Early Encounters

In 1965 i was a baby sailor based in Victory barracks, Portsmouth.
a lot of civillians worked in the barracks, and one of these was an ex merchant navy steward by the name of arthur.
his duties included the upkeep and cleanliness of the baths and showers in the
juniors (Jervis) Block.
i remember there were two long rows of baths in seperate cubicles, and being off duty one afternoon i decided to go for a leisurely soak.
Being so young, and just becoming sexually aware my thoughts turned to pleasuring myself, and soon i was masturbating in the warmth of the bath.
when i entered the cubicle i was aware of this guy going about his business mopping the floors and polishing the brightwork.
Suddenly he was in my cubicle sitting on the side of the bath, engaging me in conversation.
He was actually a very nice and freindly bloke, and i complained not one jot when his hand gently replaced mine on my throbbing manhood.
the experience was not at all unpleasant and i closed my eyes and just let the sensations wash over me.
one thing lead to another, and soon i was paying regular visits to arthur`s 2nd floor flat which was located next to the horseshoe pub down near southsea.
I regularly stayed the night, but again i was young, not very wordly wise and wrestling with my emmotions.
Arthur would be naked in a silk dressing gown, and i could not feel comfortable that he wanted to hug and kiss all the time - i still don`t particularly like that - and he used to guide my hand onto his rather small but rampant cock, which awakened something in me, but i didn`t feel right doing it.
"then" for the first time ever for me, he dropped to his knee`s and took me into his mouth.
It was indescribable and took me to such highs as i had never yet experienced.
I knew nothing of the ettiqutte of such situations, and just exploded into his mouth in very short order.
it caught him by surprise and nearky choked him, but he swallowed every drop after which my mentor quietly pointed out that although he was happy to swallow, a little warning might be appropiate on subsequent occasions.
Soon i was fucking him for all he was worth, and again through youthful exuberance and inexperience, he regularly winced with pain.
all of this took place under the bed sheets with the lights out.
I was in total denial that i was taking any part in these proceedings, and it was always poor arthur who had to make the running.
Arthur always told me that it was obvious that i wasn`t nor ever would be gay.
"we are just having a nice experience, and one day soon you will have a nice girlfriend who you will marry and you will have lots of c***dren together"
"And she won`t be able to get enough of this beautiful hard cock of your`s".
I appreciated his sentiments and was convinced that my future lay in that direction.
Another guy lived in the flat above arthur who although i had never met him, also worked in victory barracks.
Arhur warned me against him. - "When youv`e had a couple of beers he will be as likely to turn you over and you will wake up feeling very sore".
Eventually Arthur left the flat, i think he was going to give the merchant navy another try, where he could be well serviced on a regular basis.
Fast forward another year or two, and now i was back in portsmouth, this time in the dockyard on one of her majesty`s daring class destroyers.
heading back to the dockyard from a night on the piss in southsea i found myself walking past the horshoe bar and thereby the flat where i used to visit arthur.
I remembered what he had told me about the guy in the flat above, and filled to the gunnels with dutch courage i decided to ring his doorbell.
I knew full well that arthur no longer lived there, but when the guy came to the door i apologised profusely for pressing the wrong bell when i actually mean`t to press arthur`s.
We went through the charade of pleasantries, and him telling me what i already knew, that arthur had shipped out from southampton a while ago.
However with a mutal aquaintance in common, i was soon invited up to his flat.
I had played the shrinking violet for too long and decided that i had to find out what it was really all about.
It was always arthur that had to make the running, and now at the point of no return i was in the company of a man who was gay, but of a very less benign nature.
In for a penny in for a pound i needed to find out if it was who i was, what i wanted, and if so - could i take it.
I truly don`t remember his name, but i do know in hindsight that he had me sussed.
We were in his living room drinking wine and engaged in totaly banal and nonsensical conversation, both
waiting for the spark that would set this chain of events in motion.
suddenly - something i had never done, or beleived i could ever do - i reached across and placed my hand on his crotch and immediately felt this huge bulge growing in his trousers.
The situation now changed, and what i had secretly been hoping for all along, Assertive by nature, he had been given the green light, and immediateley took charge.
With no more ado he lead me through to his bedroom - on the way i continued to explore the ever growing bulge in his trousers.
We sat on the side of the bed and i unzipped him and took it into my hand in all it`s naked and rampant glory.
he hadn`t touched me at all, he wasn`t a kisser or hugger, this wasn`t my effeminate, freindly thoughtful arthur.
I had instigated this meeting on false pretences, but there was now no doubt that i was here on this guys terms and he would be calling the shots.
we both undressed and all kinds of crazy thoughts and feelings were dancing a tattoo in my head and stomach.
I was sat on the bed, and naked as the day he was born he stood in front of me.
He was much bigger than arthur in that department and although i was in no way ashamed of what i had myself, he dwarfed me as well.
If there were any regrets there was now no way out, i had called his bluff and now it was time to take the consequences.
me sitting - him standing, his ten inch cock quivering and dripping with pre-cum on the level of my face, it was inevitable that he would thrust it into my mouth.
once i`d got used to the idea i went to it with a will that surprised even me.
if i had to do it , i may as well make a good job of it, and enjoy it i most certainly did.
My hands wantonly explored his arse balls and thighs whilst i took him into my mouth as deep as i was able, all the while gnawing on his juicey bone and revelling in the unique taste smell and texture of his copius precum.
I then felt his hands rather f***efully encompassing the back of my head.
From this i now knew that his climax was approaching and he wasn`t going to let me pull away under any circumstances.
My natural instincts wanted to fight it - i am not naturally submissive by nature, but a huge part of me wanted (and wants) to be so.
I resigned myself to the inevitable, and determined to make the best account of myself and so i redoubled my efforts in his ultimate pleasure, sucking, chewing & biting on his glorious cock and balls until what could only be the natural conclusion.
The floodgates opened and suddenly i was coughing and gagging as a seemingly never ending stream of hot liquid beautifully tasting "Come" - "Spunk" - "Semen", whatever you like to call it invaded my moth and throat at a prodigous rate.
I Still do love the taste and smell of cum and pre cum, and yes arthurs freind in the flat above "Did" turn me over - but that`s another story.
ex rn

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