one morning on the paradise

January 2002

Damn, i still remember the old fucking story but im gonna share with you guys anyway .. alright it goes like this

I wake my ass up on my bedroom studio where i work in as musician my self , im pretty packed up guy , so i looked on my personal computer and see my email

guess who it is miss katy from last year

" Dear raven ,

I hope everything is fine with your career and your job , but thats not what i wanna say , but i want is you i'm really horny baby and cant wait to meet you "

I replied

" Ok miss katy , i will be there.. "

so i waited at the bus stop exactly 9:00AM , and she go there right in time , im like so happy she bring my favourite car lol ! although i cant
drive sucks ... anyway we having some of the old staries back in last year
and some couple of good moments on the car where she remembes i took care of her k**s feed them with my own money.

" Baby ..."
" yeah"
" You know i love you right"
" yeah"
" WEll , i been thinking why dont we do on public car"
" On this freaking car?"
" Yeah sure why not"
" ok .. but take somewhere where people doesnt know..."
" alright"
( she drove on a isolated location .."
" ok so i basicllyi want to suck your cock"
" Lol , dont go technical on me lady you can suck all you want"
" Alright ..."
" whoa miss katy chill down with the tounge AAAah--"

So while she suck my cock and while i finger her pussy it lasts 2 hour on the car damn that shit was strait fun ..
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5 years ago
good story cuold have been a little longer.