Backstage with Hayley

"Congratulations man You've just won backstage passes and two front row tickets to see Paramore live in concert tonight!" Said the radio DJ "THAT"S AWESOME" I said. I had just won a radio contest for being the 9th caller in to the station for the contest. I couldn't believe it, I was finally going to see my favourite band Paramore perform live. I was way too excited. FInally hearing their songs played live and seeing the beautiful Hayley Williams on stage would be a sight to see in person.

I got to the venue 2 hours early, I didn't have anyone to go with because all of my friends were busy so I went alone, It's better than not going at all. I got some food and water and then made my way to my seat, I then sat down listened to the music in the arena and waited for the opening acts to perform. After they were through, Paramore came out to thunderous applause. I wooted at the top of my lungs as Hayley said "You guys ready to rock?!" The crowd and I were excited. As they kicked off their set list I started rocking out and dancing. Sure I didn't have anyone with me but it was still fun.

After the concert I finally got to meet the band. I got a photo taken with them. Hayley struck a pose as she stuck her tongue out, lifted her leg up on my free hand that wasn't on her and gave a "rock on symbol" and pushed her eyebrows down. I talked to the band for a bit and Hayley seemed really interested in me, we both had the same interests, such as video games, wrestling and hockey, and we really played off of each other. After talking with the band for about 5 minutes Hayley said "Alright. Taylor, Jeremy, can you guys leave for a bit, I want to talk in private" Taylor and Jeremy said OK and left. Hayley then led me to the band's dressing room where she then f***efully pushed me onto a couch. She then jumped on top of me. "Y'know you and I have a lot in common plus you're pretty cute, and when I was talking to you I was just feeling sooooo horny for you." Hayley said. She then leaned in and whispered in my ear "I want you" I was stunned by this and somewhat confused. "But what if Taylor or Jeremy find out about this or your manager?" I asked. "Ah, don't mind them, this has happened before, they're used to it. Now do you want to fuck me or not? Yes or no?" I was conflicted, but looking at Hayley beautiful body and face, and her fiery red bob of hair and smiling face, I just couldn't resist. "Alright Hayley". I said

"Good" Hayley replied then took off my shirt, pants and underwear with only my shoes and socks on. "Take your shoes off" Hayley said "I don't want marks on the couch" I obliged and now i was just in my socks as Hayley stared at me eagerly to get at me "yum-my!" Hayley said. She then leaned in and french kissed me for a minute her tongue was so warm. She then took off her T shirt and bra revealing her small but perky tits. "You like small tits? Does this turn you on. Hmmm?" Hayley said "Oh yeah it does" Hayley giggled and then kissed me slowly down my chest making her way to my dick. she kissed my dick a few times before she began sucking. She went up and down on my cock or a good 10 minutes gagging on it when she got to the end of my penis. She spat on it a few times as well and jerked it off. "mmmm You're cock tastes so good, probably the best one I've had on tour" Hayley said. Hayley then took off her jeans and panties and wiggled her ass near my dick. "You like this don't you huh?" Hayley asked "Yes I do" I replied. "I want on top of you now. I wanna ride you!" She said with excitement in her eyes. "Sure thing Hayley." Hayley got on top of my dick "ah" Hayley let out a slight moan "Oh your cock's so fucking big, I don't know if it can fit it my tiny pussy" She said. "I'm sure I can find a way" I said "Hayley then slid down my cock, the more she rode me the more her pussy loosened up. As she went faster Hayley started screaming and moaning at the top of her lungs "Oh you like that don't you Hayles?" I said. " AHHH! FUCK...YES!!" Hayley shrilled out. Without warning, Hayley then exploded a big load of cum onto my cock. "AAAHH I'M CUMMING AAAAAAHHH!' When Hayley finished her orgasm she then got off my dick and then sucked all the cum that was on it and swelled it like a good slut. "mmmm You're cum is so delicious, baby" Hayley said. "Now do you want to fuck me in my nice tight ass?" Oh Yeah" I said and Hayley then bent over waiting for my cock to go inside her cute ass.

She moaned as I stuck it inside her and she smiled at me. As I fucked her harder and and harder Hayley continued to moan and scream. "Hun... Call me a slut. call a fucking bitch i know you love me and i just love it when a man says those things to me when i'm fucking him" Hayley said. "Oh you are so fucking hot" I said " You little slut and your tight fucking ass, you love that don't you? When I fuck you hard til i make you scream?" "AAAHH. Yes keep going baby" Hayley said " Keep going" "Oh you fucking dirty skank" I said "i'm about to cum Hayley. I 'll make you mine" "Please do Hun" Hayley said. I pulled out as i was going to cum any minute. " Beg for it first Hayley. I want to hear what it sounds like when you beg for cum" I said "Oh babe... I want your sweet love juice on my face and in my firery red hair." Hayley said. "I don't know, I think you'll beg a lot harder than that. "i said as she was jerking my cock in front of her face. "You don't understand, I NEED your cum on my face. I've been a god girl and I want to get what i deserve." "No, still not enough Hayley" "C'mon pleaseeeee?" Hayley said" Give it to me make me your cum slut. Cover this dirty bitch face of mine like there's not tomorrow. Give me what i so rightfully deserve. I want it. I WANT IT!!!" Hayley stopped stroking my dick as I then jerked my hard cock fast "Open your mouth you slut!" I ordered Hayley. She opened her mouth and a few seconds later a huge explosion of cum came flying out of my cock. The first string of cum went into her hair and ran down her face then second one when straight into her mouth and she swallowed it. I then came some more on her face with two ropes of cum on her forehead down her face. Hayley smiled and kissed my penis lightly. "Wow you are really good." Hayley said "Thanks for the fun" she then reach over grabbed a pen and paper and wrote her phone number down. She then gave it to me "Here" Hayley said" just in case when I'm back in town and your want to have more of me" Hayley then got dressed, cleaned herself up and make her way back to her band mates, but not before blowing me a kiss. I then left the arena, and drove home, thinking that this will be a night i'll never forget.

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When Hayley finished her orgasm she then got off my dick and then sucked all the cum that was on it and swelled it like a good slut. "mmmm You're cum is so delicious, baby" Hayley said. "Now do you want to fuck me in my nice tight ass?" Oh Yeah" I said and Hayley then bent over waiting for my cock to go inside her cute ass.

Damn! *drool
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Thanks. Which part was your favourite?
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Loved to read it =)
Good work!
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