he 4th of July Big...I mean BIGGGG Black cock I to

So we were looking for a stud...white or black, it really didn't matter. We just wanted to have some fun...we looked here on Xhamster first...came up very short...so we posted an ad on Craigslist. I am very leery of strangers over the possibility of std's or weirdo guys. We posted our ad and had over 25 hits in the first 15 min! We asked that in the first pic the guy hold up three fingers and a card of that days date 'which was July 4th' and in the second pic to hold up seven fingers with a T.V. set behind him....'It weeds out the fakes' and it works!!! We got a reply from an educated black guy who was 45 years old. He was well spoken, very clean looking and insisted on condoms but absolutely NO PICTURES!! We respect privacy so we met at a local bar/eatery and went from there...He was so funny, good looking and charming. He danced with me twice and asked permission from my hub every time...he kept his hand above my waist the whole time and showed us the utmost respect....I can tell he had never done this before and was very nervous....we had been so impressed that we invited him back to our house 'which we never do with strangers' and he said ok. So arriving at our house and heading inside, he sat at the dining room table and we opened a bottle of 15 year old bourbon my husband saved for a special occasion. We drank a few glasses and then the conversation was getting very hot. He said in the ad that he had a 10 inch cock and it was thick...and I couldn't wait to see it!! I went upstairs while my hubby and him were talking about their Mercedes that both of them happed to own and put on something classy but very sexy...I made my way down stairs to the 2 of them and he never took his eyes off of me!!! I can tell his pants were becoming uncomfortable so I began kissing him and caressing his broad shoulders...unbuttoning his shirt I could tell he was no stranger to the gym but not overdone ...he was getting hard and I ran my hand down his pocket to his crotch and asked, Is that for me? He said if it is okay with your hubby and hubby said "of coarse" and left us alone to get warmed up...kissing and finally unzipping his pants his cock exploded out of his pants and OH MY GOD WAS IT HUGE!!! I took it with both hands and finally bent my knees to try to put that thing in my mouth!! It was so perfect, black with a pink shaded head and it was cut perfectly and so very thick with a very slight bend...This guy was built to fuck! So after about 20 mins of intense foreplay and rubbing and him eating and sucking my clit...I put that monster inside me...I rode him very hard until he flipped me over to fuck me doggy....I couldn't take all of him that way and he knew it...he was so gentle and slow. By that point Wayne had come back into the room letting me suck him while our new friend fucked me with slow in and out strokes...my legs were shaking and had cum atleast twice...I needed a break..lol, I then sucked him more to keep him hard while Wayne held my hair back and the thought of my husband helping me in this little way got me so wet again I had to have him...Now keep in mind Wayne is not a cuckold husband, but he knew I needed help with this big black monster so he held my legs and let him fuck me again...I squeezed his hand with every in and out thrust and he came in the condom...and then waited awhile before leaving but not before I took that condom and drank his cum straight from it. We have another small get together coming up again in August...I think I just found my new toy...and he has our number and has been pretty cool so far. I love when people act normal and realize that this is a once in a while thing and do not abuse the relationship. Wayne has fucked me about 12 times since Friday....lol. I love it!!
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10 days ago
The lifestyle can be a delight when you meet the right ppl
3 months ago
Amazing account, very hot to read! I too love that you drank the cum from the condom...so hot!
4 months ago
congrats on finding what youve been seeking
4 months ago
I would have loved to see you drink his cum from the condom, in the moment. That is so hot.
6 months ago
Great story I enjoyed reading it-also great profile.