Threesome With Aunty & Uncle

After getting a full strength to write the story i am able to tell sex loving people that world is full of sex only thing is U have to wait for the right time. Now let me tell about myself I am 5.11ft, wt.68kgs. athletic body with a nice body shape. The story I am telling is the time when I was at my uncle's house. Where my uncle with his wife & 4 daughters where living but when

I was there already the elder’s had gone married & the third & fourth daughter were living in hostel for studies in another region. Now only 2nd daughter was living with uncle & aunt because she had left studies and was working as a beautician nearby. So often she had to forgo out with her madam because she lived near to house of uncle to do make for marriages of girls. Sometimes it would be far and would not come home for 1 or 2 days.

But my story takes place when my cousin had gone to her grandmother's(mother's mother) house for a week. Basically the story I am narrating is of me, my uncle & my aunt(Uncle - my mother's big b*****r). So now to the story, let me first describe about my aunt a stunning beauty still in her 30's. (she got married at a younger age) still after giving birth to 4 c***dren she still is a gorgeous slim with 36.30.38 body structure. To be true I had started masturbating from my 7th class.

I had a lust for sex since that time so this incident had taken place when i was 21 almost 5 years back. I had gone to stay at my uncle's house and join college for hotel management course. I got admission to nearby colleague which was reachable by bus nearly say 6km away. So everything was going well. I use see my aunts cleavages daily because she use to wear a blouse and lungi & cover it with a towel but at home she hardy use to cover her mountains, since it use to be hot.

Slowly I began to masturbate thinking of her, I was in great need to fuck her but afraid if something wrong happens all will be in vain, so I was very much in control of myself. This was going until the great day of my life came when I finally fucked my aunt. It had happened like this, my uncle who was a drukyard, since he use to drink every day aunt and uncle use sl**p separately aunt on floor & uncle on bed. I also use to sl**p on the floor.

Since there's been not a big house we all use to sl**p in the same room, with me & aunt on floor & uncle on bed. That use to be the most wonderful hrs for when me and sharing the same floor. I sometimes try get near to aunt without awakening her and reach her boobs and slowly try to press them taking care that she is not awake this use to a daily routine of my at night, but one when pressing her boobs she just caught her hand over mine and slowly moved mine away.

She turned away; facing her back to me I was a little nervous by thing that she might tell to uncle. I also turned myself away now we both were facing our back to each other; I was not able to get my sl**p thinking what will happen if uncle comes to know. With this thought in my mind I was just trying to get my sl**p when I felt something touching my back, I as not trying to find was that but thinking of what if uncle comes to know. Slowly I was feeling the touch to getting strong and it was trying to get in between my hand and waist, moving to my stomach.

By the way I use to sl**p in lungi at night with naked above the waist. I slowly lifted my hand and the thing to my stomach caressing it. I eager to what is touching me got my hand over it, and to my surprise it was the hand of my aunt which was caressing my body. Now slowly I could the hot air near my neck being passed out, I eager to what was going to happen, lay silent but was really enjoying it and my cock too began to grow up in size.

I felt that her hand was griping me to pull me back i too moved a little back but as I moved myself back. I felt her body fully in touch with mine from top to bottom. Her hand began to move down to my cock side i was really enjoying her move she finally reached my lund which was already in full size she just got hold it over my lungi and made her grip tight over my cock and slowly began to my cock up down like a way of masturbating way , she was making me hornier,

I just took my hand over her and lead her hand to my lungi's opening so that she would get her hand inside she too did to my expectations and got my cock her hand and caresses it making me more hornier. She quickly moved to my neck and kissed me and just let her cheeks rest over mine. I in full mood was not able to think what to do, but just enjoying the movement. Slowly made the knot of my lungi free so that she is comfortable to move her inside it

She by now was fully charging making my balls to pump the fluid. It was almost 20-25 mins she started to masturbate me, now I was to burst feeling her warm hands which were making me wild & uncontrollable. With few sec I began to jerk of my semen out in her she slowly down but still squeezing my cock so that my last drop of cream is completely out. I can't explain what a move it was when she had jerked me this to be Continue so do post your comments
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