My Mum's Holiday (part 4)

(continued from part 3)

Once in the bedroom she peeled off her white dress and searched amongst her small selection of clothes. She pulled out a glossy black number and wriggled into it, needless to say without any underwear. It was a micro-dress; the design of the bra-like top supported and shaped her boobs to maximum advantage, the plunging neckline revealing acres of cleavage, and it barely covered her bottom. It clung to her like a second skin, and the material was so fine it rendered the whole garment semi transparent, affording a clear view of her areola, prominent nipples, belly button and shaven fanny. It was the next best thing to being completely naked. What do you think, is this daring enough for you? mum asked, studying herself in the mirror. Stunning, I said. You're certainly going to get plenty of attention tonight, I assured her, you look absolutely irresistible. And you're sure it doesn't make me look too fat? mum asked, slapping her bloated belly. Well, the way the dress clings to you does emphasise the extra weight you're carrying, I said, but I think it looks incredibly erotic. Well I don't really care what people think, mum said, I'm going to wear it anyway.

As we stepped out of the lift, I told mum to walk on ahead a little. The effect as she weaved unsteadily across the hotel lobby was electrifying. The people who glanced over at her couldn't believe what they were seeing, and their eyes all followed her until she disappeared onto the hotel terrace, and still they stared after her. It was clear from their expressions that some found mum a real turn-on, whilst others – mainly the women – were thinking: what does she think she looks like at her age, wearing a dress like that with her figure. But mum showed no signs of embarrassment, acknowledging the smiles and leers, and challenging any disapproving stares. It was a repeat performance as she crossed the hotel terrace, and made her way down past the pool to the promenade. I caught up with her there and gave her a hug. That was priceless, I said, did you enjoy that? Mum just giggled, and pressed herself against me.

We walked together along the prom, and it wasn't long before mum was pulling me into a bar for another drink. I sat on a stool at the counter, and got mum to straddle me, chest to chest. The younger of the two barmen came eagerly over to take our order, whilst the elder one looked less than pleased to see us. As mum had straddled me, her dress rode up over her bottom, and if I'd not had any shorts on, my cock would have slipped straight up her cunt. Mum could obviously feel my erection and rubbed herself up and down against me as she drank her beer. Suddenly, I felt a hand on my shoulder, and a voice behind me said: Enough, please go. It was the older barman. Despite the civility of the request, the tone of voice suggested that the matter was not open for debate, so mum drank up, slid off my lap, and we made a hasty exit before bursting into laughter. I think we were a bit too raunchy for that venue, I ventured, we'll have to find somewhere more appreciative of your charms.

The harbour was bordered almost exclusively with restaurants. The main shopping street ran parallel to the coast, and linking the two was a pedestrianised strip full of bars and clubs, with an ornamental fountain in the middle. This was obviously the epicentre of nightlife for the resort. We stopped off at a pavement cafe and mum had another beer. There were people of all ages out on the town, including plenty of younger ones, the girls dressed to impress, many in quite scanty outfits. But I was gratified to see that mum warranted a second and a third look from the waiter as he took our order. A beer for the sexy lady, he said as he brought the drinks, and mum leaned forward to afford him a better view of her bulbous boobs. Mum did look incredible. Almost nothing was left to the imagination, and she was obviously relishing the feeling of being so exposed . Moreover, the way she was starting to fidget in her chair reminded me that it was a long while since she had had a pee. Let's play a little game, I said to mum. We'll find somewhere more lively; I'll go in first and go up to the bar, and you then come in as though you're on your own, and we'll see what happens. I bet the blokes will be all over you and offering to buy you a drink, but your story is that you're meeting your boyfriend a bit later, so they don't get the wrong idea. Mmm, we wouldn't want them to get the wrong idea, would we? said mum with a giggle. OK, sounds fun, she said, but I really need a pee first. You can have one when we get to the next bar, I said.

Mum almost fell back onto her seat again when she tried to get up. As I had expected, the cumulative effects of her all-day drinking was becoming very apparent. I steered her in the direction of a nearby bar advertising wide screen sport, where I guessed there would be plenty of men. I went in first, and sure enough, the men outnumbered the women about 3 to 1. I chose a place at the bar where a group of lads barely out of their teens were drinking. I watched mum come in. She looked around, saw me, and made her way very unsteadily in my direction. Mum certainly provided a compelling distraction from the football. As I had anticipated, the men all looked her up and down. Whether or not they thought she was inappropriately dressed for a woman of her age and weight, they couldn't take their eyes off her and everything that was on show. I particularly loved watching the reaction of the younger lads. You could see them thinking they shouldn't be finding what they regarded as an old slapper a turn-on, yet they couldn't help themselves. She stood next to them, swaying slightly.

One lad immediately put his arm round her waist, saying: you look like you could use a drink. Mum giggled and said: well, my boyfriend's meeting me later, but I'll have one with you, and ordered a white wine. Good girl, I thought. The lads started chatting to her with the usual questions; was she on holiday, where was she staying etc. Before long, mum had finished the wine, and another of the lads immediately offered her another. Oh dear, she said, I shouldn't really, I'm already pissed, maybe just one more. Her movements were now showing all the symptoms of a very full bladder, as she chatted, giggled, and drank, whilst the lads became less inhibited about fondling all her curvy bits. As she finished her second glass, one lad said: another? Well, I don't know, mum said, with mock reluctance, I'm going to be so d***k, and I'm already bursting for a pee. But the lad ignored that and asked: when are you meeting your boyfriend, anyway? Mum thought for a moment, and said: in about an hour, when he finishes work. She was playing her part, but this wasn't in my script. In another hour at this rate she would be totally legless.

So mum was bought her third glass of wine. I love your dress, one lad said, you look ever so sexy in it. Thankyou, mum said, beaming. She downed the wine and swayed forwards, so that her breasts squashed against his chest. He put his hands round her bottom and pulled her towards him. It didn't take much effort for him to ease mum's dress up over her bottom, so he could grab two handfuls of bare buttock. God, I'm so fucking pissed, mum said, as she clamped her mouth over his, and in no time they were making a meal of a tongue sandwich. Mum was shamelessly writhing against him with the effort of holding her bladder, which aroused the lad even more. Emboldened, he moved a hand round to mum's crotch, hoisting her dress up as he did so, and slipped a finger into her cunt. Mum gasped, and I guessed that she was already very sexed up, because I knew that wearing such a brazenly exhibitionist outfit, and all the attention it got her, really turned her on. So it wasn't long before mum was in the throes of a huge squirting orgasm, as she gave in to the pressure in her bladder.

His mates all cheered, but the gush of liquid had taken the lad by surprise, he relaxed his grip, and mum fell backwards against another lad standing behind her. He put one hand round her now naked belly, and the other round her boobs, so as to support her, as mum looked round with a satisfied smile. By this stage, mum's speech had become very slurred, but there was no misunderstanding when she said: I need a good fucking, who's got the biggest dick? The lads looked at each other in astonishment and disbelief, temporarily rendered speechless, but one eventually said: Andy's a big boy. Let's have a look then, said mum. Andy hesitated, but one of his mates said: Come on Andy, it's rude to keep a lady waiting, so he unzipped his fly. His manhood was not exceptionally long, but it was nice and thick, and very rigid. Mmm, said mum approvingly, now are you going to be a good boy and stick that up my cunt. The ironic thing was that Andy wouldn't normally have given a woman of mum's age, figure and average looks a second glance, but in the surreal situation he found himself in, he just nodded dumbly, wearing a stupid grin. I hope you're not going to cum too soon, mum cautioned, but Andy said he'd had a good wank before he came out. Very good, mum said, now let's find somewhere to sit before I fall over.

As luck would have it, another group had just vacated a corner table, so they made their way over, two lads supporting mum. Andy sat down, with his erection pointing at the ceiling, and with help mum eased herself down over his cock to straddle him. If the others were jealous of Andy, they were too excited by the prospect of a live sex show to let it worry them. Mum immediately began moving herself against him, as Andy pulled down the straps of her dress over her shoulders to release her full breasts. In her aroused state, her nipples had swollen into firm large cones that stood proudly atop her flushed and puckered areola, looking as though she had just been breast feeding. Andy took one look and started sucking on them voraciously, swallowing the teats so far I thought he would choke. Now mum's breasts are extremely sensitive, so it wasn't long before she was overwhelmed with another massive and prolonged orgasm, releasing more of the pressure in her bladder as she did so, soaking Andy's jeans and puddling on the floor. This time, it wasn't only Andy's mates that were cheering, they had been so absorbed by the performance, they hadn't noticed that most of the men at that end of the pub were also watching the entertainment. Several of the spectators had their phones out, recording the events for posterity, or youtube.

Mum looked completely out of it, she fell forward, squishing her boobs against Andy's face, with her arms d****d loosely round his neck. Andy hadn't come, his cock was still rigid inside her. Presently, mum looked up and said: Christ, I need a beer. One of the other men watching said: here, have this, as he passed her an almost full glass of lager. Mum smiled and drank greedily until she had drained the glass. Mum let out a huge belch and said: that's better. She then fell forward again onto Andy, like a rag doll. But Andy hadn't finished with her; he still needed to come, and started to move again inside her. It didn't take long for mum to respond. She straightened up, putting her hands on his shoulders to support herself, and moving her hips against him, her engorged teats again demanding attention, which Andy was only too happy to provide. One of his mates took the other one in his mouth, and before long mum was yelling in the frenzy of another orgasm, which went on and on until Andy, grunting like a wild a****l, shot his seed inside her. Most of the pub had gathered round to watch by now, including quite a few women, all clapping and cheering.

As Andy recovered from his exertions, he looked around in bemusement. Suddenly, a worried look crossed his face, and he checked his watch. Your boyfriend's going to be here any moment, he said to mum in alarm, we'd better get you tidied up. He probably had visions of some burly bloke in his forties, ready to land him a punch. Two of his mates lifted mum off his lap, as Andy did up the zip of his piss-soaked jeans. They pulled mum's dress down over her bottom, and sat her on a seat, after 2 or 3 attempts to keep her upright. One lad tried to put mum's boobs back in her dress, but she batted his hand away. She cupped her hands round her naked boobs and gently squeezed her still erect nipples. Her thighs twitched with the aftershocks of her orgasm.

I crept away, circled round and walked back towards mum, trying to look casual. Ah, there you are, I said, sorry I'm a bit late. The young lads looked a bit surprised and bewildered to see me. It might have been because some of them could have noticed me hanging around, although I had tried to be as inconspicuous as possible. Or more probably it was because my 'girlfriend' was old enough to be my mum. Which, of course, she was. I hope these lads have been looking after you, I said. Mum just looked at me with a stupid grin, and carried on fondling her boobs. Has she been behaving herself? I asked them, and they tried to assure me she had, whilst trying to stifle sniggers. I think she's had a bit too much to drink, one of them volunteered. No change there them I said. Come on, I said to her, let's get you back to the hotel. She looked a bit disappointed, but was in no condition to object. I glanced at Andy, who I knew would be feeling a bit guilty, and said: can you give me a hand with her to a taxi. So we hauled her to her feet and half carried her out of the bar, whilst everyone watched. As soon as we got her outside, mum said: I need a pee, so notwithstanding all the people milling about, we pulled up her dress and laid her on a concrete bench. A huge arc of piss spurted out of her, rivalling the ornamental fountain. Fortunately, it was only a short distance to the main road and a taxi rank. I hoped the driver wouldn't notice mum's wet legs, but he was much more interested in studying her still naked boobs. At the hotel I tipped a porter to help me get mum to our bedroom. I persuaded her to drink some water before she passed out on the bed, as I didn't want her getting too dehydrated. Sweet dreams, I wished her.

(to be continued)
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