My Serbian Girlfriend Fucked In The Sea

This one is about my Serbian girlfriend Irena. I was working on a cruise ship and she was my junior. We had many wild sessions. She was very adventurous, sporty, great dancer, multi linguist - Japanese, Russian, Spanish, Italian. She was a strong woman with a full round ass that everyone wanted a piece of.

Her lips were full, perfect sexy eyebrows with deep green big eyes and her hair curly soft with lot of bounce to it. She did not had big boobs only 32B but she gave world’s best blowjobs. She was taller than me by an inch. This is one of our adventures on a busy Caribbean beach. We went to one nice beach in Caribbean island Antigua. We did not expect the beach to be busy but it happened to be very busy.

So we looked for some quiet spot and it was close to the small pier at the left end of the beach. May be because people did not wanted to get hit by boats, jet skies but as it appears they only docked on left side to avoid people swimming on right side. So we laid our beach towels. She got out of her beach dress now in her green two piece bikini and went straight in the water.

I took of my t shirt and I was wearing my swimming shorts then took some picturess of her playing in the water with waterproof camera and went in for a swim. It was all going great, nice greenish blue clear cool water, sunny day, white sand and hot girlfriend. We were playing who can swim farther and fastest, stay underwater longer and it was her turn to stay underwater.

She was having trouble staying down so she told me to hold her down till she tap out. I was holding her underwater in front of me. She was down for only 10 seconds when i felt her reaching for my dick. I was wondering what she was doing so I went in. She had a evil smile on her face. We both came up but she kept rubbing my dick which was making it hers slowly.

I had to ask why she is up to and she said I want to see you cum underwater which gave me instant hard on and I was like it’s going to be hard as there are so many people here plus water is cold which is going to make my dick shrink and what she did, took her boobs out while facing the beach and said they will wish to be in your place, think when can you get opportunity like this?

That said I grabbed her by waist and pulled close to me and started sucking on those tits and her nipples were hard maybe because of cold water or she was aroused I did not bother to ask. Now she had planted her legs around my waist and I was holding her ass in one hand constantly squeezing her ass chicks other hand was holding her back as it was hard to stay still while bearing her weight and strong waves hitting us.

We were smooching now my hand had found a way inside her bikini and was now fingering her pussy. It was nice as inside of her pussy was warm n outside water was cold. I could feel her tension build up inside, her grip tightening and her smooches get dipper and in few second she had her first at sea orgasm. She then took a dip and signalled me to hold her down which I did.

She freed my cock and started giving me blowjob. It was out of the world feeling but she had to come up to breath. She took few such a dives then she got tired and started giving me hand job. It was not enough I wanted more. I said lets fuck baby. She was so horny even to say anything that she jumped on me again and moves her bikini aside and guided my dick inside her pussy.

What awesome feeling that was warm inside and cold outside. I grabbed her ass with both my hands and started moving her up and down. She was also using her legs wrapped around my waist to move faster and harder and this was going on for about 15 minutes and suddenly big wave knocked me off my feet and I fell backwards. She did not let go off me and now i was completely underwater and she was on top of me riding.

She kept riding till she reached her 2nd orgasm which took about 20-25 seconds after which she released her grip and I sprang out of water. I can hold my breath for about 50 seconds but that action got me gasping for air by now we had a huge audience and not that they were just watching us but they knew what we were doing and they looked interested.

Lucky for us there were no families on this side of the beach. All the time she had her boobs out for all of them to see. We had few swimmers swim by for a closer look at her boobs. She would just smile at them teasingly. I loved it as she was giving me all the attention. Now she was constantly stroking my dick and I was playing with her boobs and ass while kissing her.

It was not working I was not able to cum. I think it was the cold water resting my dick to starting point d moment she stopped stroking but she always had a way to make me cum. She knew how much I loved her ass and what she did shocked me. She took a dip and came up with her bikini bottom in her hand. It was just great to know she was almost naked in d busy beach with clear waters.

She said are you just going to stand there or fuck me from behind? But they no anal ok? I did not care which hole I’m fucking. She turned around and I grabbed her by waist, guided my dick to her pussy and started fucking hard and fast. I loved her ass bumping against my body. That feel in the water was really different. It was all kind a weightless and needed more energy to pump in and out and buy all of it together

It was giving me extreme pleasure knowing my girlfriend is naked and 100s of people watching us do it was increasing it by 10 folds. I lost track of the time as I was enjoying pounding her but still I was nowhere near. She had cum already but I just kept ramming as I wanted to cum for her. All of a sudden I noticed that there was another couple doing it just few meters away from us.

The girl was not prettier than my girlfriend but she had gigantic boob’s silicone implant which were bouncing hard and it was enough stimulation for me to watch biggest boobs I ever seen and someone else fucking while I was fucking. It was like a in the sea orgy. Irena came one more time. This got me close to orgasm but I did not cum as Irena wanted to see me cum in the water.

I told her I’m ready and she got in the water and I held her down. Now to make me cum she gave me blowjob and a hand job which was enough to make me cum. I came really hard. Sperms just got shot in the water and started to flow with the water. It was her as well as my first time to watch underwater cum shot but Irena did not stop there.

She went after those floating jelly fish of my sperm and swallowed it but not all she could swallow some of it got in to her hair and which she spread all around. Now I was more interested in other couple. My bad luck Irena said it’s enough for today stop staring at her tits or else you won’t get to fuck me ever again and I had to I was not going to let go of great sex she provided.

She put on her bikini and covered her boobs. We decided to leave the beach and when we got to our towels lot of guys, couples, girls were whistling, cheering. I was little shy with all this and hurried out of the beach as fast as we can and for all the adventurous people out there its must do. Guys have sex in the sea. Also public sex is worth the risk.
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