Indira Chitta With Black Cocks

She is a beauty queen in al the matters. i am staying nearby house of my aunts. She have a gorgeous face and luscious body which make any man’s cock hard.

She is 36 years old and looks only 28.her structure is 32-30-36. she has very long black hair up to her waist, firm and beautiful boobs, curved ass covered with hair long hair. I understood many mans looking her whenever she go out. Whenever she walks her ass swaying beautifully. And she had little hair in her legs and hands that make her more beautiful.

As I told you earlier we had sex almost all days,because she is living with her c***drens and hubby works abroad, so everyday I went her house at night to sl**p with the permission of my parents , because she is alone in her house with two small c*** its easy for us to have fuck everyday. In day time (infront of my parents) we act as chitta and son, in night after k**s sl**p we act as loving and caring hubby and wife. Almost everyday we had passionate fuck and we both loving each other as hubby and wife.

We use condom on normal days and safe days we fucks without condam. As I told previously more than ten mens in our locality fuck her with my consent and also had group fuck also. She had a police officer and ahotel owner as her regular customer and they give good gifts to her every fuck.we always watch porn movies together before our fuck to a warm up. And she is a specialist in sucking and she suck cocks of all guys who fuck her including two beggars.

One day after k**s slept we together took laptop and put new xxx cd and watch that first movie was a lesbian one ,we didn’t like that and skip to next that’s a Indian college scandal very good one and third one is a English one and an awesome English girl is fucked by two white guys that’s also interesting. Next one is also English the same cute white girl and another average girl is fucking by a black guy. I didn’t like that and I skip that video.then my chitta shout at me that she wants to watch that movie.after some time I put that video she watch that very curiously and get fast arousal. And she said me to fuck her fast. I wonderd and start to fuck her when she saw my 8” tool she laughed and said its only half of that black guys tool.

I said “this 8” gives you satisfaction all the time you need. Its too fit to your pooru”
Indu: “yes da , your 8” is enough for me ,I wonderd how that girl will adjust with that big tool, I think her poor (vagina)may damaged.your small item gives my mouth full of sperm then what will be his,obviously she is lucky to get that big tool in her mouth”.

I wondered in her speaking

She continued: “ what we can do I don’t have that luck because I born here and here that guys are not available”
I kept mum and put my erected tool in her wet pussy. It slipped in very fast because of her wet her boobs and butts. After half an hour I ejaculate fully in her pussy. I got full satisfaction. I lied upon her with out removing my cock from her pussy. Every day I will get a hug and kiss from my darling after fuck . but that day she lied without hug me and she didn’t give kiss. So I kissed her and I asked her “what happened da darling why didn’t you give your usual kiss to me ah?

She said: “sorry da I don’t know why, I kiss you when I fully satisfied,to day I am not satisfied,I think that’s because of that black guys big cock in mind. I badly love that cock, can you do anything now to give me full pleasure?”
I said “what can I do ,my tool is only 8’’ long , and no black guys are available here,you have to adjust with that.”
I went to kitchen and open fridge and search for some vegetables. I took one big brinjal and one raw banana. Brinjal is small than my cock so I left that. Banana is very big one so I took that and tear its outer covering and took coconut oil bottle with me and enter my indhiras bed room.

She asked me what r u doing da. I said just imagine I am a black guy and thins banana is my cock. She smiles and said ok . I poured some oil to banana and spread all over banana.

I took that to the entrance of her pussy door and try to push it . but its not entering.and she start crying in pain. Then I said “see you cant bear a banana but you badly need a elephants cock ah”.she wiped her tears and with a smile took oil bottle and pour oil to her pussy and inside pussy and said oom fuck me with your banana cock black man . I pushed banana to her with a gentle push it enter her and I push and pull that for next few minutes after some time she smiled and said enough enough.and she lied upon me and hug and give me a passionate kiss. And said thanks.

Next day she said “coming Sunday is my birth day , what gift will u give to me”
I said “I will give a gift you will like most”

She said “ now I like most is your bananacock, so you give only that to me?”
I said I will give you one gift after thinking

Next day I searched net for a black guy available in india. In one of the social networking site I found some negros they studying In Chennai. I search their profile and get mobile no and call five of them. Two of them said they are willing. I said them to come to the hotel( hotel of my chittas regular customer) on next Sunday. I took railway tickets and send them through mail. And I informed our co fucker hotel owner about this . he also very happy on hearing this.

I went to my indhu and said her “I booked a gift for you, you will get that on your birth day at our hotel, you will never forget that gift and your 37th birthday.”

Indhu : “oh gift at our hotel, I know what it will be,you and hotel owner and our police SI will fuck me that’s it”
Me: “obviously, we three will fuck you, but there will have another surprise for you”.
She said: “ok but how will we go. What we say to our f****y guys”.

Me: we can said we are going to clean our other house .our other house is too far so know one will doubt us”
Normally we will go to clean the huse at morning and come back at night only because its too far and there are lot of jobs to do

She agreed , upto that Sunday I fucked her with that banana. Allthese day she enquired me what is that gift then I said it’s a surprise.

At last Sunday came we told in our f****y that we r going to our other house to clean left home by my bike.

We enter the hotel ,owner and SI were ready there. They both hugged her and wish her happy b’day in the owners office room.she dressed a red designer saree with matching blouse .owner and SI said you r gorgeous in this dress.
She said thanks

Then owner said “dear I want to fuck u very badly”
She smiled and said “you can dear, I am your three peoples own property”
Then the hotel owner said “we three are arranging a birthday gift for you, an unforgettable gift for you, first we present that gift to you, after that we will penetrate your all possible holes”
She smiled and said “ as you wish”

We three bring her to the deluxe room 124,
She asked,”why we go to another room, always we use your office room”
I said “this is a special day dear so in new room”

We reached the room 124,and said her “your gift is inside this room so you stand in front and knock the door”.
We three moved little bit away from door she alone stood in front of door and knock the door.
Suddently door opened and she got shocked, and her mouth opened due to surprise.

Two negros come out from the room and introduce them selves to her one guy is Michael Neel and other is James jader.she said hello to them and look at me with wide open eyes and mouth. James put her lip and try to close mouth, soon she close the mouth. We three joined them and I said her “these r our gift, r u happy ,these guys have big tools than one we saw on that movie”

She smiled then I give a slap at her hips and said her to enter room,james and neel pull her to room and we three enter to the room and locked . james and neel started to speak her in English. She doesn’t know English well . she can understand but not to speak.

I told to that guys that she doesn’t know to speak English.
James said “no problem we r here for action not for dialogue”
Neel ask me “you three are her normal guys , is it?”
I said yes

Neel :her face tells us that she is a big prostitute,is,it?
Me: oh not a prostitute ,but a lover of different cocks in our locality”

James sit near her and remove her sari from shoulder and said wat a boobyaar and press it very hardly.and kiss in her lip
James said “we had sex with many girls but all are below 30 age. This prostitute is the old lady we had in our life.”
Hotel owner: “but she will give you maximum pleasure, she give maximum pleasure to me. So now I like her more than my wife”

Neel : oh is it, this slut is experienced, ye slut can we start?”
Indu: smile and said: yes
First neel remove his all dress and stood there naked. His tool is not erected but it is almost 8” long and 3”thick. James item is littlebit bigger than neels when not erected. I schocked and look at indu she also shocked to see the black giant lund.

Neel go to indhu and pull off her sari. Now she is in her bluse and petty coat.neel enter his finger into her deep navel and bite in her lowerlips. James hug her from back and give a hard slap to her ass

She cried out in pain, then Neel untied her red petty coat and tear off her blouse. Now she is in her red panty and red lacy bra. James said she look like a sculpture. James put his hands inside her panty and said this bitch is wet there and pull off the panty.then her hairy pussy shown to all and he said “this dirty bitch never shaves ah I will shave this”
Then james said “no Neel its very pretty to see a hairy pussy ,let it be there”
Neel “oh okv ok ok “.

James unhook her bra and throw it to the corner of the room. Now she is full nude infront of five males, our cocks are erected . two negros cock is still un erected. James reach indu and check her waist chain he said “its good yar there is a bell in her waist chain it make sound when we fuck her”.
Then SI said: “that waist chain is a gift from our hotel owner”
James said: “very good man its so nice, it suits her waist very well”
Neel said to Indhu: “aye slut mr dipin told me that you are starving for a big black cock. Now infront of big cock you kept idle. Come and suck our dick u bitch”

Indhu kneel infront of neel and took his cock in her hand after two stroke put to her mouth.
Neel: “oh good she is experienced james”

James go near to indhu and took her hand and put his cock to her hand she started stroke it . for us it’s a nice view that one fairy lady handle two big black cock one in mouth and other in hand, after some time she took neels cock out and put james cock inside mouth and continued blowjob and handjob.

After few mminute she made two black cock big .when that erected both r much bigger than our banana and cock shown in video. She scared and said this cock will tear off her pussy. After some stroke james ejaculate in her mouth. She try to spit that.then james hold at her neck and slap her both cheeks very hard. She cried and swallow full cum and then neel ejaculate in her hand some sperms fell floor from her hand. He said suck sperm from her hand.

She sucks and he said suck the balance sperm from floor also like a dog. She bend down and sucks from floor also. After that we all six persons had a glass vodka and after that james and neel clean her mouth with a tissue paper . they bothlift indhu from floor and throw to bed and neel start to kiss her from toe to head.then james kiss her pussy and start sucking her pusssy. Then she shout in excitement as “fuck me james fuck me fuck me neel pls fuck me”

James spit at her pussy and take some KY jelly lubricant apply one tube full to her pussy and his cock. Then he put his cock at he entrance and push it .but no use her hole is too tight, then he push very hard ,his cock enterd her very slowly. He close his eyes but she cried very loudly she shed with tears . after few stroke she become calm. Neel go near them and apply Vaseline to her ass hole ,james lift her without removing his cock from her ,neel lied there ane james put her intop of neel and neel enter his cock in her ass. She cried again and said its too small hole its paining .but neel don’t mind and both of them start pumping her from back and front.

After some time james stopped his pumping because he cummed inside her pussy.when he removed his cock from her ,his sperm flowed out her pussy with little bl**d. Then neel removed from ass and removed his condom and insert his in her pussy.james put a condom and enter in her ass.she agin cried . we three go near to her and try to console her .i kiss at her bboobs and start suck and press. Si kiss her navel area and hotel owner kiss at lips and wipe her tears. After few strokes both removed their lund from her ass and pussy. Sperm flow from her cunt in red colour.

Both guys kiss her deeply and ask her how was it,she said very nice and this is the day I never forget.after one more drink she sat on the floor and we five men stand around her and stroke our cock . she also made handjob to all of us .we all cum in her face and hair she wipe that and sucks full . hotel pay the black guys 10000rs and they left after that she give blow job to all three. After taking bath she said this is not a safe period so she afraid she may get pregnant,so she want a contraceptive pill, we said no need pls give birth to a negro c***d.

But after that we left to the home .on the way to home I buy one pill and avoid risk of pregnancy. Her pussy and ass had wounds because of big cock. Now she said she no more interested in big cock she need only normal cock.
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