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First of all apologize if the translation is not quite correct. And now let me share with you my experience of more or less a year. I decided to go to one of those sites that recommended in the forum where I move, I never decided, but that night was, how to say it sounds too raw ... desperate ... at least, hot ... I think you know I say, it's like when you feel the heat coming from the pungent bottom of ... and you climb to the base of the skull. This makes up a presenter of the TV makes you grit your teeth.

The place was in an area a little away from the city, near one of the industrial estates. Far enough to go unnoticed. The place is not too great, not a club going, and the atmosphere do not know why, but it made me think of ancient Greece, do not know if they were sculptures, which had dentreo ... but that would be another story.

I paid my entrance, as the male partner who came before me, but going with a partner and was far less than mine, as is usual in this type of premises, but before disappearing through the doorway, gave me a quick glance, sideways, and even smiled as I think I do not remember most of what it was, only it was brown.

Back in the bar I ordered a drink, do not really like alcohol, but what was clear was that a beer is not going to ask me, the gases never know when you can play the. At the end of a screwdriver was the option.

The atmosphere was like any cocktail bar, people talking very close to each other, smiles and fleeting glances at cleavage and lower parts, but no music was high or had the typical ratio of fifteen men by women, they also watched. Some of those looks, I was making pretty me up the thermostat.

What I can say is that I do not know how much, or as was the fate of the matter, but after my third cup, and as it were to turn around were only the bartender and I stand, all other persons occupying the room was a pile of bodies in motion. Until then I did not realize this, nor the smell that I started to get to sweat and fluid bodies moving and writhing on the floor.

I was really excited and the pants I was going to explode ... literally. So I was a great time watching, in fact I already made up my mind that the voyeurism that night would be the choice. I would go home and make me silly wanks to stay, but while I thought I had this thought - that nose! - I hope I get home, which will have to collect soil when the cleaning staff clean, there will be more to what I provide, in fact as I was taught to be as clean threw a couple of napkins they were in the bar ... many years watching sluts pages.

And when I started masturbating appeared from the jumble of bodies, a woman with a mask, I was masturbating like a chimpanzee when she went straight to cogérmela. I, for experience and excessive neatness, I put on a condom that had flavor, the banana took ... the irony amused me ... just me. I was gritting his teeth, even drooling, my rod would not fit in my pants and I got worse because the girl, trying to hit upon to put on a condom, throwing his tongue like a snake when you savor the flavor of what they eat .

I ate it with a f***e and a desire also to feel her warm mouth and the way I took it, I was getting bad. Luckily I had a condom retardant, if not, I'm like a bird instantly. But I managed to enjoy a little longer, do not know how, sure enough, she went faster and faster. Curiously, something that I realized at that moment was that I had a circle of guys watching and meneandosela, as we looked ... well actually it. All had a dislocated jaw and even I remember that he drooled.

It blew me and gave me such a rise that neither I controlled myself. Without thinking and this is one of the things I least like me, took his hands and took them behind the neck and increasing pushing f***e to put it into his mouth. I did not know how but I hold with one hand her two dolls, the hair and shook his head back and forth while the other pajeaba me willing to take. And I did was really not thinking. I sent the condom to make wind and went meneandomela ... I wanted to cum in her mouth. She knew this perfectly, or at least the ease with which things were going, I think so. His mouth was open completely and only moved the league and saliva was coming out of the corners ... I blew this vision. I do not know if stress or long periods without being with a woman, made me fill the mouth, eyelids, forehead and nose, poor ... but she seemed to delight you had already swallowed the mouth and not I know how it happened, but slit his eyes like a spoon and let them swallow, my mouth was hot and sucked in a way that it was not yet released direct to your throat.

As if they eat their prey had another stick with its corresponding owner got in the way, I snapped his wrists and went for another woman ... the snake. I had enough for tonight, I just stayed with her mouth, her black hair and that ass. I felt a wild desire to fill it while eating it to another, but as I had had enough for tonight ... and some others.

From what I heard on the forum this couple was known, she especially loved to do this and did it the more he liked. Then with your partner and before all white with a kiss they used to fall ecstatic ... I say, for me it was enough for the night and for a time.

What I liked about my I mean, it was the part where I must have got carried away ... I'm pretty apprehensive and always have to be very cautious at all times. It was not the end all the evidence and making me follow-up, but shall at all times we must be conscious. This is why I share with you, which even today remains my particular memory for what is already going to be a few hundred wanks.
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