Taking Chance In Kuala Lumpur

I love travelling and I have been to Australia, Canada, India, Malaysia, Qatar, Singapore, Thailand, USA and UK. So on a recent trip from

Australia and I was staying in KL for a couple of days. Since I was travelling by myself I wanted to meet a girl and do some partying.
A month before my trip I signed up on a dating website and started chatting and exchanging emails with a few women. I was honest and told all the women that I will be in KL for only a couple of days and was only looking to have some fun, trust me guys women will react positively when you are honest about what you want from them.

I meet this nice girl from the Philippines, Susan not her real name and she was working in a KL hospital as a caregiver. Susan was single 27, fair, tall and really easygoing girl, she had a beautiful smile. We started chatting regularly, I told her that I grew up in Canada, I moved to Bangladesh a few years ago to look after my father’s businesses.

I am a workaholic so it is hard for me to maintain a girlfriend; I just do not have the time needed for a serious relationship. Susan told me she was a single mom but her c***d lived in the Philippines with her parents, she was new to Kuala Lumpur and it was hard for her to date guys because she had to work long hours at the hospital.

So the week I was arriving in KL and I made plans with Susan to go out for dinner and clubbing. I checked into the hotel and called Susan, she told me to pick her up at 8 pm, but there was a problem at the hospital and she had to cancel our plans. She called me at around 10:30 pm and told me she found a replacement for her shift and I could pick her up at the hospital if I still wanted to meet her.

I had seen her pictures of Susan but she looked stunning when we meet in person. She mentioned that she was tired from working the whole day at the hospital and not really in the mood for clubbing, so we decided to go back to my hotel. We went into the room and were making small talk and I turned on the TV so there would be no awkward silence, after a while she asked me if she could take a shower and I showed her to the bathroom.

She finished her shower and came out of the bathroom with a towel wrapped around her. The sight of her naked body with just a towel wrapped around her and her hair slightly wet was a sight worth waiting for. She came and sat next to me on the bed, she was a bit shy and I gently started to kiss her. I moved from her lips to her neck and she started to moan and we lay down on the bed and I removed the towel from her body.

Her pussy was shaved and from her breathing I could tell she was getting wet, she started to unbutton my shirt. I took off my cloths and started to finger her pussy while kissing her. She whispered in my ears baby I’m dying to taste your dick she started to suck my cock, she took all 6” into her mouth and after a few minutes I exploded into her mouth. She swallowed every last drop off my cum and rested her head on my chest.

I love licking pussy and every since I saw her shaved pussy I knew I had to taste it. I started to kiss her and moved from her stomach to her thighs and went down on her, she was pulling my hair lightly and moaning, she was begging me to fuck her pussy but I wanted to make her orgasm with my tongue. I could feel breathing getting heavier and her body was ready to climax, within moments she had an orgasm.

All the moaning, hair pulling, heavy breathing made me hard again and I got on top of her and realized that I had not paid enough attention to her lovely breasts; I was sucking on those melons hard and rough. I realized she was wet again and entered her pussy, Susan’s pussy was so tight and she was moaning and asking me to fuck her harder after a few minutes of doing the missionary position.

I turned her on her back and started fucking her pussy doggy style and I was biting her shoulder lightly and this was driving her more crazy and I could feel we were both ready to cum so I started to pound her heavily and I came inside her and sl**ping next to a beautiful woman it was no surprise that I woke up with a hard on in the morning but what happened next was beyond my wildest dreams.

She woke up before me and saw my dick was rock hard, so she started to suck my cock while I was still asl**p. I woke up but when I say her giving me a blowjob, I thought to myself I must be still dreaming. She looked into my eyes and said I see you’re up after a few minutes now that she had my full attention she came on top of me and stared to ride my cock now most guys think you don’t have to do anything when a woman is on top of you but this is a mistake.

I was messaging her breasts and started to suck on her nipples being well rested from the night she was much louder and hornier in the morning, she was tell me oh baby I want you to cum in my pussy hearing this and I could not control myself any longer and came within moments. She lay on my chest both of us were exhausted nothing.

I was said but it felt like a perfect moment. We got up and got dressed and I asked her to stay for breakfast but she had to get back to the hospital and so I walked her to a taxi and we said our goodbyes. So the next time you’re in a vacation or an unknown city take chances, you only live once! Waiting for all comments.
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