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My girlfriend Neelam and I have a great sex life, we have been going around for the last 6 months, we get to fuck only once in 15 days when either of our parents are out of town. Neelam is the first girl I fucked, though I was not the first guy she fucked, she lost her virginity to a cousin of hers. During my affair with Neelam I have fucked two other girls, one was my cousin from Mumbai whom I fuck when she is in town, the other is a neighbor who is married and I fucked when her husband was away and she practically seduced me (more details some other time).

About 15 days back my parents were away for one whole day so we planned to have a whole day of fucking, I got full stock of food, beer & cigarettes. As Neelam came in I kissed her and started stripping her and she stripped me, she immediately knelt and took my cock in her mouth and started sucking as I was about to cum I stopped her, lay her on the carpet and started kissing her from her head downwards, her lips then her neck, then her 36B boobs, I licked and sucked for some time and then slowly my tongue was moving downwards and I was getting her hot and impatient.

I stopped for some time at her navel and she pushed my head down towards her wet juicy and neatly trimmed cunt. As I reached it I spread her cunt lips wide and pushed my tongue almost halfway in her pussy, she started screaming and she pushed my head in more, she then wanted to stop me as she was about to cum, but I wanted her juices so I continued and she came in a spurt and I sucked her juices.

Then she took my cock in her mouth licked my balls and with most of my cock in her mouth I started to cum, she took some of in her mouth and removed my cock and made me spray the rest on her face. We rested for some time, smoked cigarettes, had something to eat and drank some beer. (Neelam smokes only while fucking). We remain nude and then resumed with our fucking ‘ she climbs on my cock and fucks me with both of us cumming together. In the afternoon after some more fucking and drinking and were really high. I asked Neelam her sexual fantasy and reluctantly she said she would like to get fucked on a beach in the open with the possibility of other guys and girls seeing her getting fucked and licked by me. She then asked me my fantasy and I told her that I fantasize of fucking two girls together and having them suck my cock together and also fucking one and sucking another’s cunt at the same time, hearing this made her really horny and she fucked me again.

A few days back Neelam called me and asked me to come to her friend Neeta’s room, (Neeta lives in a two room flat with another girl) I reached the room to find both Neelam and Neeta sitting and watching a movie, as soon as I entered Neeta shut off the video. Neelam smiled and told her friend to start the video and it was Ok, both Neelam and Neeta were wearing short skirts and figure hugging tops looking real sexy. I sat down between both of them and Neeta started the movie. It was a porn movie where a girl was undressing her boyfriend and another girl was sitting and watching. I looked at Neelam and she smiled in a different way, as the movie progressed with the girl stripping her boyfriend in front of her friend and sucking his cock.

Neelam got horny and came near me she put her hands on my pants to feel my rock hard cock, I couldn’t hold on and smooched her real hard and squeezed her boobs not realizing that her friend was sitting next to me, then I looked towards Neeta and she acted as though she was not seeing and was busy seeing the movie, now I couldn’t hold on and my hand went under neelam’s skirt and her panties were completely wet. In the movie the boy and girl now got down to screwing openly in front of her friend, Neelam in the meantime removed my cock and started sucking it, I removed Neelam’s top and her Bra and sucked her boobs at the same time. I lifted her skirt and was pulling down her panties. Now we both got so horny that we stood up and removed each other’s clothes and were completely nude in front of Neeta.

Neeta saw us and smiled and continued to see the movie, Neelam made me lay down on the sofa with my head on Neeta’s lap and she started to suck my cock, I was so horny and seeing Neeta’s boobs right in front of me I could not resist holding them. Being not sure of the reaction from both the girls, I looked at Neelam and she lifted her head and seeing me holding her friend’s boobs smiled giving me a green signal to go ahead. Neeta was definitely enjoying this as she helped me unbutton her shirt and her bra. Her 36C boobs sprang right in front of my face and I started to lick and suck them. I then put my hand under Neeta’s skirt to find her panty dripping. It was quite clear that Neelam had no objection to my screwing her friend and had planned all this for me. I was now sitting on the sofa and both the girls came in front of me and started sucking my cock together with their lips touching each other’s from both sides. At one time one was licking my balls and the other was sucking me. Finally when I was about to come both their lips were locked on the tip of my cock and I sprayed all my juiced partly in their mouths and partly on their faces they both wanted my cum so badly that they started licking my cum from each others face and they got into a French kiss, this was extremely horny as I like to see girls kiss each other (I later came to know that some time back they had a short lesbian affair).

After this Neelam made me suck Neeta’s cunt and she started cleaning and licking my cock, Neeta’s cunt was clean- and full of juice, which spread all over my face but I just loved licking it. Neelam made drinks for all of us and we sat and drank and all of us smoked cigarettes and seeing two sexy naked girls was making my cock grow hard again. Seeing this Neelam said now you have to fuck Neeta and she made neeta lie on the bed and spread her legs, she then took hold of my cock with one hand and spread Neeta’s cunt lips with the other and pushed my cock into her cunt. This was the ultimate, my own girlfriend making me screw another girl.

As I fucked Neeta I was on my back and Neeta riding my cock, Neelam brought her cunt down on my face so while I was fucking one I was sucking the other. That’s all for now, I now have to make Neelam’s fantasy come alive by fucking her on a beach. In the open and another of getting fucked by two guys together.

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1 year ago
great gf !! awesome!
1 year ago
wow shes such a nice girlfriend! lucky guy!