He could not believe ... was over the anthropological and historical study rarest of all who had taken so far. - What he told'm pretentious-, smiling

While resting on the chair, in his cold office in the north wing of the college. He stretched his right hand without putting almost count toward the coffee thermos and poured one cup boobs in his (remembrance of his bachelor married) effortlessly, automatically ... many hours of research.

This study gave Aquilianto know, the meat merchant woman called "Leno" most important of the ancient empire.And was being discovered by our hero!.

This controversial and elusive character creator in his time as close to sex franchises and supermarkets of today, offering services in the absence of precedents, innovated in terms of design and form. At this time, our investigator to the aroma of coffee and dark that give the evenings fall, squints and flies his mind thinking what Aquilianto was offering ...

... Cold and evening mist muddy, difficult even to walk between stores. This settlement advance, is very tentative ... at all ... explore and settle new lands, to enlarge the empire entailed this, austerity and sturdy people ...

... But something was missing luckily it either in the most remote settlements, luckily there was always one, covered with red velvet fabric ... This tent was not like the rest. Fernicio camp was, it ran a Aquilianto such as well placed at the entrance of all, on a wooden tablet, well lit by a torch in her cauldron musky. - I do not know that they put the fire unto to smell like that! - He said to himself ...

... Entering there was darkness, smelled woman, perfume ... and Fluid ... of all kinds. I knew you could satisfy your desires here. A woman named "Lena" (even this was innovative, being distinctive in its business), she greeted him with a very red lips smiling, healthy and large. - Do you want to one or some ... or just go to the "hallway"? - ... Each had a price. He looked at the marble table, had looked to be expensive ... and not just the marble. This showed the amounts of services. -Even war has not made me rich-, he said to himself. He opted for the house specialty served ...

...-The hallway- he told to the woman. - Yes but what ... big man! -. He replied as he winked and showed him the tongue out of the corner of his mouth. Were undecided. She said: -I think I know how you enjoy, girl!.Come! - Addressing the dark hallway.

From the darkness, came a young woman with long hair wavy susrro Lena's ear while both looking at him with a mischievous look. I picked up the young woman's hand and gently led him down the hall, the walls of the tent fabric, made ​​of soft and sinuous wall.

A few steps women appeared, but he just looked ... buttocks ... all lined up along the corridor, lit by candles ... desirable, beautiful, exciting ... could not she walked a few steps more but lasted only three could not stand more to choose from, I was very excited, and rolled up his robe before entering the accompanying those buttocks smeared with ointment for asearle something, was fresh and rich smell ... luckily the cool this, stopped the volcano that was about to spill. I would have paid without almost enjoy that beautiful round ass. But at last he could, clutching and pushed further, seemed long but it was actually quite short, shed all accumulated in the last days of campaigns and expeditions. That body had left him filled up by mouth will be gone. He thought to himself. The girl who accompanied him, had departed, but was watching, I washed with a damp cloth, looking at him and his member, our hero lost his mind and was exhausted.

Left that tent, almost staggering, yet he poured everything below was very nervous, did not have much money, it was cold, I was tired ... went back inside. - You took too big man-. Lena told him when he came, smiling winking again. This time I wanted something more sordid ... and something more expensive. -The hallway ... but on the other hand said-, returning the nod.

The same young man brought into the hall, but kept walking and got to the other side. The same women who had previously had their buttocks, put them face. Beautiful, red lips ... noticed that with which before had been filled, not overly beautiful.

She saw him in the story, who he also knew, or sensed it. Her dyed red hair, hung down between the breasts themselves were large and long. He looked up and stuck her tongue as a lure. He went straight as an arrow. He rolled up his tunic and before penetrating the passenger volvión to smear him but with another ointment, this was hot, was not about to get introduced his cock in hot mouth and pushed, pushed, pushed and pushed until he returned to go this time even more exhausted than before. The was grabbed by the head and was gently dropping. This time the young companion not only cleared him, but she too, though it had swallowed everything like honey. - Hope to see you soon my soldier- said as he was led to the exit.

Once outside he felt the cold, the mud, the air sharp ...

...Hand was in his pants completely full, it had lost, luckily it was only. He went to the bathroom to teachers that cold north wing faculty. It cleaned up a little. He put his cup tits and went home. Tomorrow it would release the test on that empire and its particular character inside the other great Roman Empire ... the Aquilianto, the merchant of women in ancient Rome, the authentic "conciliaturas".


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