i will not accept you if you have dick picks
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2 years ago
Thanks for adding me as friend
3 years ago
Good stuff!
4 years ago
Thanks for accepting my invite, and have a HAPPY NEW YEAR.
4 years ago
peace and love happy holidays
4 years ago
4 years ago
thanks for the acpt
4 years ago
lil nicke do it agen it will takc some time
4 years ago

All you Americans should really take charge of your country again..
You have your elections again and the "Powers at Be" rely on you all sitting back and not voting or just going for the usual parties.
Make a difference this time and stop the same same that has gone on for years there.
Both of your main parties are corrupt to the hilt.
Get involved and go and see the new politicians that are running this time, ask them questions and find out what they are about yourself and stop listening to the spin that the Zionist controlled media gives you there.
It is up to you as individuals to get your country back on the right track.
While the media keeps you busy with trivial fighting about Christian/Muslim, Straight/Gay, Black/White, Rich/Poor, the real agenda's can be achieved by the system.
It is to late to save you from the depression that is coming, but with the right people elected you can certainly start to get the financial manipulators responsible for your situation held accountable and locked up for ever..
Do you know that your "Federal Reserve Bank" is a private company.?
You have a non elected company controlling you that totally owns you as citizens.
You are in debt for trillions to the very bank that withdrew money from the system to cause the financial meltdown, and now it is making a fortune from it in loans back to you to recover from their engineered crash.
Do you want to continue to be fed the lies about the false security threats you face?
Your country has become reliant on war for the economy to prosper.
The largest industry in the USA is military and support industries.
The largest employer in the USA is military and support industries.
The largest exports in the USA is military hardware.
The security advisers in the USA are all connected to the military industries and make billions from selling you, the people, war.
People like Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld make money from these wars, they own the companies!!
The government does not give a dam about you as people, if it did you would have a fantastic free health system and social security system like most other western countries. You would have people being payed good money if they cant work through no work available,being sick or disabled.
Instead you have people living on the streets without government help while your government gives billions to Israel in gifts just to keep the wars going in the region.
You are chasing Bin Laden for what? He is not on your FBI most wanted website for 9-11, it is for suspicion for an attack years earlier.
The pentagon attack is very strange, as the most secure building on the planet, they cant give us a clear picture of a plane.
The hole in the building in the early pictures was only 5 meters (6 yards) in diameter with no damage from wings.
It is hard to understand how a huge jet managed to fold it's wings to fit into such a small hole. The floors collapsed some 20 minutes later to show the "big hole" that is used in most media pictures.
You all need to wake up and stop listening to the government propaganda and start to realise what is happening to you all.
You are fighting in Afghanistan to secure the largest oil fields ever discovered and an estimated 1 trillion dollars in minerals (Source, Fox News)
The war in Iraq was on false reports generated by Cheney and Rumsfeld.
Where are those weapons of mass destruction?
Saddam Husein was nationalising the oil fields but when the USA illegally invaded the country the first thing they "secured" was the oil and what private companies control it now?? Surprise, surprise, it's Cheney's and Rumsfelds companies.
The price of oil around the world shot up and who benefited form this?
The oil industries, the one's Bush represents in Texas and Saudi Arabia.
Don't listen to the press, get out and talk to your neighbours and friends, research the Internet and listen to News from other countries to get the alternative views so you can make an informed decision about things because it is time to change your country.
The New York "attacks" were never investigated properly and the third building (Building WTC7 Solomon Blg. It also was a perfect demolition into it's own footprint.) to be demolished was never investigated and not included in the "official" white house report. It housed the FBI investigation Unit investigating Wall St.
You as citizens MUST ASK "WHY...?"
Take back your nation.
Peace to ALL.

4 years ago
Nice to see the stories are back
4 years ago
http://stories.xnxx.com/ doesn't seem to exist anymore?
4 years ago
4 years ago
4 years ago
no but will post new not old i got all my storys form http://stories.xnxx.com/
4 years ago
Are you going to repost?
4 years ago
can't bevel you trend me in
4 years ago
all my fuckin posts are delete all post sorry
4 years ago
What happened? Did they delete your stories? I was really looking forward to your next one.
4 years ago
Did they take down your stories? Trying to read the rest of Roadtrip with my Grand daughter.
4 years ago
love ur stories
4 years ago
Great stories. Keep going with them.
4 years ago
sorry for no videos I'm to stupid as some people tell me for kidy porn storys
4 years ago
4 years ago
Kudos! You can sure spin a yarn!
4 years ago
love your stories
4 years ago
Excellent stories
4 years ago
Great stories
4 years ago
thanks 4 adding me
4 years ago
Nice story

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