Horny Neighbor Meera Aunty

My name is Subbu, I am an software programmer working with an organization here in New Jersey. I just celebrated my 26th birthday the day before I wrote this story. I am going to narrate an incident that I experienced a few months back with a woman here. (All the names are changed for privacy sakes)

I was a virgin until then and the only sexual experience I ever got was masturbating to amateur porn on the Internet. I did not like the fake porn stars and something about the natural erotica of women always turned me on. I did not really care if they were young or old. I am not a pervert but I always used to stare at people's windows around me hoping for something to happen.

There were a few times I got lucky but most other times I would make up a fantasy of the couple in the house. After living with three guys for a year. I moved to a new apartment about a few months back, it was a nice spacious studio styled room. They did not let me share the house with anyone and frankly I loved the new freedom.

I was eating what I cooked, I did not have to clean up after anyone, I did not have to wait for someone to finish using the bathroom before I could use it. I had to use public transport though which was a little hassle as I had to walk a mile to and from the train station. Right across from where I lived was a f****y of 6.

Meera aunty, her son Rishab with his wife Archana and their 3 young daughters, the youngest had just started school. They are a nice f****y from Delhi. They had been living in Boston for a long time and Rishab was laid off and found a job in NYC and Archana didi also picked up a job in NJ. Meera auntie’s husband had passed away a long time back and that’s when she moved to the states to work.

The k**s were real cute and used to love coming over and playing Xbox with me. Rishab also loved coming over and getting some time away from the k**s and the f****y. One weekend, I had just dumped my clothes into the Laundromat down the corridor and was walking back to my apartment when I heard a loud crash in Rishab's house.

I knocked a few times and asked if everything was ok and no one answered. The door was not shut and I walked inside and saw Meera aunty had slipped in her bedroom and brought down an entire cupboard to the floor. She said she was doing alright except for a sharp pain in her back. We both cleaned up the shelves and I noticed a bag open and it had three sizes of dildos in them.

One of them was a rabbit; I had seen a lot of women achieve orgasms with them on the internet. I looked back to see if Aunty had caught me seeing them and she indeed was looking at me a little annoyed at my discovery of her private pleasure stack. I shrugged my shoulders and said sorry. She said, it’s ok and continued to clean up. A few minutes later we were done.

She asked me if I’d like a cup of coffee or cookies. I said yes because it would be weird if I refused. She walked into the kitchen and I followed her into the main room. I stood there for a few minutes and she bought me a cup of hot chocolate and some cookies she baked. She asked me about my work and I answered them to the point. It was getting real awkward for the both of us.

She then looked down and said - you know it’s been over 12 years since my husband passed away. I said I was sorry. It’s ok, what you saw earlier is all I have to keep me satisfied. I did not know how to respond to that, had it been anyone else, I would have probably taken advantage of the situation but I could not get to here.

We did not say anything till I finished my coffee and said I have clothes to pick up from the Laundromat and walked away thanking her. About an hour had passed; I was getting a hard on thinking about how she must have been masturbating using that rabbit. I folded the washed clothes in my closet and was getting ready to leave to pick up some groceries when I heard a knock at the door.

I opened and saw Meera aunty there. I let her come in and she started looking around the apartment and then looked at the x box and the couch and said - ah, so this is where Rishab spends his quality time away. We laughed, that was the first time she was entering my apartment. I noticed she was smelling fresh and changed into track pants and a t shirt.

She must have had a bath or something. For the first time I noticed that her breasts and ass looked like they were firm for someone her age. I knew she worked out but she did wear clothes and makeup from the 80's you know tight pants and loose t shirts with fluffy hair. Maybe that’s what made me feel that she was older than she seemed like.

She was also quite a short lady - maybe about 5'4 something. She saw me and said I never got to thank you for helping me back there. I said it was nothing and hope she was doing fine now. She then made it obvious why she was in the room with me, she said - all these years I depended on dildos and porn to keep me satisfied.

I had never thought of getting involved with another man because I had grownup k**s and grandc***dren. She went to say - I did think about getting into casual relationships and made a few friends on the internet but it was not satisfying enough. I did not know what to say all this time except - I understand aunty.

She then gave me a stare that I understood better than words, I walked up to her and she hugged me tight. I could feel her breasts push against me. I am about 5'11 and her arms was just above my waist. She started grinding herself against me. I moved her face away from my chest and started to kiss her.

Like I mentioned earlier I have not got the opportunity to kiss anyone but I was liking everything here. Very soon my shirt was off and she was kissing my chest and sucking on my nips. I pulled her shirt off to reveal a well maintained body under them. She seemed a little sun burnt from hanging out at the beach. I started squeezing her boobs and she was moaning.

She pulled down my shorts in one tug and my dick just popped out. She started sucking, rubbing and licking on it like she had not eaten in days. She rubbed the head on her face and her neck and in a few seconds I just came like a fountain, she sucked me dry for a few seconds after that.

I pointed her to the couch and she sat there and took her track pants off and her panties, it looked like she had just shaved her pussy - I rubbed my fingers between her legs and she lifted her legs in the air and I had the most amazing view of her pussy. She had two large brown lips but the most brightest pink inside. Her butt hole was brown and puckered.

She pushed my head towards her crotch and I kissed it a few times. She put her legs over my shoulders on my back and I took both her pussy lips into my mouth and started to suck on them. She was pushing my face deeper into her crotch and almost yelling and moaning. It was not even a minute into me doing that she pushed me away and I plunked back on my ass

Gasping for air while she rubbed her clit and screamed out and she started to squirt all over my couch and carpet. I thought she was peeing at first but then she kept rubbing herself and I realized it was cum. I had a hard on in a few seconds after realizing what an amazing sexy woman was lying in front of me.

I walked on all fours and licked her pussy again, she reacted with a shiver and her legs went back up in the air. I licked it for a few more minutes and my dick was getting harder than ever. I got up and pointed my dick at her pussy and entered her - her eyes opened wide. I bent forwards and started to kiss her neck while pumping her slowly. She did not seem to like that as much.

I moved back up and started to increase my pace. It all seemed so natural to me, she caught up with the thrusts. She said that I could cum inside her. I kept pumping and soon she pushed me out and squirted over my dick. That was the hottest thing ever - I was dying to cum. I started to pump her, my foreskin was beginning to hurt but I did not care.

I went at it like it was my last day to live. I came inside her. She kissed me on my lips and said thanks again, I was busy trying to catch my breath but she understood that I was thankful to her as well.
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excellent story everyones dream you are a lucky guy