The Next Door Pretty Aunty

Well I am 21 years old and aunt is around 35 year old still with lust and sex on her mind.

She is awesome with height 5'5 body stats of 34d 33 38 and ass to die for and the way she moves and the way the ass cheeks shake can make any men dick salute and her name is Susan All mature women and girls from USA can contact me

Let's me begin with the true incident of my life aunt Susan husband is working in Different State in USA he comes once in 6 months to Maryland that too for 10 or 15 days. Susan lives alone with her 2 k**s and one them studying in New York and he is pursuing medical from there and other is also busy in his college. Susan used to spent lot of her time in my house chatting with my mom and sometimes used to ask me for some help like taking to market.

I used to happily agree to that and one day Susan asked that she want to know about my account and how to work on it and I was explaining to her in my room and my eyes were on cleavage and she has an awesome valley between the two mountains. She caught me red handed but did not say anything and asked me that I want to go market I refused that I am busy as I was scared that she caught me.

She made a sad face and went to my mom I was scared when mom called me. She said teach aunt how to ride a Car so that she won't ask anyone and go on independently. Next day in afternoon I took her to one plain area where less people were there I sat next to her on active. I explained her everything about break race etc. She was good in handling and everything was going smooth suddenly.

She accelerated the car and I was about to steering wheel and touch her breast and she left a small moan after that and I took car and were heading back home and I found a difference in her attitude. She was sitting closer to me I can feel her breast on my shoulder that was giving goose bumps to me still.

I was scared as we reached home the unpredictable storm followed by a rain. She ran ton home she open the door and did not want to get them wet help we entered the room we were little wet her t shirt was transparent and water droplets on the cleavage was making my dick stand she was bulge in pant and started biting her lips.

I could not control more just went behind her and stand next to her with my dick around her ass cheeks she just put her head back on my shoulder with hands around my neck I got the green signal started kissing her neck and my hands busy on pressing her boobs and she just turned around and started kissing passionately on my lips we kissed around for 5 minutes.

I removed her top and started kissing the cleavage boobs were tightly packed in the bra as I removed it they bounced I sucked her nipples for quality time making her moans aaaahhh aaram se dard ho rha hai but I did not listen to anything just keeping kissing and biting after that she hold my dick in her hand started stroking it then

She took that in her mouth and started sucking it like a hungry bitch. She was expert in it and I cum inside her mouth. She swallowed all of it and then I took out her panty and saw her wet cunt small hairs were there I started kissing like a hell she was moaning loudly and loudly with the finger inside and tongue on clit hew butt were jumping up and down on the bed and her legs were shaking she was sweating

And I was getting hornier and hornier I increased the speed of my finer and tongue she increased her moans aahhh baby yes go on don't stop please don't stop aaahhh. She hold me tight between her thighs and I was not able to breathe she released her juices and she told me she has got the best orgasm and started sucking my lips and I placed my dick at the entrance and with one thrust.

I entered inside she was moaning like anything as she hasn't done sex for a long time her screams were making me mad and I was increasing my pace and was pulling her nipple with my fingers. She pulled me closer and started biting my lips and said in my ears please don't stop today keep fucking me yeah go on and her boobs were red as I sucked them vigorously and I pulled my dick out and thought of a plan.

I put ice cube inside her pussy and she was like ahhh this is so strange feeling hmmm and ice was melting so fast inside her hot pussy. The water coming out of the pussy and going till ass crack make her crazy and then I keep sucking the clit as I like it very much and she was pulling my hairs and screaming and I was loving the moment and I gave a love bite on her breast she cried in pain for a second but after that she was enjoying it

And I fucked her for a good time in every position. I cum inside her cunt dressed up and while dressing up she was smiling all the time and her eyes reflecting that she want more. She called my mother that I m helping her out and will be bit late and my mom has no issues and I was also smiling by seeing the hunger of the Reenu she came closer to me and put her hand inside the trouser and placed hand direct on the dick and started shaking it.

I was licking the sweat all over her body from neck back and cleavage all over and she was enjoying this so she started moving her hand faster. I made her sit on her knees and put my dick between the both boobs and started breast fucking with thumb between her lips she sucking my thumb make me more hornier and I breast fucking her more fast. This was her first time

And she enjoyed it very much to express her happiness made me lie down and came over my lips with her pussy lips and I started sucking it and the juices went all over my face. She sucked my lips again and did not allow me to leave as the bitch was turned on and I asked her to stop it now as I was really exhausted but her hunger was not completing and I used to fuck her twice a day as she is always ready for it.
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