First time Bi

I spent a lot of weekends sl**ping over at my
cousin Kevin's house. My aunt was pretty well known in her
neighborhood and Kevin got to be friends with everyone on the block,
including the girl who lived next door, so she and her friends would
hang out with us a lot. We flirted with the girls all the time, but
didn't get too far.

One night we all piled into my aunt's trailer for a group sl**p
over. one of the girls snuck in some beer that she stole from her
Dad's cooler. After drinking and partying pretty late, the girls and
Kevin got in a play fight, but it quickly got worse and soured the
evening - the girls decided to sl**p in the front part of the
trailer and Kevin and I got stuck in back.

I was mad because I thought one of the girls liked me, but now I
wasn't getting anywhere, so I just lay there complaining about being
horny. Kevin said he was too and we both laid down on opposite sides
of the room talking about pussy. We tried to look in on the girls,
but that didn't help anything - we could hear them joke about some
other guys at school they liked. We kept talking about how hot it
would be to touch and fuck those girls, all the while making
ourselves more and more hot.

I talked about how much I wanted to feel their tits and suck their
nipples as I casual stroked my growing cock. Kevin mentioned that
one time one of those girls felt him up and also said how badly he
wanted her to suck him. We were pretty openly stroking our cocks
under our clothes, when Kevin said "why don't we get ready for bed?"
I was a little nervous pulling down my pants cause my cock was so
hard, but I agreed. Once in our underwear it was obvious mine wasn't
the only hard cock.

We laid back down and continued to talk about how pussy must feel,
all the while stroking the tent in our shorts. I looked over and saw
Kevin's cock poke out the fly of his boxers and shine in the
moonlight. It was perfectly straight about 6.5" inches long - by now
he was running his hands up and down his shaft talking about tight
pussy and how it tasted. I didn't care by then, so I dropped my own
shorts and began stroking away. Kevin looked over and remarked, "I'm
so horny, I would do anything to dump my load"

He then asked if I had ever jacked off with a guy before. I said no,
then he went on to say that he did every once in a while with other
guys on the block. He said it was pretty cool, if there were no
chicks around to help you, why not do it with other guys? I said I
didn't know, but I didn't stop stroking my cock either.

Kevin then came over to me and asked if he could stroke me. At that
point, I said, sure why not? His hands were kinda rough at first, it
felt like he grabbed my cock pretty tightly. I told him to ease up,
then he went and licked his hand and slicked it up and down my cock.
I liked that more and he kept going. He then said, you'll like this
more as he brought his mouth down on my cock. It felt amazing to
have his tongue slide up and down my shaft and lick around my balls.
I loved watching the side of his cheek balloon out around the head
of my cock. After a minute or two, Kevin stopped and got up off his
knees saying he wanted to lay down. I climbed up on the other bed
with him as he laid down on his back.

I then climbed on top of him and put my cock back in his mouth. His
hands started to feel my ass as I pistoned in and out of his mouth.
I reached up to brace my hands on the wall behind his head as I
fucked his face. He was really getting into it and I felt his finger
poking around my tight asshole, trying to work it's way in. I fucked
him harder and faster in the face. Pretty soon I felt a huge load
come blasting out of my cock, filing his throat. At first he gagged
a little, but he managed to swallow it all down. It was amazing.\

What we didn't realize was that our thrashing around made a lot of
noise and motion in the trailer. The girls noticed, and came over to
our side and watched me face-fuck Kevin. We later found out because
one of the girls said it made her so hot, that later that night she
and her friend started touching each other too. Apparently they
finger fucked right in the next room after watching us. The next
day, that girl said that next time we party we should include

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