The piss Orgy

I and Palash had a session almost every month and our wives were happy on the camaraderie building between us. We were satisfied with our sucking and shaving sessions. Palaash in the meanwhile had told his wife that I was the one who shaved him first time and also taught him. His wife now looked at us with a naughty glitter on her face.

About two weeks ago, Palaash came to my office late in the evening for some work. I was alone and was browsing some porn sites after finishing work. One of them was on pissing games, you know, golden showers, piss drinking and all that.

I was engrossed and did not notice him coming from behind. Even he started reading it. It was only after a couple of minutes I realized that he was standing there.

I just turned around with a blush and he smiled at me and asked, “kyon boss, kya chal raha hai? Aur aap ko kab se iska interest develop ho gaya? I thought that it was time to tell him the details and I told him all about a couple of piss drinking incidents with my wife and also with Tannu, my masseur.

First he was surprised and then got a bit angry that I did not tell him about Tannu. Well talked for a while on the topic and it was evident that he was interested in it.

I suggested him some piss games that he could play alone and also, if his wife consented, with her as well. Two days later I got a call from him. He was excited like hell.

He had tried all the piss games and for the first time that morning, both he and his wife had a piss shower session, the moment the left their bed. Both of them soaked each other in the first morning piss and remained that way till they got ready from their bath and had their wildest session of sex.

He now wanted to have some piss games with me and Tannu. It seemed so exciting. A couple of days ago, we were ready for it. Night time, we went as usual telling that we were going for our drinking session and went to the flat that I had rented for Tannu with dinner and lots of beer.Tonight Tannu was going to be our urinal, our very personal toilet. I had already told Tannu to be ready for it

We all had consumed ample quantities of water to keep the streams unabated. I had told Tannu to be ready with female get up. He had got a salwar kameez and also put some light make up. Also, for the session, I also instructed to be completely waxed. I had called him from down stairs and he left the door ajar.

Palaash was taken aback when he saw Tannu. As I had instructed, the moment we closed the door, Tannu kissed me, very lightly and very sensuously on the lips and then Palaash. Palaash was finding it intriguing and was a bit circumspect because of the way Tannu was dressed and the way he reacted.

We sat in the entrance hall which had a couple of chairs, a small table. No other furniture or flooring. It however served our purpose well enough. Besides: what more can a whore expect. Tanya (Tannu) was more than happy at the free residence.

It was a bit warm and humid because of some light rain in the morning and bright sunny weather during the evening. I started sweating and immediately removed all my clothes. I started addressing Tannu as Tanya and treated him like a whore. I ordered to fold my clothes and keep them aside. Without a word, he obeyed.

I told Palaash to do the same, but he hesitated. I then told Tanya (Tannu) to prepare the drinks and serve the snacks. He poured three glasses of beer and got the snacks. While we were having our drinks, Tanya (Tannu) sat near me and kept playing with my body and especially with my cock. Tanya (Tannu) kept sucking it in between unmindful of Palaash. I could see Palaash getting excited by it and I told Tanya (Tannu) to make Palaash more comfortable.

Tanya (Tannu) immediately got up and removed Palaash’s shirt and vest and started kissing him all over. Palaash was now beginning to get easy and enjoy himself.

Soon, Palaash was also naked and Tanya (Tannu) was giving him a blow job. I ordered Tanya (Tannu) to be a good whore and get naked. In a flash Tanya (Tannu) was naked flashing her (his) naked hairless body. I must say that he had well good waxing job done on himself.

Tanya (Tannu) took the entire meat of Palaash and started deep throating him. Both Palaash had finished the first glass of beer and I refilled. Palaash was enjoying for the first time the feeling of mix of drinks and blow job at the same time. I could feel him stiffen soon and he unloaded heavily in Tanyas (Tannu) mouth. Tanya (Tannu) kept sucking till his cock was limp and dry.

Then order Tanya (Tannu) to do the same with me. Tanya (Tannu) immediately sat in front of me and started sucking me. I was already hot because of the hot scene I had just witnessed and within 10 mins I came. Palassh finished another couple of drinks. I told Tanya (Tannu) to finish his two glasses pending for some time now. Tanya (Tannu) took them like two glasses of water. She (he) was visibly shaken by it.

We had our dinner and more beer and water. I now badly wanted to pee. I could see even Palaash was now fidgeting his crotch. I immediately ordered Tanya (Tannu) to get into toile position. Tanya (Tannu) sat on the knees with mouth wide open. I told Tanya (Tannu) that not a drop should go wasted.

I let out my stream keeping it slow enough for Tanya (Tannu) to keep drinking. I was pissing like a horse and Tanya (Tannu) was having a hard time suck all of it. I stopped my stream and turned towards Palaash and started pissing on him. He was not expecting this and taken by surprise. I soaked him from head to toe. I then ordered Tanya (Tannu) to lick Palaash. Tanya (Tannu) started licking my piss from all of Palaash’s body.

I then told Palaash that the urinal is now waiting for him. Palaash made Tanya (Tannu) once again in toilet position and started pissing in his mouth. He even made Tanya (Tannu) bathe in his stream. Like me he stopped midway and looked at me and said, this is a thank you gesture for you Jijaji and started pissing all over me. I just sat down and took his stream all over my face chest and crotch.

The room was now filled with piss. I told Tanya (Tannu) to wipe it. While Tanya (Tannu) was wiping it Palaash had another beer each. None of us washed. Even Tanya (Tannu) also just mopped out the floor with a cloth. The room was now full of smell of piss. Then Tanya (Tannu) told that even shen (he) needed to piss.

I looked at Palaash and told him to join in the bathroom. We would both bathe in his piss and then have our bath. It was already getting late. Tanya (Tannu) had lots of fluid inside, beer, water, my piss and finally Palaash’s piss.

The moment we sat down, Tanya (Tannu) started pissing, alternately on me and Palaash. Must have gone for over a minute. By the time Tanya (Tannu) finished, both Palaash and I were hard. I ordered Tanya (Tannu) to suck both of us.

Tanya (Tannu) immediately took both the cocks in both hands and started vigorously shagging both of us and in between sucking as well. I hugged Palaash and started kissing him. I just cannot describe how great it felt.

I was so busy kissing and playing with Palaash’s body that I did not even realize when both of us came. We then had a shower with Tanya (Tannu) soaping and cleaning our bodies well. After bath, Tanya (Tannu) dried us and dressed us. As we left, Palaash paid Tanya (Tannu) handsomely.
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5 months ago
Well im getting in love with your crazy moments i wish i have those nd even i tried for the first time piss drinking ofcourse my own nd it was amazing!!!!!!!!1