Life As A Gigolo

You won’t notice me stand out in the Metro crowd

I won’t be the one to turn heads at the office party. I don’t make you feel threatened by speaking to your wife or your girl hell and till a few months back I dint even know how to speak to a girl. But this story is not just mine it also belongs to Deepika!

The perfect wife a loving mom a generous wife and the ideal woman and fair beautiful a former model who had with age put on weight only in the right places and a face oh what a face it drips innocence her brown doe eyes,

Her long and slender nose her perfectly shaped strawberry pout and she is on my bed her legs crossed ever so seductively sitting at the foot of the bed her fair long legs making their way out of her silken evening gown so perfectly shaping her calves and thighs.

Her palms interlocked on top of her knees as you followed her tender hands you spotted the prize they made no attempt to hide. Her cleavage,and how she had applied just enough shimmer on her chest for your eyes to freeze at their sight.

Just perfect not humongous and saggy but a handful and perky! This was my reality check as I stood naked in front of her and I could not help but wonder. I must be the luckiest chap in the world to be making love who am I k**ding to fuck a wife like her.

Now don’t jump to conclusions and she was not my wife! She was a client. It’s not every night or every guy who gets this lucky! So I could not help but wonder how what I am gets to have sex with what she is and get paid for it?

She almost purred so what? Oh yeah right your question? I said as my attention came back to her question. I hate wondering off in the middle of work. You know I can’t answer that Deepika you have asked me before. I replied as I tried to be blunt about it ok.

I just thought you offered a complete boyfriend experience not just your dick! She said in disgust as she stood up and walked to the bar in the suite ever so elegantly ever so calmly and poured herself another glass of the expensive champagne she had ordered from room service.

And a dick is something I can get for free but I’m guessing you have already figured that part out. What I want aren’t the almost there six packs of your either. Nor do I crave one touch on that thick dick of yours although I must admit it does look fabulous.

I want you to bare your soul and it’s not one way if you want. I can answer any question might have. Most of my clients do the exact opposite in fact. I talk only to sympathise with them none of them not one fucking bitch ever wondered about me.

What I want what I think weather they are boring me and why they would and they were paying for my meat and the only functions of my tongue did not include talking. So again why do this? Why become a gigolo?

And don’t feed me any crap about circumstances you definitely enjoy this lifestyle! She said as she now moved to the couch kept her glass on the coffee table and reached back behind her slender neck pushing back her long straight hair which was tied in a high ponytail

And undid the clasp holding her gown up as the gown fell in a bunch near her ankles she stepped out of it naked and she was not wearing any inners and if her body looked hot in that snug fitting gown it looked absolutely scorching without it.

Her nipples were just the right pink more like a line between pink and light brown perky and pointing up. They were not excited yet which meant she was right and she was not going to get turned on until she felt an intellectual connection. Her complexion was milky white and perfect consistent.

Her crotch was trimmed but not shaved. She seated herself on the couch crossed her legs again and picked up her drink took a sip and patted the couch gesturing me to sit next to her. The lifestyle that’s it and I get paid to do what others pay to do!

I got comfortable on the couch next to her and lit a smoke from the pack on the table and no that’s not it! She said of course it is! How do you know it isn’t? I asked a little irritated because you are not flamboyant enough you are not a smartass.

You came here on public transport judging by your metro pass you are carrying clothes formal ones which means you will be reporting to a job from here which means you have a separate job.

You wearing lenses not the coloured ones so it means you have glasses. She said as her hands slide slowly onto my lap and then ever so gently her left hand took a grip of my cock. You lead a dual life Ashwin and this veins throbbing cock belongs to your alter ego.

Ashwin if that is your real name and I don’t want your alter ego. I want to make love to you to who you really are to Clark Kent! Her hands felt so good on my cock slowly the fingers started working a to and fro motion from the head down the shaft to the base and up again!

I took a long drag from my cigarette and spread my arm on the backrest around Deepika back grabbed her shoulder and pulled her closer to myself. I looked into her eyes her anticipation almost wishing that she is finally gotten through to me.

She had for the first time ever a client had or anyone had for that matter when I was 23 and I was single broke up with my first girlfriend actually got dumped by her and she was the only girl I had ever been with.

But she as I later found out and I was sl**ping around behind my back! I started narrating rather hesitantly and that’s why you thought why not become an e****t? She said as she almost sat up with a curious enthusiasm.

No! I said half in disgust and smirked and I had been with only one girl and as a break up almost always does it messed up my ego. My band was not taking off. I did not have many students to learn guitar and my job interviews were nightmares.

But the solution lay in one of the problems. I continued while picking up the ash tray and stubbing out my smoke. By now Deepika was on her knees in front of me both her hands were on my cock and my hands behind her head.

Her warm breaths were falling on my crotch and then finally the inevitable happened. My cock was in her mouth usually at this point I faked a squirm so that my client felt good about her oral skills but Deepika was actually good.

She wasted no time in licking up and down my cock before feeling confident enough to open wide and take it in. She started immediately with a strong slurpy suck that immediately made my balls twitch! Any other guy would have come immediately but I somehow squeezed the pleasure down.

Now she looked back up expecting me to continue among the many unpaid dues and I was that of my PG accommodation. I had not paid the rent in 3 months now and Mr Milt had already been giving me trouble about it.

I had called home several times for money but they insisted I go back. I didn’t want to and the same joint f****y of nosy uncles and aunt’s cousins who couldn’t stop bullying me and a future that had nothing but a life of managing a small time travel agency.

I couldn’t have and I refused to give in. I decided I rather beg Mr Milt for mercy. I had already sold my laptop my bike and almost everything else I could have to stay back for 2 years after graduating and working on my music. Mr Milt`s mercy or the lack of it would now decide my fate.

Mr Milt was ready to go out when I saw him near the main door as he always does at this hour to get hammered by cheap booze. He was a scary looking guy Anglo Indian brown hair and beard at 6 feet 2 inches he stood a good 5 inches taller than me.

I was broad actually he wasn’t scary till he put that frown on his face and snarled and stared at you on spotting me and he immediately started shaking his head! No! He said blatantly and I did not even ask you anything yet.

I protested you are walking at me with that stupid smile of yours at this hour that can only mean you are going to ask me for another extension! No more if you can’t pay up pack up and leave and he said as he swung the door open to go out and then he turned around and added actually.

I don’t bother about the stuff and it’s been 3 months since you last paid me and so I should just get everything in that room confis**ted! He yelled and left slamming the door shut behind him as I turned around to leave.

I heard Mrs Milt call out from behind and she stood there and smiling at me as soon as I recalled Anna Mrs Milt that is and I felt Deepikas strong suction on my cock again. This time her lips were just locked around my head sucking on it strongly as one hand stroked my shaft

And another play with my balls and suddenly both her hands went down to my balls and while her mouth swallowed the entire length of my cock and deep throated itself. She kept it in till she could feels the gag reflex overpower her

She took the cock out of her mouth and came up for air. Now again her right hand was on my cock for about ten seconds she shagged my cock violently. Her own saliva was dripping from her lips and her face was almost smeared in it as she played with my cock.

Her eyes were almost begging me to cum and I myself was on the edge now. She put her head back down and now her head was bobbing up and down and my cock going all the way in her mouth back out till the head and in again.

She traced a straight line from between my balls and followed a seam to my pucker ass and then poked in just a little bit. That was the last straw. I can’t resist the urge from a woman like her for that long and I might be a gigolo but I too am a man.

I had to stop her from continuing otherwise I would break one of the sacred rules of being a gigolo and cum before the client has and stop! Please or I`ll cum! I protested that’s what I want!

She said once again taking her mouth off my cock but her hands continued their work and I know you are not supposed to before we have had a proper fuck but I want it and just tell me when!

And she went back to work and she kept sucking on my cock as her hands worked on my balls and asshole at the same time. I could not take it anymore now damn it now!

I almost screamed and she pulled her drink back into her hand and positioned it near the head of my cock with one hand to receive my load as the other kept stroking my cock.

I came in spurts one after the other. Deepika and this angelic beauty her expert oral skills and remembering Anna after so long and they all conspired to make me climax more intensely and heavily than I had done in a long time.

Her champagne was now more of cum cocktail than anything and she whirled her glass around contently looked up and asked me and do you always cum so much? Only for special ladies like you and I answered

She smiled happy with the answer and put one finger in her glass to stir my cum and her drink well and then pulled it out and placed it between her lips sucking it clean.

She proceeded to pull the glass up to her lips and then gave her glass a sniff as if she was wine tasting shrugged and then gulped the cocktail down. She swallowed the entire contents of the glass down in one motion never putting the glass down

And as she did and she never broke eye contact with me and I smiled back.
She walked up to me crouched up and sat on my lap her arms flung around my neck and her head on my shoulders. I felt her breath on my neck as she whispered continue and continue. I shall.

NOTE: This is the first of a multiple part series and I intend to tell my sorry with a few artistic liberties albeit and intend to create something which is erotic in its entirety hence the narration was a tad long and detailed.

If you are looking for a story that just talks about sex without indulging your more sensible side you might not want to follow my work as much.
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