The Third Wheel

I was a bartender at a tavern in a small town in Connecticut. It was a "locals" type of place that buttered it's bread with it's regulars, the happy hour folk that were there everyday. The mahogany wood work gave it that dark yet warm and inviting feel that the chain pubs so desperately tried to replicate. This was a true original, a hundred years old and well kept.

I knew the owner for years. He was the son of an old f****y friend. He hired me because he could trust me, and I accepted because I was trying to pay for college. I had never tended bar before, but I quickly gained an affinity for it. Making drinks is just the tip of the iceberg. The real skill was in dealing with a 250 lb. man that doesn't want to cut off and making him thank you for it, or chatting with a customer that has nothing interesting to say, and pretending to be interested, or more so, having something to say to that person that's not too interesting for them. I loved to interact with the people, good or bad.

Most of the people I worked with were girls, and rather hot young girls at that. They weren't great bartenders but they didn't need to be. Most of them were experts at keeping a man's attention long enough to make sure that what ever was in his wallet he drank or gave to us. No matter how good I was at tending bar, that was a skill I didn't possess.

There was an eclectic group of customers that came in for happy hour. In no other setting would you ever find such a random group of unrelated souls and such a sense a f****y. There was an older couple that would come in a sip wine all afternoon, a DUI lawyer that loved his scotch and coincidentally drove d***k every night, a business man of some sort that was middle-eastern and split his time between Connecticut and Dubai, a group of young guys that worked for the town (they got payed by the town, how much work they did was up for debate), and a middle-aged couple that, aside from myself, were the main characters in this little story. Each had their own eccentricities, but they all in some way liked each other very much.

Often the younger couple, Ted and Jen, would have more than enough to drink and allow their affection for each other to become a bit too obvious. Though it made everyone else uncomfortable, it was something we all joked about and were happy to accept. On this particular night Ted and Jen came in hours later than usual and stayed until closing time. They always sat at the far end of the bar, farthest from the door, and would continuously pump singles into the touchscreen game that sat there. We called it Ted and Jen's game because they were the only ones that ever used it. We encouraged this because it was the most private and secluded part of the bar and when they got frisky it was the spot they were least likely to make strangers uncomfortable. This was a Tuesday night, and though people were constantly trickling in and out, there were plenty of times throughout the night that they were the only ones in the place.

I was particularly friendly with them, especially Ted, we had the same sense of humor. I often had to curb my sense of humor because I had a tendency to be the one that took things a bit to far, but never with Ted and Jen. Though it sucked to work a slow Tuesday and make next to nothing in tips, I enjoyed hanging out with them and cracking my trademarked "too far" jokes. Ted would often joke about having too much to drink and not being able to please his wife, and we would all joke about me standing in for him, but on this night our jokes came to life.

It was closing time and they were the only ones there. I told them they were welcome to hang out for a while while i did my close up duties, and that I would have a drink or two with them after I finished. I locked the doors, and I was going through my side work routine consisting of cleaning and stocking the bar, balancing the drawer, and making sure the kitchen guys did all of their work. And when we were all finished I had my ritualistic cocktail or two with the cooks before they went home for the night. Ted and Jen were engulfed in their touchscreen game and themselves when I came over and joked that they should save some for me.

Jen stood up on the foot rest of the bar, leaned across with her mouth open and kissed me. Though I was surprised by it, my mouth instinctually met hers and our tongues danced around each others. As soon as my brain caught up, I recoiled and looked at Ted apologetically. He was massaging her breasts and obviously not the slightest bit offended. Jen turned and planted an equally aggressive kiss on her loving hubby and his hands continued to massage her chest and tug at her nipples.

I could feel my dick start to swell, watching them was very hot. They weren't particularly attractive people, but they weren't unattractive either, not bad for a couple in their mid 40's. Jen was short, about 5'2", and probably about 140 lbs. She had auburn hair and light brown eyes. She had nice boobs, a full C maybe a D cup. As Ted squeezed them her nipples were stiff and making their presence known. She had thick butt, slightly chubby in the mid section, but definitely curvy. She was wearing short jean shorts and a tank top, her bra was holding her tits firmly but obviously not padded, as it wasn't holding her nipples back at all.

Ted was a skinny and tall man, probably 6'tall and 165 lbs. Lanky wouldn't be unjust. He had a back woods look to him, though that wasn't the case. He wore jeans and a flannel shirt almost all the time. His hair was red-ish blond and his eyes were blue. He didn't have a beard or mustache but he seemed to be perpetually unshaven. He had a subtle mullet that was hidden under his John Deere trucker style baseball cap, I think that was the biggest contributor to his back woods look.

I poured us some shots while they kissed and massaged each other. I was horny and half hard from my brief kiss with Jen and from watching them, but I was uncomfortable with what had happened. Part of me was hoping they would stop and we could just have a few drinks, and part of me was hoping I could have some more of her. I placed the bottle of Maker's Mark back on the shelf, grabbed our 3 shot glasses and turned around to put them on the bar in front of them. When I turned around Ted was kissing her neck and his hand was up her shirt. Her midsection was exposed and it was surprisingly sexy. Her belly, though slightly thick, was smooth, not flabby as I had imagined. She was nibbling gently on her lower lip and staring intently and suggestively at me. I smiled and knew right away that I was indeed going to get more of her.

"You wanna fuck my wife", ted asked, "It's okay if you do."

"Uh...I...well...Yeah", I answered, though I could never properly explain how confused and stupid I sounded.

Jen giggled and said, "You're bright red. Did we make you blush?" It was rhetorical, as it was clear that they had.

"Just a little surprised", I explained.

Jen grabbed one of the shot glasses and quickly through it back. Then she grabbed another, and the 3rd. I snickered and reached back for the bottle of Maker's and put it on the bar. Jen had stood back up on the foot rest and leaned to kiss me some more. I grabbed her face and kissed her back. We were sucking on each other's tongues and biting each other's lips passionately. She tasted like bourbon and at that moment she was the sexiest woman in the world. As we kissed and tongued each other's mouths I could hear the cork pop out of the bottle and Ted refilled the 3 shot glasses. We slowly puled away from each other letting our lips hang on as long as they could, like someone slowly but inevitably losing their grip on a ledge. Our eyes were locked and she had a helpless, surrendering look on her face. I was sure that I had the same look on mine.

"Whoa, guys! You want me to leave you two alone?" Ted joked. He smiled evilly and through back one of the shots.

"That would be nice." Jen teased in return as she through another back herself.

I grabbed the remaining shot and downed it quickly, poured another, and downed that one also. I filled the three glasses again, replaced the cork, and turned my attention back to my friends. Jen was massaging Ted's crotch through his jeans. They were both looking at me as if they were awaiting orders.

I gently patted my hand on the bar surface as if to suggest that Jen perch herself up there between Ted and I. She did. She was sitting facing her husband but her head was turned back towards me. I put my hands on her waist just under her shirt. Her skin was smooth and warm. I moved in closed and nibbled on her ear, then let my tongue slide across her cheek and find its way into her mouth. My hands were exploring her belly and creeping slightly down past her belt line. I was obviously afraid to put my hands down her shorts, I felt like that was a step that I needed further invitation to. Ted downed one of the 3 shots on the bar and went to work unzipping and removing her shorts.

Jen and I were locked in a passionate kiss while she scooted up and allowed her shorts to slip past her butt and then she plopped back down. I could be a gentleman no longer and I let my hand slip down her panties and my middle finger slid across her clitoris and split her lips. She was drenched with her own juices and I could feel the cool moist feeling on the back of my hand of her soaked panties. I rubbed my middle finger up and down her slit and she writhed, grinding against it looking for more pressure on her pussy. I had stopped kissing her, but our noses were still touching, staring into each other's eyes. I could feel her breath as she panted and I'm sure she could feel mine. I put my soaked middle finger in my mouth tasting her. I was perfect. All pussies tasted and smelled unique in their own way, but her's was clean and delicious. It tasted metallic, like coins, and seemed to have no smell at all. I kissed her again as if to share that taste with her, and she accepted as if she wanted a sample of her own taste.

Ted was fingering and probing her pussy fiercely and kissing her neck. My hands had wandered to her beautiful tits. They were full and plump, yet soft. Her nipples rock hard and throbbing. I pinched them hard with each of my hands and her back arched as I did so. Ted was slowly making his way down her neck and across her chest. As he was gently licking right between her tits I squeezed them together smothering his face with them. Jen's eye were closed and her head had fallen back, resting on my shoulder. Her arms were up and around my head holding on to me. I fed her boobs to ted and he viciously consumed them. He nibbled her nipples, perhaps a little harder than she expected, as she let out a gasping moan. It was the first audible sound that any of us made in what seemed like hours.

His kisses made their way down her belly, stopping briefly at her belly button. She coyly giggled as he tickled her belly button with his tongue. I smiled, amazed at the playful passion these two still had for each other. If I hadn't known better I would have guessed this was their first time together.

His kisses moved lower, pecking at her crotch. He kissed her gently at the crevice where her legs ended and her groin began. First the right, then the left. Her panties were visibly soaked, they seemed as though they could be rung out. He planted a pecking kiss right on her clit, through her panties and she twitched in my arms. He kissed her pussy again a bit lower. Her soaked panties were making his face wet with her juices. He planted his open mouth across her pussy and sucked on her panties. I could hear it slurping as he pulled her juices out of the wet cloth. I could see her legs twitch as he did this and her arms tightened around my neck. Her head turned and I felt the warm wet sensation of her mouth on my neck.

To be continued...

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9 months ago
WOW, very hot
2 years ago
And then ,,,you have by my short hairs,,hard as a rock,needing to release,,wow one hot story,,,thanks