Fucking Two Whore At The Time

one fine day I saw a woman who had posted an ad for a masseuse. I applied with my picture and got a call the very next morning. Her name was Sheila. She told me that she wanted “company” and also a good massage. Her husband was out of the country and she was alone at home.

I could not go that day because of job constraints, but I made it to her place on a Saturday with all the oils needed for a proper massage. She was a 36-year-old woman with a nice figure. She was a little fat at her hips and had big boobs. Her plump boobs and nice ass got me crazy at the first sight. She was very happy to see me. I generally take gifts for my clients and I had taken a few chocolates for her. She was delighted to see them.

I asked Sheila to remove her Salwar Kameez and wrap a towel around her. I started massaging her soon. Sheila loved every moment of it and moaning lightly. I was about to ask her if she wanted more and the doorbell rang. She told me that her husband might have come as a surprise and I was almost shocked to hear this!! Then she went quickly and opened the door. I was in the adjoining room, waiting for the worst. She did not come in for around 5-6 minutes. Then she came in with her friend, who was as hot as she was and only waiting for a nice fuck. The other ones name was Radhika.

I was told to give her a massage too and so I did. Most clients love my massage and these two wonderful women were no different. Sheila and Radhika were mesmerized by my skills and asking me how I did it. I was happy to render my services to them. Then Sheila started touching me. I was busy massaging Radhika’s voluptuous body. Being touched by a hot lady is a great feeling and I asked her to continue.

Meanwhile, I had reached Radhika’s ass and start giving gentle but erotic slaps. She was moaning lightly and as I moved towards her pussy, her moan grew and filled the room. I like to go slow and build a sexual feeling rather than slam the woman and forget about her orgasm. So, I started inserting my fingers in Radhika’s pussy and massaging her thighs simultaneously. She was in heaven. Sheila had started stroking my cock and I was losing control.

Before I knew, I had taken the towel off Sheila’s body and was licking her cunt gently. Radhika, on the other hand, was licking my cock. I thought this was just the correct time to start loving these women. And I put on a condom and inserted my 7-incher in Sheila’s pussy. She was getting slammed after around 6 months and was ecstatic about it. Her soft moans turned into louder ones and then I had to put her panties in her mouth to stop the voice from going out of the house.

Radhika was waiting for her turn and I hit upon an idea. I asked her to put her pussy in Sheila’s mouth. This way her voice could be controlled and Radhika was also a part of our sensual lovemaking act. Sheila was moaning “fuck me like a slut”.. “make your whore cum”.. All the time I was making love. Dirty talking turns me on a lot.

Sheila had an orgasm very soon as she had lost practice but I went on and on for 40 minutes and finished with a big load in the condom. She was not willing to stop at that time but I was afraid that the condom would burst and pulled out my willy our of her pussy. I washed my cock in the bathroom. It was almost 2’o’clock and Sheila had already made some good lunch for the three of us. Actually, she had pre-planned this act.

We had a wholesome lunch sitting naked near each other. All the time Radhika could not keep her hands off me as she was still thirsty for a fuck. I had my lunch pretty fast. Sheila went on to keep the utensils at place and Radhika and me started our lovemaking act. She had big boobs. Since I had missed sucking Sheila’s boobs because of losing control, I compensated my desires by spending more time on Radhika’s boobs.

I love sucking melons and Radhika was desperately waiting for the time when I would insert my piston in her cunt. I licked her whole body first and made her more desperate by not licking her cunt. She was about to yell at me when I started servicing her cunt. I licked it for a while but wanted to fuck her really bad to stopped licking within a few minutes and inserted my cock in her pussy and started pushing it deeper.

I never realized when Sheila joined us and when I did, she was kissing Radhika and then me. We both liked it. She was exchanging saliva from both of us and this heightened my pleasure. I was about to come when Radhika asked me to remove the condom and cum in her mouth. She was sucking my cock as if she was sucking some kind of lollipop. She sucked my cock with great energy and speed till I burst with a sticky, sweet load of cum in her mouth.

I wanted to go one more round and I asked if any of them liked anal. Radhika had tried it before and Sheila was an anal virgin. How could I leave this opportunity!! I asked her if she wanted to try anal and she said, “yes, but go slow” I used my massage oil and fingered her puckered ass hole for some minutes. I put 2 fingers in it and stretched it. She was almost dead when I did this… but I still managed to persuade her to get her ass fucked. I inserted my cock in her pussy, of course after wearing a condom, and started thrusting. She was in tears.

Radhika kissed her all the time so that her shrieks would not go out of the house. Soon she was enjoying the act and wanted more. She was tired soon but I had not come yet. So, I changed the condom and started fucking Radhika’s juicy ass. She was experienced and more responsive to it. She behaved like a pro!! I finished in her ass and then went to throw the condom. The fucking went on till Sunday afternoon and we met many more times after this.

I have many more such stories. Feel free to talk to me even if you are not looking for a sexual adventure. We can always learn something new from each other. I also give service as a stripper at private kitty parties and couples for a threesome adventure.
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