My Mum's Holiday part 6

Day 5

Time to get up, mum, I said, remember we're going on the coach trip today, you don't want to be late. Mum didn't look too pleased, but just said “I'm thirsty”. I got the litre bottle of Bubbly and carton of orange out of the fridge and poured her a large glass of Buck's Fizz, half and half. Mum immediately brightened up, took a long drink and smacked her lips. That's better, she said. Do you want some breakfast, I said. This'll do me, she replied, you go and get something if you want. So I went downstairs and had a quick bite to eat. By the time I got back, mum had nearly finished the bottle of bubbly and the orange. bl**dy hell, I exclaimed, you've made short work of that, you'll be pissed before you even leave the bedroom, I cautioned her. Well, I certainly hope so, she said. I knelt down and kissed her tummy. Mum placed her hands on the back of my head, and pushed my face into her belly. Fortunately, she relaxed her grip before I suffocated.

She got up and paraded up and down, with a mischievous smile, watching me watching her. Do you like what you see, she asked. Not half, I replied, and I'm sure your boobs have got a bit weightier since we've been on holiday, they seem to be hanging a bit lower. Mum didn't look too pleased at that, but I quickly assured her they were still very shapely, and it makes them sway more when you walk, which is really sexy, I added. I went up behind her, put my arms around her, and kissed her neck. You look fabulous, I whispered in her ear, it's a pity you have to wear any clothes. Mum turned her head and kissed me. Still, you'd better put something on, I suppose.

She went to look in the chest of draws, and held up a pair of white briefs. They only look big enough to go round one of your thighs, I remarked. Mum laughed and said: they are quite stretchy, and stumbled as she tried to wriggle into them. They were very brief, revealing much more of her arse cheeks than they covered, with her tummy proudly swelling out over the top of them. The thin material moulded her pubic mound and partially disappeared into her crack. She then put on a white bikini top, which looked as though it was an A-cup, rather than mum's DDs, squashing her boobs . Her prominent nipples were clearly outlined in the thin material. How do I look? mum asked. It looks like everything shrunk in the wash, and that top needs slackening off a bit, so I adjusted the strap round her neck, so that her boobs hung down into the cups more. That feels more comfortable, she said.

How long till the coach goes, mum asked. About 10 minutes, I told her, we'd better go and wait downstairs. 10 minutes, she said, I've got time for a beer in the bar. Are you sure that's a good idea, I said, we've got a long coach ride ahead of us, you've already had nearly two litres of fizz, you're going to be bursting. I'll be alright, she said, as she made her way to the bar. Mum looked unbelievably sexy as she swayed her hips and thrust out her ample chest, barely contained within the skimpy bikini. She chugged down the beer, and we made our way to the front of the hotel. Mum was already a bit unsteady on her feet after drinking so much on an empty stomach.

The coach arrived, and we went to the back seat, which was vacant. Mum got plenty of looks as she walked down the aisle in her scant attire. I sat in the corner seat and placed mum on my lap, and we immediately started kissing, as I fondled her abundant flesh. The coach picked up at a few other hotels, and then set off across the island towards our first call at the Pearl Factory. The coach was by now quite full, with a couple of young women sitting on the other side of the rear seat, so we didn't have a lot of privacy, but mum didn't seem in the least inhibited, and responded with enthusiasm as I started to rub her crotch. Mum started breathing heavily, and I had to keep my lips clamped firmly over hers to stifle her moans. By now the two girls couldn't have failed to notice what was going on, and they were nudging each other and giggling. I kept on rubbing, though not too hard, as I wanted to prolong the sensation for her, but once she started thrusting her groin against my hand I knew she was close to coming. Sure enough, she soon went into spasm, as she fought for breath with my mouth still smothering hers. The two girls were openly staring at us, as mum savoured the aftershocks, before slumping against me drowsily.

Having consumed so much liquid, mum's bladder must have been filling rapidly, We had been gone about an hour when mum suddenly stirred and asked how much further it was, I'm bursting for a piss. I'm not surprised, you must be pretty full after swilling all that fizz and the beer, I replied, but you'll just have to try and hang on. Surely it can't be much further, mum said. Well let's try and take your mind off it, I said, kissing her full on the lips as I caressed the swell of her belly. Mum responded with her tongue, and we started snogging like teenagers. After a while, I moved my hand slowly down to cup her mound, rubbing a finger along the crease in her briefs. Then I pushed my thumb gently against the base of her belly, where I guessed her swollen bladder would be at its most sensitive. That's not really helping, mum said, as she squirmed under my touch. Well, I said, we need to teach you not to drink so much, it gets you into all sorts of trouble. You don't really mean that, mum said with a giggle, you love it when I get d***k. I carried on kissing her, whilst continuing to massage her crack and her belly. Mum was squirming more and more and making little whimpering noises, but she didn't try to remove my hand, even though it was obviously becoming a real effort for her to contain her aching bladder.

To mum's immense relief, we eventually arrived at the Pearl place. Are you going to buy me some pearls then, mum asked. Well, I hadn't planned to, I admitted. In that case, you can buy me a beer, mum said. Being at the back of the coach, we were f***ed to wait whilst everyone else got off, mum dancing up and down as she tried to contain the pressure in her bladder for a few more minutes. Fortunately, there was a bar nearby, but it was quite comical watching mum trying to cross her legs and walk at the same time. Desperate as she was, mum made sure to order a large beer before she hobbled off to the Ladies. That feels better, she said with feeling when she returned, I pissed like a horse, I wish I'd had a measuring jug. Anyway, that's made room for some more, she added, as she sank her beer greedily.

It was about a half hour run to our lunch stop, a little town on the east coast, with a selection of restaurants clustered round a pretty harbour. We chose one of them, and mum had a large glass of red wine whilst we studied the menu. We ordered our food, mum had a litre jug of Sangria to wash it down, and I had a beer. In addition to a large plate of pasta with garlic bread, she sampled two of the sweets as well. She leaned back in her chair, patting her bloated tummy. God, I feel stuffed, mum said. We've got about 15 minutes before the coach goes, I told mum, do you want another glass of wine? You'll be getting me pissed, mum said. Now why would I want to do that? I asked her. So you can fuck me, mum replied. So of course I got her another glass.

When it was time to go, mum managed to stand up at the second attempt, but hung on to the table for a moment for support. She weaved her way back to the coach and stumbled up the steps onto it. The people on the coach were now watching mum with even more interest as she made her way giggling to the back, her boobs swaying as they threatened to escape from their skimpy support. When we arrived at the caves, our courier shepherded us through the entrance to the relative coolness and darkness of the caverns and their connecting passages. I kept my arm firmly around mum's waist as everyone oohed and aahed their way round. After some while mum announced that she needed a pee, but the only toilets were by the bar/cafe at the exit from the caves. I told mum that she should have gone before we left the lunch restaurant, and that she would now have to wait, but it was becoming more and more obvious that she was desperate, so I reluctantly agreed to go with her to the exit. As soon as she had emptied her bladder she said that she might as well have a drink while we waited for the rest of our party, and ordered a beer. By the time she had finished it our party was starting to emerge from the caves, and our courier announced that we had about 15 minutes before we needed to board the coach for the journey back. Oh good, time for another drink, mum said. I really don't think that's a good idea, we have a long journey back, I reminded her, but mum was not to be dissuaded, and ordered another beer.

She made even more of an exhibition of herself as she staggered onto the coach this time, holding onto the seat backs for support, and slumped down on the back seat. We immediately started kissing, and her boobs were soon free of their inadequate containment as I groped them, and squeezed the stiffening nipples. That's making me so wet, mum said, I want you to fuck me. Now. So saying, she undid my flies, and managed to lift herself out of the seat sufficiently for me to lower her briefs. I gripped her firmly by the waist and sat her down on my rampant cock. Mum gasped; that feels good, she said, and I wasn't about to argue. The coach was almost full, but with the high-backed seats I hoped that people couldn't see too much, even though it must have been obvious to those sitting near the back what was going on. However, they were either too embarrassed or too fascinated to object. The two girls sharing the back seat with us couldn't believe their eyes. Oh my God, one said, they're actually doing it! I took my time, gently working my cock inside her, and with mum's weight bearing down on my lap I couldn't push much further up her anyway. The sensation was just too good to hurry, and mum seemed blissed out with her eyes closed. However, I must have been hitting the spot, because after some minutes mum suddenly stiffened and said: God, I think I'm coming! as she abandoned herself to wave after wave orgasm. It may not have been the noisiest (thankfully), but it was certainly the most prolonged, and as it eventually subsided it left her trembling and twitching for an eternity. She lapsed into semi-consciousness, with my cock still inside her, as the coach made its way across the island.

After about an hour mum stirred, she looked around her in bemusement until she remembered where she was, then turned her head to me and said: I need a piss. I'm not surprised, you shouldn't have had those beers before we set off, I did warn you it was a long journey. Well I was thirsty, mum said by way of justification. And you will just have to put up with the consequences, I told her. My cock, which had gone a little flaccid, rapidly stiffened with all this talk of peeing. Christ, you're still hard, mum exclaimed, and it's making me want to pee even more. So I started moving my prick gently inside her. I wouldn't do that, mum said, it's getting me aroused, and it's aggravating the pressure in my bladder, I'll be pissing all over the coach if you're not careful. Well, we can't have that, I said, you must learn to control yourself, and I carried on gently pushing. It was such an amazing sensation, having my own mother astride my cock in a coach full of people, caressing her belly full of booze, and my cock was as hard as it's ever been, which just added to mum's distress. She was getting more and more agitated; Don't make me cum, she was pleading, I'll flood the place, but I continued nudging my penis against her swollen bladder, as mum whimpered despairingly, until finally the coach came to a halt in front of a hotel.

Mum grabbed the seat in front and pulled herself to her feet. This isn't our hotel, I told her, but mum said: I don't care, I've got to get off. I quickly pulled up her briefs and managed to zip up my shorts over my erection, mercifully without self-harm. Mum's boobs were still hanging out of her bikini top as I followed her down the coach. She needs to go to the loo, I told the courier, who said: she'll have to be quick. I could hardly believe my eyes as mum pulled the crotch of her briefs aside, sat on the bottom entrance step of the coach, and let fly with an impressive arc of piss that landed with a great splash at least 2 metres away. The courier looked lost for words, but I said: well at least it's better out here than on the coach. It's a good job nobody was walking past, she commented, as mum's cascade continued, giving those with window seats on that side of the coach a grandstand view. Some looked disgusted, but mum got a round of applause when she finally fell up the steps on to the coach, with her boobs still swinging in full view. You think you've seen it all on this job, the courier said to me, but there's always something new.

I sat mum on my lap, and amused myself by gently fondling her breasts, as we entwined our tongues. I moved my hand down inside her briefs and started to tease her bud. Mum immediately started writhing and moaning, Yes, that's it, she breathed, God, I feel so horny, make me cum. I moved my finger all around her clit, but not too hard, keeping mum on the edge, as she gasped and started begging me to make her cum. Her voice was rising, and people towards the back of the coach were looking round with varying expressions of alarm, shock, disgust or fascination. God, I'm cummimg, I'm cumming, mum was saying, but I withdrew my finger a little and she almost cried with frustration. Make me cum, you bastard, she shouted, so I replaced my finger and started rubbing harder. I clamped my mouth over hers as she exploded with a massive orgasm, and kept on rubbing as she convulsed with the ecstasy of release. I continued with just the lightest touch of my fingertip, sending shudders of aftershock through mum whilst I whispered what a horny slut of a mother she was in her ear.

When we finally arrived at our hotel, all eyes of those remaining on the coach were on us as we made our way down the aisle. Well someone's obviously had a good time this afternoon, the courier said, as we got off.
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2 months ago
She's a total slut but great fun,,I'm hoping she's going to piss in your mouth soon
10 months ago
Damn - wish she was my mom