2 Girls 1 Day

A hot Summer day, hanging out with my hot friend. we were going to head to the old quarry for a swim, but we never got that far. She looked soo amazing in her bikini. I kept checking her out, and she knew it. She told me to go get her towel while she made a call.

I listened as I got her towel. she had called her father to find out when he would be home, which wasnt going to be till later that day. I came back in and gave her her towel. she gave me a look, a look of pure lust. she told me to come with her to her bedroom in the basement, and I did. my heart beginning to race. Was she going to fuck me? I had a Girlfriend, but she obviously didnt care. Neither did I, for that mater.

we got to her bed. she gestured for me to lie down. I did. she reached behind her back, and undid her top, letting it fall to the floor. her magnificent D's so perfect. I took off my swimming shorts, showing her just how much I liked her breasts.

she slowly crawled onto the bed, getting on top of me. I reached up, and undid her G string, exposing her tight, jucy Pussy. she grabbed my dick, and positioned it. I trusted it up into her, and she gave out a moan of increadabel passion. she rode me, slow at first. Enjoying it.Then she sped up, going faster and faster. I grabbed her hips, and flipped her over onto the bed, getting on top of her. she moaned as I went deeper into her. I sped up, faster and faster. Just as she moaned from an orgasm, I came, giving her a massive load. she moaned, she could feel me filling her. I pulled out when I had nothing left to fill her with. she reached down, wiping some of the cum out. She wasnt on the pill, but neither of us cared. Such passion, such a rush, but now I had to go. I was late getting to my girlfriends house.

I just entered my Girlfriends house, and she was waiting for me in the livingroom, wearing only a towel. I thought to myself, "Am I this lucky? Is she gonna put out today as well?". she stood up, and dropped her towel. she was a little on the BBW side, but still a good fuck. I got her to her knees, and bent her over. I dropped my pants and came in behind her. She was wet, she had wanted this. I fucked her harder than I had ever before. She almost screamed when I started to rub her clit as I fucked her. She came first, but it wasnt long till I did. she got up, grabbed her towel, and walked to the bathroom.

About 1 minute after she went in, she called me. I entered the bathroom, to find her sitting on the sink ledge. A second time? ever rarley did I get lucky twice in a day, but 3 times, and with another girl? I gave her all I had left. and as I came, I couldnt help shout out "I LOVE MY LIFE!!!"
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