Corporate Slut

This is true story of one of my friends showing our corporate culture. Well, her name is Sobia and she was working in a multi national company as Sales Manager. Lets narrate in her way. My boss, Mr. Salman told me that we need this contract by hook or by crook and for that you have to work hard. I knew what he had in his mind as I have pleased many of his clients and for that he have given me renumeration too.

As I have a big f****y to support and my father is quite ill so all the responsibility comes on my shoulder so I thought this is a good way to earn some money. I am 5’7” fair complexion and have size of 36-28-36. Our clients loved to suck my round shaped reddish white nipples and most of them loved my hands and feet and used to suck them a lot. He told me that we will move to that city and book a hotel their and will make our customer happy in every way. Next day, we moved in his car to that station.

During our way, I sucked his cock of 8” for an hour. He got so horny that he parked his car in a deserted place and fuck me in the back seat for 15 minutes. He loved to fuck me when I am on my four like doggy and he used to pinch my nipples from back. I do not like taste of cum and he loved to empty his semen in my mouth. This time he again made me drank it which I do not like but have to make him happy.I loved his cock when it penetrates my pussy and I lost my virginity to that cock too.

Salman is 6’ in height and well built. I loved himalot but he made me his slut to get more and more of the business. No doubt, he paid me for every time business was brought by me by giving away my pussy, body and soul. So we reached the hotel after sunset. It was a big suit with a large bath room, living room and a big bed room. He told me that the client is arriving in some time so get ready. I took bath and wore a beautiful saree bought by salman showing the particular parts of my body.

They arrived as soon as I get dressed. There were 5 guys and they ****d me as soon as I enter in the room with their eyes. The business talk started during which I served them with cold drinks and showed them what I have. The deal was abit difficult to understand as Salman wants the business on his terms. Salman winked me to sit next to the older guy of 46 years of age as he has the power to give that order. I sat next to him and started rubbing my boobs against his arms. He got the signal and orders his men to go outside.

As soon as they moved out of the room he immedialtely said you can have the business but I need that girl to serve me. Salman was waiting for that moment. He agreed and asked me take that guy to the bed room. As soon as we entered the room, he took me in his arms and gave me long French kiss. He moved his tongue inside my mouth and started licking my tongue. In the meantime, he removed my saree and I was now only in my bra and panty. Then he took off his pants while I was lying in the bed.

His tool was semi erect but was of 8” and of atleast 3”width and looked liked monster facing me. He get on top on my boobs and his cock was in my mouth. I tried to adjust his cock but it was difficult to accomadate that monster. I only manged to take half in and as he get it more in, I chocked and my eyes moved out. I want to vomit but his cock did not gave me chance and vomit came out of my nose.

As he moved out his cock out I gasped for air. I wanted to remove him but his weight did not allow me to do that. He inserted again and at the same time scolded me “randi Sali itna bara contarct de raha hone, tujhe to mein apne pore office se chodwaoo ga”. He slapped me by saying that and his cock started coming in and out of my mouth. I was getting inconcious as the things getting dim. I only remember that whenever his cock touches my throat inside, I choked and when it gets out, I gasped for air.

Then he tore off my panty and bra and put my legs on his shoulders and guided his missile to thee position. His cock head was so big that I was afraid whether my pussy can accommodate this huge things. His cock head was pushing against my pussy lips and suddenly it moved in. I cried with pain and hold his arms tightly.Now, the monster started going in and in and in. It was a big cock and eneded completely up after touhing the last wall of my vagina. Then he atonce put it out and suddenly rammed it in.

Due to his weight, it moved completely in. Then he started thusrting in and out. I came once in that time but after 5 minutes he pulled it out of my pussy and came up to the same position as earlier and ejaculated loads of cum in my mouth. It was like whole glass of water. I treid to get it out but got a slap on my face n return. He said randi jab tak khud bahir na aye hath na laga is ko. After 4-5 minutes his cock came out of my mouth. Then he salpped me once again on my boobs and get dressed and moved out.

Salman came in but I was still lying on the bed with open eyes watching the roof. He said that he is very happy and will sign the contract tomorrow. Tears rolled out of eyes. Then I moved to bathroom to take a shower. I was in shower when Salman came from behind and kissed my shoulder saying Thanks. His cock was erect. I told him how brutally he fucked me in my mouth. He said to kya howa jaan yeh order mil gaye mein tumhe itne pasie don ga jitney tum ne soochee bhi nahi hone gay. By saying this he get me on my knees and his cock was in my mouth.

Shower was running and my tears were mixed up with the flowing water and his cock was fucking my mouth vigoursly. Then I have to bend in the shower to receive his cock. His cock was amazing as it did nit hurt like that b**st’s cock. He fucked me in that position for 20 mintes and then came inside me.

Then he kissed my forehead and told me that some 4-5 people of the same office are coming to enjoy me in group. I said no as I have not had done a group sex before. But he said please do it for me as that bastard wants me here for a week and in that week he wants all his staff members to enjoy department wise.
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