Sex With My Long Desired Foreign Friend

This incident happened about 6 months before. At that time and I was studying abroad. I met her some 3 years before through a common friend.

I’m not very good at story narration but I have tried please letting me know, suggest about my writing, narration. She was about 5’4, fair clear complexion. Little chubby type, but not fat for sure. She had great figure, Maybe 36 27 35. She was very beautiful, sexy. I was a virgin then but thought.

I will have sex with her one day don’t know how why that thought came to my mind but it did. To tell you about me and I’m 6’, athletic body smart looking person. If you see me in crowd you’ll surely notice me once for sure when we met for the first time through a friend she was with her other 4 friends.

We all met, had chat for some time, and went out for dinner at dinner I found her the most attractive of them all. Her smile was so cute. I just kept looking at her in between and I noticed that one of her friend also had an eye on me. She was noticing me smiling at me after the dinner we all left and went home that day.

Her friends would call her apple and I thought she was like one. So soft skin always bright shining her cute smile on her face would complement her big round eyes very well about a week later and I met her again through the same friend. That day she came to my room with our common friend.

She bought some gifts for me. My friend wanted to fuck her that day. So After some chitchat he said to her let’s go from here. She agreed at once but also asked me to accompany her. I was bit reluctant because of my friend but she insisted at last my friend had to give up and asked me to accompany them. So I did.

We went to her place and you could smell the perfume, and it was all so decorated as if it was all made to seduce. It was perfect for having sex. We both accompanied her to her bedroom. Seeing everything there you could sense that she was ready too. We all sat, made ourselves comfortable. She took out a bottle of whisky.

She made a drink for all of us and we drank then she went to the bathroom maybe to pee or to make herself ready for later session when she went my friend asked to leave soon and I obliged. But till then she had come out and she caught me leaving. She didn’t want to let me go.

She said to my friend he can’t go anywhere, he will stay here on this bed. My friend questioned her why I need to stay there and all. But she didn’t give up again finally my friend had to give up. I was excited by all this. I thought maybe I will have her tonight.

But then I thought of my friend and I decided to leave from there but she didn’t want me to go. She might ask my friend to go but she wasn’t ready to let me go all through this time we were continuing with our drinks. She was bit tipsy by now. I had this opportunity to have her tonight.

I was so excited by all this but then looking at my friend’s plight. I decided to leave silently and somehow I managed to leave from there without her noticing. I met her again after about a month. She was very happy to see me, so was I and but she had a bf now and I have also had sex with her who was on me during our first met at the dinner.

She knew about this and so this thought maybe I like her friend and not her but it wasn’t so. But I didn’t have guts too to tell her how much I liked her and wanted to fuck her hard. We would meet sometimes, talk. She would tell me about her relation with her bf and other casual stuff every time.

I saw her and I was excited, thinking about her big, firm sexy boobs but I had no other option than masturbate thinking about her sometimes. Time went on and on and on. Gradually I lost hope of having sex with and now treated her just like any other friend.

One day I was out with some friends to have some light meals in evening. We finished and when we were about to leave I got a call. I saw her name on phone Apple. So I got this call. I answered the call and from other side I could hear her sexy voice. Our conversation goes like this:

Apple: Hey how are you?
Me: I am fine. How are you been long time.
Apple: Yeah. What are you doing now?
Me: I am with some friends. What about you?

Apple: I came to see a friend who was sick. I was in your area so thought if you have time maybe could meet you hearing this I got excited. Till then we had met lot of time but always almost accidental. So I was excited to meet her and see her and I thought maybe today I can have a chance to fuck her.

Me: sure but I am out with some friends now. Will be backing home after sometimes.

Apple: Ok. No problem. I will also stay with my friend for some time. So take your time. Let me know when you reach your home so that I can see if it’s not late I can go see u or nt.

Me: Fine and when she said that she might not meet me if It was late, I told my friends that I had something urgent to do and rushed for home. I was home in about 15 minutes. I gave her message after I reached that I reached home. I didn’t get a reply for some 10 minutes.

I was scared maybe she will not come now and just then I got a msg. I was very excited to see that message and she had said that she will leave soon from her friends place and be at my place in about 15 minutes. She didn’t know my home so I had to tell her my address and had to go downstairs to receive her.

After some 20-25 minutes I got her call asking me to come down to receive her so I did when I reached down I saw her. She looked sexier than before. She was wearing jeans and t-shirt with a jacket not the normal jacket. I don’t know what it is actually. Anyways it doesn’t matter on that. She saw me and smiled.

I just wanted to take her in my arms and kiss her there and there only. I went to her and hugged her. She seemed so happy to see me. We got in elevator. There was another man too with us in the elevator. I live on 30th floor. We both were standing at the back of the elevator leaning on sides, looking at each other and smiling. The man got down at some floor.

I don’t know which after a while she suddenly said you smell good, what perfume it is? I answered: Versace and continued staring at her. We reached my floor and we got out and entered my room. She sat on the couch. I sat beside her.

I started looking at her top to bottom and was just admiring her beauty. I could see her cleavage. That sight itself made me horny but I controlled myself. I could see the top of her boobs; they seemed so firm, in perfect shape. I just wanted to touch, feel, and suck those boobs.

We started talking casual stuff for some time talking she was talking abt her boyfriend. How she was hurt about something and all. I had my sight at those boobs only then she started crying. Seeing that I took her in my arms and tried to consoled her that everything will be fine though I didn’t hear much what she was talking about.

She was in my arms with her head resting on my chest. I had a better view of her breasts now. This made an impact in pants too. I was bit afraid too that if she sees that what she might think and say. She was fine after sometime and stopped crying. She said it might too late till the time she goes back her home, so could she stay at my place.

I was very happy, excited about that. I just wanted that. So I said ok. Then she asked me if she could take shower in your bathroom. I said ok and she took her some clothes from her hand bag and went in to take shower. I went on my laptop and played some songs after sometime and I heard the click of bathroom door.

She was wearing a bl**d red night dress top covering till her thighs and a transparent coat over that which covered nothing actually. She had her hair wet. Her cheeks were red because of warm water I think. Her boobs still looked so firm. She looked ravishing. I couldn’t take my eyes off her. She kept her jeans and t shirt on the couch and started drying her hairs with towel.

I was still looking at her. She went on to dry her hair with a drier with the drier’s sound I got some control and continued with my laptop. I was taking glimpse of her again and again then she asked me if I wasn’t sl**py. I replied in negative but she said she was very tired and sl**py. So I asked her to go on with sl**ping.

She went to sl**p and I was sitting on my laptop watching a TV show. I was watching the show but was still thinking how sexy she looked after about 5-10 minutes and I looked around and saw that she was still not asl**p. So I asked her what the matter is. She said she couldn’t sl**p and asked me if I could give her a company. I didn’t expect that. But I agreed. I switched off my laptop and went on bed besides her and lay.

She was sl**ping with her back on bed. I lay beside her and gave her a hug. I put my left hand over her chest and tried to sl**p. My hand was touching the bottom of her boobs. I saw her she had her eyes closed. I thought she slept after sometime she turned to her right and I could feel her right boob on my hand.

I moved my hand a bit and got a better grip of the boob. Now it was like the boob was in the cup of my hand. I caressed it. It was so soft. I felt like something struck me. I got excited. My tool was getting harder too. I started squeezing it slowly. It had no reaction for her, so I continued for a while after a while I could hear her moaning lightly.

This gave me courage and I squeezing it harder and continued playing with it. Soon she turned towards me and just lay there. I was confused if she turned to get her boob away from my hand or to enjoy more. I slowly moved my lips closer to hers and stopped then I kissed on her lips slowly and she didn’t respond.

I kissed her again but harder this time. She responded. She started kissing me as well. Soon we were into each other kissing hard. My tongue was deep into her mouth and she was sucking it so well. I enjoyed it very much. We continued with our kiss. I would take my tongue out and then again in her mouth. She would again suck it so nicely.

After sometime her tongue was in mine and I was sucking it while kissing my right hand slowly went towards her right boob. I caught it like a cup. I took the breast and started squeezing it with every squeeze I could see she was moaning and this made me harder then I started squeezing both her breasts with both my hands.

I started kissing on her neck while playing with her breasts. She was moaning with all this aaaaahhha. I kissed on her neck. I removed her top. Now she was lying only in her red bra and red panty. She looked like an angel to me an angel who was to be mine tonight and only mine.

I looked at her for a while. I kissed her on her neck, licked her with my tongue all around her neck. She liked it very much. She kept on moaning slowly. Her moan made me harder and I came down and started kissing, licking her navel and she continued with her moaning aaahhhhh while kissing

And caressing her navel I opened the hook of her bra and there they were, the two very sexy breasts that I wanted for so long they were big, in perfect shape. It got me mad and I started sucking them. I was licking right breast, going in rounds, from periphery to the centre. Finally I reached the nipple. It was pink, with small areola around it.

I started sucking it and I sucked it as if wanted to get all the milk from it right them. I sucked hard and the harder I sucked it harder she moaned. All this time my left hand was squeezing her left breast, nipple. Now it was the turn of left breast and nipple to be sucked by me and hell did she enjoy that while sucking the breast I slid my hand down in her panty.

I find that she has a clean shaved pussy. I touched her clitoris and I could see that she moved as if lightening had struck her and I played with clitoris for a while and then put my middle finger into her love hole. It was all wet. I put another finger too and started finger-fucking her with two fingers in her hole. My fingers had no friction from within as it was all too wet.

I could see she was enjoying it. She had her eyes closed, her body was moving in angles like that of snake I was kissing, licking her breasts one by one and playing with one hand around her neck. I put my finger in her mouth and she started sucking them as if she was getting something from within my finger.

I removed her panty and started moving my fingers in and out of her hole faster. We could hear the sounds of my finger s moving in her hole in the air. She was moaning and was saying please love me. I too couldn’t resist any longer my tool was bursting through my shorts. I removed my shorts, undies.

I touched the top of my penis to the mouth of her hole and teased her by rubbing there for some time. I inserted my penis in her hole. Slowly it went inside her fully and she shouted aaahhh. I could feel that I was touching the inner walls of her love hole then I started thrusting in and out.

Her hole was full of her love fluid and so my every thrust was making sound. She started moaning louder and louder. To prevent her from moaning much louder that others might hear, I started kissing her on lips. Now her moan was being suppressed with our kiss after sometime I could see she was getting stiff.

She put her hands on my back and was moaning like aaahhhh. I knew she had her orgasm and I continued with my thrust slowly sometimes faster after sometime I stopped, got down of bed. I pulled her towards me with her legs. Lay her legs on her shoulder.

I inserted my tool in her hole and started fucking her again with this position my tool was going deeper in her and she was feeling it harder. I was thrusting faster and faster. I could see her breasts moving with my every thrust they moved in rhythm with my thrusts and this made me harder. After a while she pleaded me to change the position.

She turned her back towards me and got in doggie style. I got on top of her from behind, inserted my tool and started in and out movement and she was moaning louder and louder after sometime she had another orgasm seeing this and I made my movement even faster and this made me cum soon.

I ejaculated in her hole and my ejaculated sperm was flowing out of her hole with her love fluids. I removed my tool from her hole, turned her back and we kissed and went to clean ourselves. We cleaned and we slept. Next time it was her turn to do the bulk. We fucked 5 times in night within about 7 hours and we had lot of fun.
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