One Shot-Two Birds

I’m an Engineer in profession, working at a MNC. I got the opportunity to travel near about half of the world for my profession. When I get time I try to go through some of the stories narrated here. I would like to share few of my stories here and I’m sure you will enjoy them.

It was a shiny afternoon in 2004. I was coming back from my office and using lift to reach at ground floor. It was a high-rise building with more than 15 floors. I saw a beautiful lady of about 28 years old was waiting at ground floor for lift to go up. The building was at the center of Dhaka city, the capital of Bangladesh . Office time already passed before 1 hour and it was not a normal incident that a beautiful lady will come at that time when most of the staff already left their offices. At the first sight I was very much attracted by her but I failed to take any decision instantly and missed her lift. I used the 2nd lift to lift on again to follow her, asked the liftman where she went actually. After searching 10 minutes I found her in front of a closed office door. I knew some of the officers of that floor but not all. I guessed she will be two to three years junior to me. I asked her whom she was searching for. She replied she came from a Northern district as she is in a real treble for her job there. This officer was known to her but not relative, who could help her for lobbing in the Ministry.

Her name was Moli (not real name) and was an administrative officer of a Government health project. She did her Masters from a reputed University and joined this project directly. I saw her face and realized her trouble. I replied positively and informed that I knew some Government officers of her city, related with her project and she also knew them. It was the only common point with her at the moment. I said it will not be wise to stay at this big floor when most of the staff already left. I invited her for tea at a restaurant close to the office.

Then I asked her total story. She told that she started in the morning from her district, got no time for lunch, no rest and only motive was to save her job. It was a conspiracy by her male colleagues who tried to exploit her and use her, as per information. I changed my mind and offered her for dinner, she agreed. She said there was a friendly relationship with a male doctor in her office, most of her colleagues were doctors as it was a health project. Her friend borrowed a hand some money from her. One night 04 of them went on an official tour and stayed at a hotel.

They drank some light drinks together and went to sl**p at there particular rooms. At mid night her friend knocked at the door and tried to enter into her room. She didn't allow what was the main cause of her problem. The doctor managed their team leader and blamed the lady for unwanted behave and drinking at night. Office show caused her and sacked her without giving her self supporting chance. She was crying and telling that her husband was sick and she had to maintain the f****y.

I asked her what she will do then. She was silent. Then I suggested her for recovering the borrowed money from her ex-colleague and offered to assist her for recovery. Then she needed to check the possibility for re-appointment, if not possible, she needed to recover her due payments. But all these were difficult for her as she needed approvals from ministry, health directorate and from her own office at the same time. I thought that she might be a good partner and friend for me. When she was crying I offered tissue papers with condolence and told her that she need rest and mental refreshments at that moment. Otherwise she couldn't face the difficulty in cool brain. I invited her to go to my flat after dinner, she agreed and informed that she came with a lady doctor of her organization who went to collect papers for Post graduation. They had the plan to stay night together with one of their distance relatives. I informed her no problem ,if she feel OK, she could invite her lady doctor also at my flat.

I then picked up her in my office car and started for my flat at Dhamnondi. She became more free by this time. We reached my flat by 45 minutes. She entered there, opened refrigerator and arranged fruits and drinks very soon. Her behave was very nice and soon I felt that I came to her flat not mine. That time I was unmarried but my flat was ready to receive some one in my life. Nobody was staying there except the part time maid servant helped me to prepare foods and cleaning. I requested her to be easy and changing her nice sharee, she followed soon. She went for a bath, changed the saree with a reddish long gown. She was a real beauty, 34-26-34 size, full white in color, 5’3” height, mid type construction.

I assured her that she can get better job if she fails to get re-appointment. By this time I phoned to her ex-colleague and came to know that she was sacked before two weeks and a new one already recruited in her place. They didn’t inform it to avoid problems. Then it became clear to me that it was a real conspiracy and I promised myself to stand beside her. When she knew the fact she was crying again silently and I was trying to make her easy. I took her head on my chest and cleaning her tears with tissue. Gradually she became very close to me without any objection. I kissed her and tried to divert the situation for making her easy. When I hugged her tightly with long kiss she responded. I took her to my bed and opened her bra. It was round shaped, not small not so big. Sucked it deeply. She became hot but replied that no final match on that day. My cock became mad and it was difficult to follow her advice.

Then I opened her Saree, messaged her nicely, touched her nice pussy and slowly entered one finger inside her vagina. I found small hairs on it. When I entered my finger inside her, she became really hot and hugged me tightly. She forgot her job problem and others for a moment what I was thinking to do actually. I opened her total clothing’s within a moment, sucked her from top to bottom what she enjoyed with moaning. Her breast was well built, pussy was tight, thighs and legs were real beauty. She helped me to get total erected which was not required actually. She sucked my pennies a little bit, she told that she was not habituate with this. Then I fucked her twice giving half an hour gap. It was a real enjoyment for both of us. I’m 5’6.5” with a bulky well built body. When I was stroking in her vagina, she was telling that she never got this type of heavy strokes from her husband.

I requested her to stay at my flat so that I could give her a solution for her problem. She liked my flat and informed the lady doctor (Miss Aroti-not real name) to come to my address. She told her that I was her distance relative and well-known to her f****y). Within one hour Dr. Aroti-a Hindu in religion, open minded, well educated and beauty queen came to my flat. We didn’t leak anything in front of her and discussed all possible ways to help Moli in her trouble. My plan was to file a case in the court to recover her due payments, a handsome compensation from her office and to arrange an alternative job for her. I was mentally ready to help her till the problem was solved.

As I fucked her nicely, she surrendered to me, it was my responsibility to stand beside her. Both Moli and Dr. Aroti prepared the good dinner, enjoyed a semi adult English movie after dinner. During movie watching Dr. Aroti informed that she couldn’t marry for her cast issue. Her father was a high official, she and her b*****r both were doctors, she looks very beautiful and well shaped but only for cast problem it was a problem for her to get a suitable husband guy. I realized the she was really hungry for sex but no way to enjoy it.

Both the colleagues were not free to enjoy sex together at same bed. We went to sl**p at separate rooms. Moli and Dr. Aroti slept in the same room as they did in their tours though there were three separate rooms. We planned to meet again at mid night when Dr. Aroti will sl**p. Moli ensured me that it will not be a problem as Aroti never wakes up when she sl**p. My door was open and at around 1.30 a.m. Moli knocked at the door.

I invited her again, kissing, sucking and we were in heaven actually. For avoiding problems from Dr. Aroti I shut down the main power switch of my flat. After few minutes I heard the voice of Dr. Aroti who dreamt a bad dream and was calling her colleague. Moli responded and informed that she was in separate room for a sound sl**p. She whispered me that if Dr. Aroti came there I should manage her to fuck as she was hungry of sex. Moli will help me in this regard. Suddenly Aroti opened the door following the voice of Moli and fell down on my bed. In the darkness she did the mistake, thought that it was Moli’s room and hugged me with one of her hand. She told that she saw a very horrible dream that disturbed her sound sl**p. I was just silent and enjoying her stories. Moli left the bed as well as the room in the darkness for maintaining secrecy.

After few minutes I started to move, messaged her whole body. There was a similarity between both the girls but Dr. Aroti was little bit slim in shape and 1” taller than Moli. I pressed her boobs and kissed her. Took her thighs in between my two thighs and pressed it. She was silent till then but when my erected pennies touched her vagina from her gown top she realized the mistake. She asked me for Moli. I told that Moli was in separate room. I pressed her boobs restlessly, kissed her a lot and she had nothing to do except a total surrender. It was a beautiful mistake from her not mine and she had to pay for this, no way at mid night.

Slowly she became totally erected, moaned and I unclothed her opening her silky gown. After few minutes sucking and hugging I started to fuck her nicely. When I pressed my pennies in her she shouted a little and made sounds Aah, Oh..At this moment Moli made the drama to become free with each other. She entered inside the room and asked in the darkness “ Aroti, what are you doing here ?” I replied don’t disturb us otherwise I shall fuck you too”. She told as you are fucking my dear sweet friend Dr. Aroti I wouldn’t mind for me. Aroti was laughing at our dialogues, no way to escape. Moli joined with us at this stage. I gave a short break to switch on the main switch so that aircon can make the room cool for nice fucking. I then started the movie again and next two hours we enjoyed a lot till morning. I can’t remember even now how many times I fucked them till morning.

Our relationship continued next one year. When they came in Dhaka they called me over phone, met together and had lot of funs. Moli received her due payments from office, a private bank job was arranged for her. It was better than her previous job. I sacrificed some money for her higher English training at Dhaka British council to get a good job. Moli got promotion in her office and now we have only rare telephone communication for our distance locations and her f****y bindings. I have to travel Northern areas also but no scope to meet my old friend.

Dr. Aroti thanked me a lot for her unexpected mistake at mid night. She got her Post graduation from Dhaka and living in Canada for last few years.

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