Hurry Up! Before Mom and Dad Get Home! - Ch 03

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Chapter 03 - Hands On Training

It had been a week since I got my little stepsíster Penny to give me her handjob before I covered her face in semen. Obviously, it had sunk in just how much of a mistake and sign of sexual weakness it was on my part. I'm supposed to be the new older brôther she could trust, not someone to take advantage of her insecurities. Now, I had to worry about not just her telling my parents, but perhaps one of her friends or teachers which would eventually land me in some hot water or worse.

By the time two weeks had passed, there was no word of Penelope telling anyone. I got the sense that she felt just as naughty and culpable as I was which made me certain she would not tell anyone for fear of being reprimanded or branded as a slut, even though I was the one who corrupted her. Despite this sense of security, I held onto my commitment to never let it happen again. However, whenever I masturbated, I couldn't help but to think it was Penny's tiny hands wrapped around my dick while jerking it off. When I orgasmed, I thought of her face in the line of fire of my ejaculation.

I quickly found out that I could hold on to my moral reservations for only so long. Soon, it became an obsession for me. All I could do was fantasize about my little stepsíster's hand on my penis. Between those daydreams, I thought of ways in which I could persuade her to do it again. All I was thinking about was how to get Penny's hand around my schlong once more. Just once more.

Alas, that opportunity arose when Penelope's class scheduled an upcoming field trip to some ice cream factory a few towns over. It didn't particularly sound exciting, but I imagined any student her age would kill for a day off from school to eat ice cream all day. Add in the peer pressure of all her fellow classmates already submitting their permissions slips and fees ahead of time, and I knew Penny wanted nothing more than to go.

Penny's first resource was her father. The two of them had a very intimate and loving relationship. Since she was his baby. He rarely denied her, but unfortunately, he simply did not have the necessary funds to pay for her trip. She waited a few more days to muster up the courage to talk to my mother only to once again be denied due to the price tag that was simply too hefty for our modest famíly. With both of our parents down, I figured she would be desperate enough to come to me in time. I didn't know when it would happen, but I knew it would. Despite my confidence, that anticipation only drove my fantasies through the roof.

Soon enough, I bumped into Penny in the kitchen one afternoon with a pair of glistening puppy dog eyes staring up at me. Only took another week until she found it in herself to beg me to pay her field trip fees. Technically, I had little money either but I wasn't going to miss the chance to dump what little savings i had for another chance with Penny. Just one more chance to get it out of my system. I painstakingly waited in front of her trying to ask me what we already knew.

"Ummm... hey big brô," she murmured awkwardly. It was the first time she called me that though.

"Whatsup?" I greeted almost sarcastically. I began to study her before me. She was wearing khaki capri pants and an over-sized hooded sweatshirt which made her look even smaller than she already was. She kept her tiny hands hidden inside the sleeves to hide just how much they were shaking due to nervousness. Her brown hair cascaded over her face and partially covered her begging grey eyes.

"So we... my school has this like... field trip coming up."

"Uh huh. So I've heard."

"And I like... don't have enough to go. Daddy says he can't give me any. Your mom, I mean our mom said she can't either... Sooo..."

"You can ask me," I said with a big smile on my face.

"I was like wondering... if I could borrow... if you had..."

"Sure," I interrupted her to help her along. She broke the tiniest of smirks on her face, but still continued to look down and away, still shy and uncertain with me. "I have some money downstairs in the basement."

Her smirk quickly subsided at the mention of the basement. What happened there last time between us was all too familiar with her. It's going to take more than funding a field trip to make her forget the time I convinced her to rub my dick until I orgasmed.

"Downstairs. In the basement," I repeated. I was being suggestive, but it was all too explicit to her. "Come downstairs with me, and we'll get it. Hurry now. Hurry up before mom and dad get home."

Penny sunk into herself a bit before slowly lagging behind me as I led her down into my private basement quarters. She followed all the way down to the last wooden step and stopped there, cautious about setting foot on the cold concrete floor that would completely mark her entrance into my sublevel domain. I walked across the basement to the old wooden dresser, opening the top shelf and pulling out what little savings I had. I did a quick count of miscellaneous bills and was relieved to know that I actually had enough.

With the wad of cash in hand, I turned to Penny who was still standing across the basement on the last tread of the staircase. Standing next to my mattress, I extended my hand out, signaling to Penny that I was surrendering my savings for her class field trip. If she wanted it, she would have to come and get it. After another moments pause, she finally took the step down and slowly walked toward me, her arms never swaying as they stuck to her sides. When she finally reached me, her tiny mittens finally poked out from the over-sized sleeves of her hoodie to receive her payment.

Before she could clasp the bills, I yanked my hand back, splitting the messy fold of cash into two. "Half now. Half later," I teased. "Let's say I give you the other half tomorrow."

Penny looked at me with disbelief. After another pause, her face then turned into submission as she lowered her begging hand back to her side. I didn't say another word. I simply stashed both bundles of cash in separate pockets on each side of my pants, turned from her and laid on my back on the bed, hands confidently nestled behind my head as if I were lounging in the sun.

Penny was left standing at the foot of the bed before she finally gave up. She slowly lowered herself to sit at the foot of the bed, still keeping her back to me while bracing for what was about to transpire. She finally turned toward me and crawled further onto the bed.

I waited until she crawled a little further in where she was now seated by my waist. I already had a huge erection visibly rising within my pants that was begging to be let out. I gave Penny no instructions. She knew what she had to do to receive this field trip money. And she did.

Once more, her tiny hands poked out from her hoodie's sleeves. They shook as they unbuttoned the top of my pants. Then the zipper. It was like a puzzle to her as she tried to figure her next move to free my cock from its wardrobe. With tiny fingers slipping through the waistband of my pants and underwear, she finally tugged them about halfway down my thighs.

With me now unclothed beneath the waist, Penny still hesitated. She had jerked me off once before, but she was still uncertain as to what to do. I gave her no instruction, and left it up to her as she finally reached out with both hands, cradled my penis with her fingers and began tentatively rubbing. The first contact with her soft hands drove shockwaves up and down my entire body. I had been fantasizing about this for weeks, but it still felt better than I had imagined.

I laid on my back with Penny kneeling before my waist, my cock pointing straight to the ceiling as her tiny hands caressed and massaged it. Her shy hands moved delicately along the length of me. They were erratic in their stroking with no sense of rhythm or motion. But it still felt good. A few minutes into it and Penny began to remember the first handjob she had given me. She stopped stroking me for a minute to spit on her hands several times to get them nice and wet. She placed her moist hands back on my cock, spreading the warm, wet sensation of her saliva along my flesh. Outstanding.

I watched as the head of my dick swelled and shrunk each time her hands wrung its fill up the the tip. I'm certain she could feel it twitch and pulse within her palms. We both paid extra attention to the creamy precum oozing out. I watched as the pads of her thumbs approached the slit of my cock, collecting just the tiniest amounts of thick sticky precum before stroking downward, depositing it on the rest of my sloppy dick. Penny, in particular, looked at it with a peculiar fascination, easing her anxieties about pleasuring her older brôther.

Her tiny fingers had me at my limits as I erupted like a geyser, cum flying straight into the air before falling back down onto my cock and onto Penny's hands. As usual, she didn't know when to stop, so she just kept rubbing it, using my white cream as extra lubrication to jerk me off. For all I knew, I wouldn't get another handjob from her for some time if ever. So I remained lying on my back and took it, letting her practice for a second go-around.

Penny continued to stroke and stroke with both hands, messy knuckles plastered with cum and spit. I was still reeling from my first orgasm which allowed my rod to soften a bit. However, the persistent motion of a young gírl's jerking made sure to stiffen me right up. It was so much more intense than the beginning. My legs began to fidget, my hands firmly latched onto the edges of the mattress and squeezed. Penny soon began to notice the power she was taking back. Just a moment ago, she was under my reign, doing what I asked when I asked, all for a few bucks to go on a school field trip. Now, I was hers, writhing and aching under her, all with the sensual use of her virginal hands.

My second consecutive cumshot still had some power behind it, spouting straight up again before landing back on Penny's hands. I imagined my face was incredibly contorted as I tossed back and forth from another orgasm. Still, Penny kept stroking and stroking.

I couldn't even see the color or texture of her skin on the back of her hands with the amount of layers of sperm that had pooled on top of it. It then oozed down to her wrists and forearm, finally stopping when absorbed by the sleeves of her cotton sweatshirt. My scrotum began to burn as it strained to keep blôôd circulating through my member as my little síster's marathon handjob continued.

My third round of cumming was more of an oozing overflow than an eruption. I was amazed I had anything left as the cream was slowly churned from my shaft. My limbs had gone numb, all sensory being centered on Penny's hands moving up and down my shaft. Her fingers continued to glide up and down, using the slickness generated from three consecutive orgasms of mine. Her palms kept a constant pressure as they clasped my pulsing member tightly.

I knew I couldn't get Penny to stop stroking me for a fourth round so I quickly conceded by handing her half of the money I owed to her. With a right hand dripping beads of cum along the bed, she reached out and clasped the wad of money, coating its edges with seminal fluids until the wet dollar bills changed color. She quickly trotted off and up the stairs with her half, leaving me a complete mess at the waist on my bed. I didn't bother to clean up, but rather laid there and basked in the triumph of just my second sexual encounter with Penny.


I still had the other half of her field trip fees on hand, however, and I knew that tomorrow would bear more fun with Penny as she would try to earn the rest of it. And sure enough, the following afternoon, she met me in the quiet, cold basement to wrap her tiny hands around my cock to jerk me again and again until I came all over her. She finally had her funds to enjoy her field trip for which she visibly showed a lot of gratitude.

Luckily for me, it didn't end there. It was just the beginning. I slowly became a support figure for my new little stepsíster. If she needed some money for new books, I was there. If she needed a chaperone to accompany her to the mall, I took her there. If she injured herself like her last twisted ankle, I was there to attend to her wounds and bring her to the doctor. I performed all the supportive and benevolent things an older brôther was meant to do. Only I was doing them for sexual favors in return. After each and every good sibling deed, I had Penelope return the favor by jerking my dick with her tiny hands.

There was a huge dichotomy within our home. Upstairs, I was the classic older brôther who helped Penny with her homework, retrieved things on taller shelves which she couldn't reach and split household chores with her, all while smiling in front of our parents. Downstairs in the basement, I had Penny rubbing my cock until I came all over her. My sublevel basement served as the perfect grey backdrop with the bed being our stage.

My síster soon became perceptive with my horny urges and when they would strike throughout the afternoon. We no longer had words for each other about it. I never had to ask her directly, she never said no. She simply acknowledged the intent behind each stare I gave her and the subtle nod to know what I wanted. Penny would simply follow me downstairs, allow me to pull my pants down and began stroking until I climaxed before she could return to her homework, television or computer upstairs.

She became intuitive with her own abilities too. No longer the handjob novice, Penny became quite skilled at tugging on my dick. I never had to ask her for lube, she simply began spitting on it as soon as my trousers were off. She learned to be slower, gentler and more of a tease with my flaccid cock while being faster and aggressive with it when it was rock hard. She knew when to use one hand or two to stroke me. She learned when to use long strokes to cover the whole shaft or when to straddle just the tip. She overcame her aversion to my ballsac, occasionally massaging it in between stroking the shaft. She used different speeds with different handgrip pressures depending on how close I was to orgasm. She even allowed me to cum all over her face again.

I don't know if she took pride in this new skill of hers or if she was just being well-behaved and submissive to her older brôther. She always just had the same blank expression from the moment she started to the moment I came. Often, she didn't even look at the rigid member she was jerking off, simply going off touch and the sounds of my grumbling as she tugged on my penis to finish me off.

I had it great. Or so I thought. I was getting steady handjobs from the object of my fascination, and I was receiving it with impunity. How many can say that they've lived their fantasy? Yet I wanted more.

Call me addicted, but my habit was no longer enough. I wanted to take it to the next level. What could I do to have her stick it in her mouth?

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Great!! well written... but i wanted more sex and details ...
8 months ago
awesome! vivid and expressive writing. i wished this would happen to me, ha.
where are parts one and two?