A great swim, and an epic time

As I walked thru the forest one day, I came to a nice little pond. being such a hot day, and being sweaty, I decided to go for a swim. I checked around to see if anyone was around. nobody around. I stripped off my clothes, and slowly waded into the cool water. the bottom of the pond was a think mud, but it felt almost pleasant against my skin. A thought crossed my mind: what if I stuck my dick into the soft gooey mud? would it feel as pleasant? my 7" began to stiffen at the idea. I didnt hesitate. I waded back closer to the beach, and got onto my knees. The mud was so soft. i poked my finger into it at first. Soo soft. I laid down, sticking my dick deep into the mud, it felt soo good. I started humping it, slowly.

A voice from the trees then called out: "Hows that feel?". Startled, I looked up in surprise. An absolutely cute twink, no older than 18 appeared from behind a bush. He was only wearing shorts. he was a little dirty, and the soles of his feet were black. I knew instantly he was like me, and was a closet case nudist.

"Yeah, its great" I replied back, still feeling unsure of his intentions.

"This is my favorite place to do exactly that. The mud here is always so perfect" he walked up towards me. "Mind if I join you?"

"Please do" I said, getting excited. My mind started to race as he sliped his shorts down, and kicked them off. He had such a perfect body, and his dick was amazing. Clean shaved, 8" long, and a head to die for. he waded in, and took a position beside me, thrusting his own dick into the mud.

"You gay, or Bi?" he asked me.


"Same. always had fantasy's of meeting someone here" he said, slowly moving his hand towards my ass. "I've always wanted to just fuck someone here in the mud, both on top, and bottom". His hand now just about in my asshole.

"Sounds like fun" I said, and I too reached over to play with him. But I didnt go to his ass. I went straight to his balls, gently caressing him. He liked it. I got closer to him, and he pulled out of the mud, exposing his magnificent dick.

I grabbed it with my right hand, as I wrapped my left hand around the back of his neck, pulling him close. I locked him around me, and we began to roll around in the soft mud. after 5 minutes, we were completely covered in mud, every inch of our skin. He was on top of me. I took his dick, and stuck it in me. He began to thrust. he kissed me as he humped me, so gently. His dick was almost bringing me to an orgasm, but I wanted to hold it, save it for him. After almost 30 minutes of him in me, he came. It was so powerful, I could feel his cum squirting into me. he pulled out, and laid down in the mud. I got on top of him now. He grabbed my dick, positioned it, and I shoved it in.

His ass was so tight, he must have been an anal virgin. He loved every second I thrusted him. I could still feel his cum in me, slowly leaking out. I began going faster, and faster. He began to moan. I couldnt hold it any more, and I came. He grabbed me with his legs and kept thrusting me in. Finally, I stopped, and came out. we both laid there in the mud for almost a half hour after, just talking about what we just did. we soon washed off the mud, and left.

We met there again, every day that summer.
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2 years ago
A lovely story - I must go down to the woods come the warm weather....
2 years ago
mmmm very hot, loved it!!!
2 years ago
Very hot.