I was excited the whole plane ride, it was a red eye, the flight took all night and I had not gotten more than an hour sl**p.

I was ready to begin my new life with my perfectly suitably fit master.

He was there waiting for me when I disembarked from the plane.

I always enjoyed seeing all the people so happy to be seeing their returning friends and beloved f****y members.

The reason for my arrival was of quite a more sinister nature and I did not know what to expect.
He was not smiling, he seemed to be sweating regardless of his mood he gives me a warm hug lifting me easily off the floor and I swoon in his grasp.

We could have been like any other couple seeing each other after a time apart.

The truth is often more complicated.

I silently follow him into a currently empty men’s bathroom because of the early morning, about 5 in the morning.

Alone with him at last, we clamor into a bathroom stall, I smell his scent and I find it intoxicating, as I am sure he finds my womanly arousal.

I have only a red blouse, black bra under, blue tight jeans, a black thong under that and black high heels to my name having abandoned my I.D. casually on the flight.

He starts by pulling from his pants pocket and placing a black leather collar with an o-ring and jingly small bell around my neck locking it in place with a small steal lock.

I get a good look at him, his attire a black suit, black socks under his Italian leather shoes and a simple wristwatch; he could have been any businessman picking up his mistress, but he’s my master.

“Take off your jeans and panties.” He asks sternly.

I obey quickly I an out of my jeans and panties not without some doing.

He leans me over forward in one motion taking out his huge partially hard penis and ramming deeply into my virgin vagina.

I hear myself moaning already it sounds to me as if it is someone else making the sounds, but I could totally feel him pounding hard, fast and roughly in all the way in to press against my cervix and out each thrust.

I feel him getting harder inside my tight little vagina and either I was getting very wet or he was leaking precum or both because the slight discomfort from my first penile penetration decreases.

I squeeze my pc muscles around his invading penis attempting to u*********sly milk his seed deep into my fertile womb.

After about a dozen or so in and out thrusts I could feel an orgasm approaching.

My master responds by removing his now throbbing cock from my dripping cunt lips with some difficulty because of me gripping him so tightly.

He flips me over into a sitting position on the toilet and says to me, “Show me your place Kirie.”

“Mmmm I love it when you say my name master.”

I quickly take his penis into my mouth, licking around in circles, sucking hard and making loud slurping noises.

I take him down my throat massaging the bottom half of his shaft with my lips while looking up into his eyes with my best smile.
He must think it is a sexy sight because as someone enters the bathroom taking up a stall beside us my master shots two or three big spurts of cum directly down my throat.

I could tell I would have to earn a creampie.

So much cum fills my throat that small amounts dribble out of my mouth and down my chin landing on my naked right thigh.

He retracts his dick from my throat and mouth putting it away and helping me get dressed.

I blush as we pass a man washing his hands on our long way out to my master’s car.

I smile and attempt to memorize the faces of the many people along the way knowing that they would most likely be the last faces besides my master’s face I would ever see.

I will be busy pleasing my master with every ounce of my being.

The excitement builds within my belly, the tingly feelings of an excited tight little vagina almost uncomfortable, like a light nagging.

My master drives us to a campground he had picked out for the seclusion and the cold of the first day of winter.

He parks, attaches a two foot long chain to my collar, has me climb out over the drivers seat on my hands and knees over to a tree.

He boldly leaves me on my hands and knees while he retrieves a blue duffle bag from the trunk of his car returning to me, I smile and wiggle my butt for him.

I stay on my hands and knees like the little submissive obedient slave I know I am.

My master does not smile, but I can tell he is kind of pleased.

My master has me stand up, bends me forward tying my hands to the tree trunk in this position, I shiver from the cold and shake from the excitement.

My ass is sticking out seductively.

I feel his hands rubbing all over my body as a tease.

He takes opens the duffle bag, takes out a razor sharp hunting knife, he cuts the straps of my blouse and bra pulling them hard.

I feel the blouse and bra ripped from my body instantly exposing my naked flesh to the cold air.

Next my master cuts he waistband of my jeans and thong letting them fall to my ankles, he soon leaves me only with high heels on.

I feel the hard slaps from his hand on my behind over and over steadily increasing the speed and f***e of the impact until my ass is bright red from hundreds of spanks.

I am so worked up now that I hardly notice the cold anymore.

He then gets out a riding crop and beats my ass until I make a squeaking sound.

I guess satisfied with my good behavior he puts sharp metal biting clips on my nipples, weighting them with little heavy weights making my nipples hurt very badly and my tits hang down further than if there were no weights.

I suppose after he looks me over admiring my hot little body, with the telltale tan lines from a string bikini top and bottom he had gotten hard again and with one deep thrust buries himself inside my tight little still wet vagina holding in deep.

My master pounds me mercilessly making me scream not from the hard fuck but from the sharp biting clips on my nipples the movement of my boobs bouncing and shaking around.

Not wanting me to cum he stops and takes his slick penis out from my now dripping wet fuckhole.

I shiver hard and sweat even though my skin is already covered with goose bumps and cold as fuck.

He untied me from the tree trunk throws a rope over a high tree branch tying my hands skillfully together with the end of said rope.

Very slowly he hoists me up off the ground hanging by my now hurting wrists with my high-heeled feet inches off the ground.

He was not done with me yet.

My master has me spread my legs straight open as wide as I can while he ties a pull between my ankles keeping me spread wide.

He get between my legs and fucks my tight little vagina slow and deep making my nipples hurt more again from the sharp metal biting clips and weights

I wish to myself heaven could be so wonderful.

My screams and shouts from the extreme pain seem to only bring him close to another cum so he stops letting me down, unbinding me, rubbing my red wrists.

He takes the sharps biting clips off my nipples making me hurt extremely badly and I scream louder than I have ever screamed in my life.

I smile as he duct tapes my hands and feet together, putting my shredded clothing and his stuff into the trunk of his car.

My master roughly puts me into the trunk of his car and shuts the trunk with a loud slam.

After a lengthy car ride he takes me inside his house, set in the country far from any neighbors.

He removes the duct tape.

The house was spotless but he has me dust on hands and knees with a washcloth anyways while he watches me with the metal chain attached to my collar in his hand.

I need to pee I hold it for as long as I can before I pee on his hardwood floor.

He takes off his belt and whips my ass several times leaving it even redder than before.

My master has me wipe up the pee while he strikes my pussy with his belt.

I feel him enter my tight little vagina from behind fucking me hard, fast, roughly, deeply while I clean.

He pulls the metal chain choking me while he ravishes my tight little slit from behind.

He pulls out and stops strangling me as soon as I finish cleaning up the piss.

My master pulls my face by my collar close to his crotch making me smell him.

I suddenly feel him stuff his big hard cock into my mouth parting my lips f***efully.

I almost touch my outer labia lips with my hand so he slaps my left breasts very hard getting me to shriek from the sudden impact and pain from my abused nipple.

He uses my mouth roughly making me suck his cock to cumming he fills my mouth with a huge cumload.

I swallow with a cute smile.

He drags me into his kitchen, makes me wash already washed dishes, and cook him dinner.

While I am washing and cleaning up he pulls my ass towards him.

My master fucks my asshole deeply, roughly hurting me while he fondles my right breast holding it tightly and pinching the painful nipple between his thumb and index finger.

After I was done cleaning my master makes me crawl on hands and knees into his basement, basically dragging me down the flight of stairs scratching up and bruising my shins and knees.

My master cuffs my hands behind my back, takes off the high heels from my feet, cuffs my feet together, ball gags my mouth with a large blue ball gag fastening it behind my head, takes off the chain from my collar and locks me in a small cramped cage.

He leaves me like this turning off the light leaving me in pitch-black darkness.

I love my master he is so good to me.
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