.
"Has Ashley been getting enough sleep at home?" He ... Continue»
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[Story] Popping Ashley's little cherry: part 4

Introduction: As his love afair with his nine year old daughter become more intense, our protaganist comes up against some very complex emotions, and we learn more about his family.

A few days later I told Ashley to keep her clothes on when she got home because we needed to go to the grocery store. When we got there I sat her in a cart, and we went about picking out the various items that we needed. As I wheeled her up, and down the aisles I couldn't help but notice all the smiles, and nods of approval we attracted, especially from the women. I guess to them we just looked like a happ... Continue»
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[Story] Popping Ashley's little cherry: part three

Introduction: What started as sexual molestation turns into a twisted kind of romance.

We kissed, and cuddled for awhile after our sex play, and then got into the shower. We washed each other, and once we were clean, and rinsed, we dried each other off, and slipped into bed. Ashley pressed her warm body against me, and yawned saying, "I'm sleepy."
"Me too baby." I said, wrapping my arm around her.
"Can we play some more tomorrow daddy?" she whispered, laying her head on my chest, and closing her eyes.
"Oh yeah sweetie," I replied, giving her ... Continue»
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[Story] Popping Ashley's little cherry: part 2

Introduction: Having once sexualy molested his young daughter, a man tries to come to terms with his own perversion, and resist the temptation to go further. Will he succeed?

The strange buzzing sound in my head finally resolved itself into the sound of my alarm clock, as I slowly began to wake up. I was a little surprised to find that I had an erection. As I blinked, slowly coming more fully into consciousness, I realised why.
The blanket had somehow been kicked off in the night, and as I looked down from where I lay, on my back, I could see ashley sprawled out across me.
Her head lay o... Continue»
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[Story] Uncle bob part2

Uncle Bob liked me naked. He got braver and braver having me walk outside to fuck me. He started to bend me over the railing on the front porch and fuck me there. He loved the sex outside and when the ranch hands were gone he would take me around the yard naked and find new places for sex.

He got braver having me around and one day brought me to the barn dressed in t-shirt, no bra and jeans and showed me to the workers. They looked me over and smiled. They knew what was going on with a young girl and an older uncle. that day I rode in the truck with my uncle as they all loaded hay. He unzip... Continue»
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[Story] You Gonna Get Raped!


There is this little blonde who lives down the street from me. Her name is Candace. Candy. Ha ha, yummy. I know she is 18 years old. She is about 5'4" and very petite. Her long blonde hair hangs a in straight line just above her round, firm little ass cheeks, and swishes when she walks in a way that makes you have to notice them, as if the way that ass shakes isn't enough to make a man want her all by itself. She has big brown eyes and pouty lips. How many times I imagined ... Continue»
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[Story] s****r in-law part 2

Sorry the delay in completeing the story.

Cause I aways wanted to see your cock. Lise apporched me put her hand on my cock over my shorts and kissed me. her hands rubbing my cock make it hard in seconds.

I pushed her away saying this isn't right, your d***k and my s****r in-law, and you just turned 18. So she says, I see the way you've been looking at me.
tell me that you have never fantazied about me and I will stop right now, cause i have fantazied about you ever since i say your cock 2 months ago. it was so hard and thick, I want it in mouth. she came closer got her ... Continue»
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[Story] Wake up and throw up, dear s****r.

She is dreaming, far away, in her happy place. She is safe, warm, in a normal world, where big b*****r doesn't exist, somewhere I'm not chasing her, where she thinks I can't catch her. She is out of reach of my dirty meat hooks, cloaked by the veil of deep sl**p. She is as she once was, long ago. She is innocent, she is clean, completely content in a cocoon of warm covers, She continues to drift as far away from our world as possible, away from me.

Shooting out of the inky blackness the icy fingers of my skeletal hand reach across eternity and poke her. Probe her. G... Continue»
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[Story] Foster sisters

Its probably time I told the story about my 2 foster sisters. Elaine was a year older than me and came to live with my family when she was 8. She was never going to be a model but she had a great figure until she hit her mid 20s. Aoife was 6 years younger than me and came to live with us when she was 6. Aoife however was always a great looking girl and has since developed into a beautiful woman.

So myself and Elaine were developing around the same time and one summer night we were allowed to sleep in a tent in our back garden together. I was only 12 so my parents probably thought it would ... Continue»
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[Story] 2 Truckers & 1 grateful young passenger

Trucking down the highway, he spots a teen age slut hitch hiking on the side of the road. "We got one!" Roger hollars at his driving partner who was resting in the sl**per cab.

Pulling over just a short distance ahead of where she stood, he could see in the rear view mirror she was more than he could have hoped for. Hot body, short cut off jean shorts and a V neck white T, with a bra barely containing her young firm breasts. Couldn't be more than 18 years old, if that.

She runs up to the passenger side door to find a young good looking guy in his late 20s, early 30s to h... Continue»
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[Story] day at the pool

It was the long weekend and I agreed to babysit my s****rs 2 k**s for her while her and her hubby went away, by Sunday afternoon I was running out of things to do with them so I decided to take them to the wave pool,
I had bought a new bikini and thought it would be a great chance to try it out, Im 33 but look pretty good for my age,I run at least 4 times a week and eat well, im short but well proportioned with ( thankfully) still nice firm c cup breasts,
The girl was 6 andthe boy was 8, i wasnt comfortable with him going alone so they both had to come change wit me, dont worry this story ... Continue»
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[Story] The Wedding Boy

I was feeling too old to be a bridesmaid; it’s a job for young virgins really, not for a horny 23 yr old. I was stuck with 2 other girls – both just k**s and not the company I wanted. Our dresses were pink and uncomfortable. At some point I’d insisted on having mine as an off the shoulder number and now found myself in a tight figure hugging dress on a hot day – and I would need help in getting it off as the zip was impossibly tight. To make things worse I’d not seen one unattached man in the wedding party at the church.

We were now at the reception and about ... Continue»
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[Story] How I Became Daddy's Slutty Slave

I was only sixteen when I first noticed my father looking at me differently. Suddenly a developing new young woman, I was growing breasts and my hips were growing wider. As my father noticed my body taking on a more womanly shape, his looks turned from affectionate glances to leering stares of desire.

Part of me liked the attention, but mostly I found it sickening that his eyes seemed to undress me every time he caught sight of me. My mother was much too concerned with her own problems to notice, and as I loved her so much, I didn't want to burden her with my concerns.

After nearly ... Continue»
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[Story] Young and a Little Concerned

True story. Also my first on here.

Not too long ago, I found myself in an interesting situation. I was working on my AA degree and while in class made some friends, all female. Now, to be perfectly honest, my luck with women hasn't been the greatest.

I was friends with four girls in my class and when our schedules allowed it, we would have lunch together. Two s****r, both a little older than me, a slightly chubby girl my age, and another, older hispanic woman.

After getting to know each other fairly well, and much flirting, which drove the s****rs off as they both had boyfriend... Continue»
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