Nithya - My Wife's Friend

Nithya is my friend’s wife and I will say she is the perfect shaped lady in the world. First I saw her in their wedding day and from that day itself I was horny on her and I was waiting for the luck to fuck her. She looked better than a cinema heroine that day. She is 36 30 40 sized lady with big jugs and huge mountain ass. Anyone who sees her will get attracted by her thin moon hip and her bouncing boobs and her D shaped big asses.

She always prefers to wear sarees especially designer sarees. I love to see her thin sandal hip over her saree and love to see her deep round navel whenever she bends or lift her hands. After their marriage they went to Hyderabad. Madhan is working in a MNC and Nithya is working as a teacher. Though they left, daily in the night I will masturbate by thinking about her round juicy navel and her mountain ass.

After four years, once for a company interview I went to Hyderabad. I came to know that my friend Madhan is not in Hyderabad and he has gone to Mumbai for official work and he will come back after 15 days only. So I decided to see my dream girl nithya and if I get any chance I planned to fuck her and otherwise at least I wanted to tease her yummy navel with or without her permission.

That day and I went her home and rang the bell. My expectation was correct. She opened the door and she easily identified me. She shocked seeing me because I did not inform her about my arrival. She expanded her eyes and opened her rosy lips and pleasantly asked me. Hello jack how are you come in! She wore a sky blue Bengal cotton saree and matching blouse. Her boobs became little bigger and my eyes went on her and stopped at her open hip vow.

I saw her navel it was round very much deep and now she got one fold in her hip and she was looking more beautiful than earlier. I did not expect at my first entry itself I will get the chance to see her sexy navel it was looking so great and it is just visible from her hip saree and at any time her saree can hide it. I was not able to take my eye from her navel and I constantly stared on its beauty and I was speechless that time.

Because of my non reply she looked at me and understood my staring on her navel. She immediately adjusted her saree and hides her navel. I breathed heavily and saw her face. My goodness she was normal. I told about my interview in Hyderabad and I don’t have anyone except Madhan here and I innocently asked where Madhan is. I wanted to ask Madhan to accommodate me to stay here till tomorrow. I put my request nicely.

She liked my innocence and told me to sit in the sofa then she went to her room and came with her mobile when she goes to her room I didn’t miss the chance to see her big butts hanging from her lean hip. I amazed about her structure and shape of her whole body. She was careful to adjust her saree whenever it displayed her navel to me. I became hot that time itself and was sitting innocently.

She spoke with someone and came to me and told. He is little busy in Mumbai he will talk with you later and I pretend like shocked and asked her. Oh is he in Mumbai and I am sorry Nithya let me stay in some hotel and I stood and ready to leave Jack He told you to stay here itself until your works completed you can stay here it. We don’t have any problem because only I and my son Nani is here you can study peacefully for your interview.

She told and I expected this only and after some time and I accepted her request then I slowly started interacting with her about her life and her relatives etc. We were talking so many things. She offered nice lunch and snacks for me but I was not able to see her beautiful boobs and navel. It was pleasant moments talking with my dream sexy lady and we were talking many things until her son Nani comes from LKG School.

Me and Nani played till dinner time. He liked me very much as I impressed him in that way. I know if Nani likes me then there is no doubt Nithya will also like me as we were on dining table Nani wanted me to make music by the spoons. We were playing with till Nithya brought the dishes while she was bringing the dishes unknowingly her navel was exposed. I became hot of seeing such a sexy woman’s deep navel.

I tried to hit her navel with spoon and suddenly by luck it hit her navel. Nithya moaned slowly in sexy way A-aaye. I told her sorry for that and with a smile she said its ok but still I wanted to squeeze her navel badly but I could not. So once again I wanted inserted the head of the spoon in her sexy navel. Nithya didn’t expect this and she moaned in sexy way aahh aaye her moon hip was shivering. Now half of the spoon is in her deep navel.

I slowly rotated the spoon inside her navel. Nithya did not try to avoid this teasing by me. Whether she is enjoying or not considering my act. I don’t know. By this time she was looking at me and would have known what I wanted, for which she too was ready without telling anything she hide her navel by her saree after having dinner we went for bed but nani was in no mood to sl**p as he was k** he didn't know what was going on between her mom and me.

I told him that I brought a pamparam for him and he was very happy to have it. I told how to play with it as Nithya came I told nani to play a game with her mother too. I said it would be very interesting if you make pamparam revolve in hole then nani said there was no hole on the floor. I said we have got a lively hole then he said where. I said your mom’s navel is a beautiful hole. After hearing these words Nithya was shocked and said no no firstly.

But I went to her and said that this full day I was fascinated about her navel. With hesitation, she agreed for that. I made her lay on her back and slowly removed the saree from over her navel after all the day came for which I was curiously waiting for but I couldn't kiss her navel due to presence of nani. I rotated the top and placed it in my friend's sexy wife’s navel. She was moaning sexily aaahhhhhhh.

She was pleading to remove the top from her navel please remove it ahhhhhhhhhhhhaaa. She shakes her hip in sexy way and moaned with pleasure. Pamparam was rotating around her hot navel which is uncovered by her saree. Nani too enjoyed this game and he wants to continue. I told Nithya to keep lying in bed for some time exposing her superb navel. She agreed for that but her navel was shivering.

Oh God! I am playing pamparam in my friend’s hot wife’s Nithya sexy navel. I wanted to suck her navel but I could not. Nithya is shy to show her thoppul to me for play. It was very hot scene seeing my friend’s wife’s horny navel getting teased by pamparam. I told Nithya there is no enough space in your hip to pamparam rotate. She asked what to do. I told her to keep the hip saree knot further down.

First she didn’t accept for this and told no. If you didn’t, nani will cry, I told. There is no other way for Nithya finally she had to push down the saree knot towards her pussy. Now her saree was well below her deep navel and I really shocked by seeing her public hair but innocent Nithya don’t know this and asked me whether this is enough or not. Oh god! My lust comes true and I said still one inc.

Lower! My friend’s hot wife still pushes down her mid riff up to just above her pussy. Her public hairs are fully exposed now and my cock is really hot and erect. I amazed the way Nithya has maintained her pussy hair in a soft and silky way. She has mounted her pussy hair in heart shape, a perfectly shaven pussy she has. One important thing I noted is she has not wear panty inside.

This made me crazy and she is doing all this in front of her son nani. I bought pamparam from nani and rotated this time below her navel. Pamparam rotated very fast on Nithya’s pussy hair and it made Nithya too hot. She was shivering and shaking her face like when she shakes if any one ****s her. She deeply moaned aaahhh please aaahhhhh please aaah. I enjoyed her moaning pamparam was going extreme down from her navel.

I was waiting for a good scene that is going to happen right now as I expected pamparam came much below her pussy hair and shockingly it touched her pussy. Nithya didn’t expect this and suddenly she moaned in a loud voice aaahhhhhh. She was helplessly crying to remove the pamparam from her pussy. No please remove it ahhhhhh and now pamparam got stuck in her honey pussy lips and it was great sight to see.

Nithya moaned deeply and she slowly came to conscious that her pussy hair is exposed for me and too with the stocked pamparam. Suddenly with lots of shy, she closed her pussy hairs with her saree, got up and ran to kitchen. What a lovely scene of my friend’s sexy wife, closing her pussy and running when she came back to bed her face was filled with shy and she didn’t meet me eye to eye.

What she thought I don’t know she took Nani and told me we are going to sl**p in hall and she did. This made me to fear and I though she doesn’t like my glance at her pussy hair. That night I slept late and next day morning she offered coffee when I woke up and I said sorry to her. She partly looked at me and asked why? Yesterday I would have not played pamparam in your public hair as you are my friend’s wife.

I am really sorry for that and I hold her hand and begged. She somewhat alright now and told me no you have done for nani. I understand no problem and I don’t thing in that way she pleasantly smiled. Nithya I want to tell you frankly but how you will take I don’t know, I murmured. She asked me what? No, Nithya nothing and I acted but she was very curious to ask me tell and I will not thing anything tell and she compelled.

I saw her minute and told Nithya you are very sexy and hot in sarees and your round deep navel and your mountain asses making me hot every day. I become mad of watching your sexy navel in saree and also your swinging asses makes me think dirty after hearing this and her cheeks become red, and she didn’t tell anything ground looking and started moving apart from me and I told her now itself I want to suck and lick your navel Nithya and I can’t wait anymore.

She didn’t expect these words from me and without telling anything she ran away to Nani. I came late from my interview with fear around 10.00 pm as Nithya opened the door all my tiredness was gone! What a sexy lady she is! She was wearing a black saree and she has not wear any jacket at all. The saree too was highly transparent; I could see her bouncing big melons through it.

I was shocked by seeing her and my heart is stopped its beating. She has tied her saree very below her sexy shivering navel as her pussy hairs are little visible. Her navel is partly covered by her saree but her melons are completely covered by her thin transparent saree. I could see her superb round bouncing melons and its sharp nipples trying to make holes in the saree. I was speechless became mad of seeing those heavy boobs and round deep navel and her silky pussy hairs.

I am seeing her with lot of lust and shock, Nithya smiled with shy and told come inside. She took the file from me and asked me to get fresh. Oh God! After that only I watched her huge asses that were hanging and shaking up and down her ass was clearly visible through the sheer black saree and being on her stomach, her curvy waist and hips were totally exposed to my gaze with flowers in her hair.

She looked every inch a bride on her wedding night and in that minimal clothing she looked a bride who ached for a fucking. Nithya turned around suddenly onto her back while walking. Her saree was struggling to cover her huge melons and mid riff of the saree was now almost down of her pussy. Her breasts rose and fell with each breath of her and her navel responded with smaller heaving motions of its own.

She looked a delectable piece of beauty and I felt that she could get ****d if she continued with her lewd body language. Her bare pack was highly sexy looking because of no jacket. Her saree was just above her ass cracking and the saree is failed to cover her mountain ass completely. I understood she has not wear panty, anything inside. Her saree was lying in the slope between her 30” hip and 40” ass

It’s just hanging in her ass. I could understand at any time the saree which is on her ass may fall down. I was crazy of seeing the sexy lady, a middle class house wife who is in front of me. I had the lust to fuck her and I and nani were in dining table Nithya came with variety of dishes. I found she has prepared many dishes for me which I have not seen earlier. Nani was playing with me she is happy about that.

My eyes are staring Nithya’s every assets constantly. Her untied big melons are bouncing inside the transparent saree; her sharp nipples are clearly visible. Her sexy navel opened up and closed with every step of Nithya half of her deep navel is hidden in her saree, and the full navel was displayed when she walks. I am unable to take my eyes from her silky pussy hairs which are shapely mounted on her down belly.

I was in fire and don’t know what to do. Nithya didn’t see me at any time and she knows I am staring her navel, boobs and bouncing ass cheeks. When Nithya spread the dishes, she came closer to me and served when she came close to me I saw her round sexy navel very close to me I had lust to suck it there itself. Her pussy hairs are silky girdling, and fantastically trimmed. I had the intention to pull the pussy hairs.

The saree knot was exactly lying on her pussy and if she walks fast, that itself enough the saree to fell down from her pussy. Her expanded ass from her 30D hip made me mad. My cock became hot and erected in this situation, Nithya put rice in nani’s plate as nani is next to me and she bent towards nani and kept the rice. Oh God! I am mad of what is happening. Nithya's plain boobs are hanging just near to my face it was mouth watering scene purposefully or unknowingly.

I don’t know her huge round melons came out of her saree and hanging near to my face. Her sharp nipples are near to my lips as nani’s plate is very far from her she needed to bent more at the same time she should not touch me and so she bent as much as possible and now her hanging jugs are rolling on my face. I was breathless for some time. I was not able to control myself and my hands are shivering.

A mind flowing fragrance smell came from her bare breasts it was killing me. It happened that time yes my shivering hand inverted the ghee kinni on her hip. She was shocked a kind of feeling in her navel when she identifies the ghee has fallen in her hip and the ghee fastl filled her navel and from there it was moving towards her pussy. I also got shocked and said to Nithya sorry at the same time.

I am enjoying the flow of ghee over her navel Nithya shaking her hands ayyo she shakes her hip also in a sexy manner. Now I did the mistake so I have to take the initiative. I hold her waist firmly and kept my index finger on her pussy hair and slowly slide the ghee upward that is towards her navel when my finger touched her pussy hair Nithya moaned in a sexy way Aaaa-aye. She shack her hip backward. I was trying to collect all the ghee in her deep navel first and I am planning to transfer it from her navel to kinni.

She also understood what I am doing and she also allowed me to do all this with shy and hesitation and I brought her waist near to me and collected maximum ghee in her navel and I inserted three fingers in her navel and took out ghee when I inserted my fingers in her deep round navel Nithya closed her eyes and sexily moaning with shy and this is the moment I expected and I planted a deep kiss in her sexy navel.

Oh god! Finally it happened. I am kissing on my friend’s sexy wife’s deep navel. Nithya was enjoying the deep pain inside her navel and she was shy to give her navel to me that too in front of her son. Nani asked what you are doing uncle. I am taking all the ghee from your mom’s navel Nani. I replied. Whenever if anything inside your mom’s navel, you have to do like this and I told him and inserted my tongue in her navel when I insert my tongue inside her navel Nithya felt hot in her navel and she understood I am going to do something nasty.

I was licking her navel heavily, in and out and made round on her navel by my tongue. It was the feast for me licking my friend’s wife yummy navel. I slowly kept my hands on her huge round hanging asses and kept them in my control. I creased her asses over her thin saree and made them collide. Nithya breathed heavily when I am squeezing her asses. I licked and sucked her navel for more than one hour and I passionately licked her pussy hairs also when I lick her pussy hairs.

I bite them and pulled out by my teeth. This is happened for half an hour and now I saw Nithya she was in closed eyes with shy with lust with fear. I removed my tongue from her navel. I saw the sex goddess, the perfect shaped sexy lady, in transparent saree showing her boobs, navel, asses and pussy hairs to me and my long awaited desire of seeing such women came true. I was hesitated to fuck her because she is a homely house wife but what to do her up and downs are killing me.

By this time with shy she ran towards the hall. I saw her bouncing boobs in the sides and her milky asses and broad hip. She is a perfect lady to fuck.
I was not able to control myself my hot cock erected like thick rod. I ran towards her, holding her hands turned her pushed her in the hall itself and at very next moment I pulled out my 10” cock and inserted in her mouth. Nithya might not expect this and she is not able to understand what is happening as her mouth is filled by my cock, she expanded her eyes and trying to say no, she slaps in my thighs to get release from my hard cock, but I didn’t care about anything.

I simply fucked her in mouth by stroking hardly inside. Nithya is afraid of seeing this much big size cock which she was not imagined filled with surprise and lust, trying to hold my complete cock inside her mouth but not able to hold even half of my cock and she vigorously trying to extend her tongue towards the end of my cock and I was mad fully fucking her. I hold her jasmine flowered hairs, pulled her head towards my cock while I hardly fucking her mouth.

Nithya was screaming with loud voice ohhh she was not able to withstand my cocks hurting. I saw her fear in her eyes which is ready to spill water. She was not even properly sat in the floor I was fucking with one hand I slapped her hanging and bouncing huge melon by other hand when I slap her melon, she got highly excited and she moaned differently.

I was keep on squeezing and slapping her boobs and nipples, her both melons are started dancing which was a great scene. I am keeping on stroking my Lund in her mouth without any mercy. She moved her hands down and holds my legs. I pushed my hard rock cock heavily until she cried. It was half way in and she was screaming heavily. I slapped her melons to shake it and started squeezing it as only half of my cock is inside Nithya's mouth.

I pushed it further and it went inside her mouth fully. Tears rolled down Nithya's cheek because of the throat fuck. I fast moved it in and out and made her mouth nasty after some strokes she started endless moaning ahhh hohoooojor maaaa hh fuck she moaned loudly oh ohhhhahaohhh! She helplessly cried with tears, after hearing her cry, her son nani came to the room mummy he saw his mom in a terrific condition. Nithya saw his son and showed her hands to not to come as I am slapping her melons too.

At the very fine moment I held her head and cum in her mouth. She was shocked of my hot fluid in filled her mouth and it was overflowing from her mouth to her neck, boobs. Now I took my rod outside with great pleasure still my cock splashing my semen wow what a great scene, my hot liquid splashed on Nithya's nose and her face, eyes too her son is seeing his mom’s tragedy situation. She tasted my cum seeing my cock with lot of fear and she swallowed all my cum without any drops and breathing heavily her melon is free from my hand.

She was ready to run from there but I hold her again. Nithya screamed and cried no please asaaaaaaahaaa nooo but I don’t want to show any mercy on her and again I kept my cock inside her mouth and fucked her for another 10 minutes. Now I cumm by putting my cock in the entrance of her cute nose and released my fluid her nose is vigorously filled by my fast flow fluid. She was not able to breathe spreading her hands and seeking help from someone and whispering moaning and cried not to fuck more.

Now I lifted her and make her stand, inserted my hands inside her transparent thin saree, hold her both firm round big breasts and started squeezing. Nithya was not even relieved from her mouth fucked and she was continuously moaning and not able to stand properly, I was pulling her towards me by holding her both breasts when I squeezed and pulled her milky breasts towards me.

She saw me in frightened eyes; her eyes said don’t squeeze my innocent boobs because few minutes back her boobs are slapped by me heavily. I lifted her hanging boobs till her neck and violently squeezed to gets the milk out. You bitch my friend’s wife your saree is killing me your round navel 40 D asses hanging boobs killing me. I told her you bitch why you have tied your saree below your pussy hair you are tempting me hard

I saw her hip and I saw her navel, I saw her saree knot on pussy hair and I suddenly pulled her saree away from her sexy body and threw it out. Nithya is completely gone wild and she is completely nude in front of me. I saw my sexy dream lady without even panty and I am holding her breasts. Nithya was shocked being nude in front of her husband’s friend. She failed to hide her pink pussy from me and she was completely out of control.

Nani was shocked by seeing his nude mom. I told him one ant is gone inside your mom’s pussy he told ayyo. I told him don’t worry: I will take it outside and I will save your mom’s pussy. By hearing this Nithya loudly screamed No please no don’t do anything in my pussy. Ohh aahhhh please and I am your friend’s precious wife please. I didn’t bother about her screaming I simply laid her on the floor and spread her legs and saw her vibrating pink pussy. Where is the ant uncle?

Nani asked it went here only I told him and inserted my finger in nithya's pussy hole. Nithya the homely lady was already out of control now when her pussy get finger fucked her entire body is vibrating she is moaning and screaming aaahh. I fast operated my fingers in and out of her pussy and destroyed her virginity after analyzing her pussy for more than 20 minutes. I kept my cock in her pussy hole. I kept my cock in her pussy hole when my rod touched her pussy Nithya with lots of fear begged me to leave her because she belongs to someone else.

She doesn’t want to cheat her husband and closed her pussy with her hands and begged me to not to fuck. I stunned after hearing this from her and I really jealous of Madhan for getting such a loyal sexy lady. She told me I will do whatever you want but don’t fuck me but now I have to respect her feelings, her relationship so I told its ok. Nithya don’t worry I will not fuck you. I asked her sorry and we are seeing each other and getting relaxed. I saw lust in her eyes. I asked her tell me frankly Nithya didn’t you enjoy play?

She was taking breath heavily and seeing my 6” cock and told ayyoooo jack. I am mad of your big cock. I really want you to fuck me long but she cursed the destiny and whispered. First day itself I liked you when you stared my navel it made me really hot and I felt your sight every fraction of second in my navel. I was horny to offer my navel for your suck. I was horny to display my navel to you but I controlled myself. I was not able to sl**p. I shocked by hearing all this from my friend’s loyal wife and she continued with whispering.

Jack your staring at my ass made me hot at many times especially when I am in kitchen no one have loved me inch by inch as you loved me. I love you jack. I enjoyed your play when you hit my navel with spoon. I never felt that much pleasure in my navel till that day you made my navel hot always when you played pamparam in my navel. I thought of really hardly fucking by you. I loved your play and I lost my navel to you turned me and that is the reason I purposefully showed my pussy hair to you also enjoyed.

I was in heaven when you played pamparam in my pussy aaaaahhhh Jack. I want to get fucked by you and I have to be fucked by you Nithyaaa what is this? I am in heaven hearing all this and I tried to cool her then what’s the problem my bitch and I will fuck you right now and till morning and I tried to lift her. She refused and I sat near her hold her waist and tried to make her cool. Nithya you should be fucked by me right now don’t think anything I am friend of your husband.

Jack initially I controlled myself by thinking you are my husband’s friend but when you played pamparam in my pussy and that moment itself and I decided you have all the rights to fuck me and that is the reason I was waiting for you today only with your lovable saree and without even panty. My cock became hot but now only I saw your long Lund and before I stare completely, you fucked my mouth Jack I loved it jack. I never imagined you will have 10” cock. It’s like iron rod I love your cock jack and she deplored what’s the problem?

You are hot on my cock and I am hot on your pussy. Let us fuck. We will have the most memorable day by fucking all over the night. I am in hurry to fuck her violently. No jack pleases and I can’t allow you to fuck. It will spoil my marriage life. When you fuck in my mouth itself I understood you are a wonderful fucker. If you fuck me with your fat long cock, I can’t forget you and I can’t be a true wife for my husband.

I don’t want to cheat my husband forgive me Jack forgive please and I saw my friend’s sexy lust wife who fears her husband. Her words gave me kick to my mind. I decided to respect her feelings at the same time I decided to make her to beg for fuck. I told its ok Nithya and I agree with you. I will not fuck you. I promised and now she got somewhat relaxed and with wonderful joy she saw my lund which is fucked her violently in her mouth and said to me Jack and I am yours whatever you want.

You do except fuck I am your slave and I need your plays and fuck me often in my mouth. She saw me with lot of lust and I told her to take bath after taking bath, Nithya came with plates of vada and called me to the temple nearby as she is very happy today, so she decided to thank god with me. One sexy idea came to my mind pulled her saree and made her nude. Nithya was angry with me because she knows the struggle in wearing saree but I am simply pulling it out.

So she told not to seduce her but I saw her hairy pussy and vada again and again, Nithya didn’t understand my act. I ate vada on her pussy. She loved it then I send her to temple and I was waiting for the night and I was in TV hall. She came there with her marriage saree. She imagined today as her first night. She was looking like an angel. I didn’t waste any time and I caught hold of her waist and started kissing her navel. She was moaning aahhhhhhha. I was sucking it like a ripe mango. She caught my head with her two hands and pressed me into her belly.

I was pressing her asses and pressing her towards myself. I started eating her sexy navel. I asked what nani was doing. She said he is studying in bedroom. That still aroused me. I couldn't stop myself now. That day she was looking like an angel. I started sucking her navel with my tongue. While moaning she told me to squeeze her navel as much possible. This aroused me still greater. I took away my tongue from her navel and I poured honey in her round deep navel.

I started licking while I was tasting honey from her navel, my hands searched her big jugs inside her saree and those melons got squeezed. I was caressing her navel and pressing her breasts. She was shouting to press her boobs tightly oooohhhhhhh Raj squeezed my breast the way you squeezed the ripe mango aaahhhhhhhh. I enjoyed this moaning of Nithya and I whispered in her ears Nithya you are looking more beautiful than ever.

Now Nithya's hands gone through my cock and I enjoyed the sexy house wife’s lust and I pulled down her saree down. I saw her mind logging sexy pink pussy designed with shapely mounted silky hairs. I whispered in her ear, Nithya in your full nudity you are looking very beautiful, sexy and inviting you have a very proportionate figure you have not bore any extra flesh on your sexy body your boobs and hips are simply marvellous you have maintained your boobs very well.

Your boobs are quite shapely in spite of the fact that your boobs are fully swollen and very fleshy they have stood firm even without the support of bra and the roundness of your boobs are still there without bra and they are still bulging and opulent and I have rarely seen such heavy boobs in such a good shape even without bra. I like such breasts very much Nithya and I continued by saying Nithya your hips are also killing and they are quite heavy and they are projected backwardly so much that it is enough to ignite a young man yes Nithya your hips are very inviting and they are simply arousing.

She just smiled and said thanks jack my husband never enjoyed me like you. I kissed Nithya here and there frantically then I moved down towards her pussy thighs, hips, etc. and kissed her there. I again kissed and sucked her juicy lips by holding her narrow waist line. I took nude Nithya to her bedroom where her son was studying. I laid her in the bed. Nani saw his mom without even panty and asked me what happened uncle? The ant is still in your mom’s pussy nani!

Nithya forget about her and she not even bothered about lying nude in front of her son she started kissing me. All over increasing my sexual urge to have her and I also kissed Nithya all over her nude sexy body. I sucked her pouting lips then I moved towards her breasts again. I licked her nipples one by one. Nithya caressed my head in excitement then I kissed her breasts all over for a pretty long time. Nithya was simply moaning aaaaahhhh uuuffff and I started sucking Nithya's erect hard nipples one by one.

Nithya kept on moaning and sibilating biting her lips with her teeth and making sounds like aaaahhh etc. This sucking of her navel and breasts went for almost an half an hour. Now my dick was ready to drill a hole. I just put my cock in her deep navel and just moved it up and down Nithya moaned eemmmm. I lift her leg up, kiss her feet, lick her knee and leg, lick her thighs, f***ed her thighs move apart I kissed her pussy and licked it nithya pressed my head.

I was excited at the look of her pussy. I started sucking the juice of pussy. Nithya was playing with my cock. She was shocked at its look. She said it was larger than her husband. This 69 position continued for a while. My body was shivering my mind was blacked out no one can control even myself because I was achieving my greatest goal licking my friend’s precious wife’s private pussy for the first time in my life. Nithya moved her hand and messaged my hard dick. She moved the foreskin of my cock back and whispered in my ear Jack and I want to suck your cock.

I again asked her to repeat the word for my cock she looked in my eyes and whispered in my ear. I made her sit in the bed and I stood in front of her. Now my erected fat straight cock is in front of her mouth. She started lick my cock passionately. I cum in her mouth, she told my cum tastes like ice cream. I asked Nithya and I also want to eat ice cream. She took out her pussy and boobs from me and went to kitchen. Nani saw his mom’s bouncing asses while she walks. It’s great for him to watch his mom’s ass cheeks.

She brought icec ream in a bowl with ice in it and served me in cup. I laughed loudly. She stared at me with question mark on her face. I said I don't want to eat it in cup but in cone. She said but I don't have cone and I laughed again. She didn't understand and asked me what?. I said i want to eat ice cream in your pussy cone. She gave me sexy smile and agreed. She liked this kind of play. My staring at her pussy made her enjoy and shy. She lied on the bed and placed two pillows under her sexy asses to expose her pink pussy more.

I came near her and looked at her pussy and kissed over her pussy lips. I took ice cream and asked her to open her pussy cone. Nithya shyly opened her pussy lips by spreading her legs and with the help of the hands. Nani was watching his mom’s horny pussy. His mom is opening her pussy and showing to him. By observing this, Nithya told, nani don’t be here go and study in next room! I took ice cream and put it in her pussy cone.

She screamed jack pleases aoooye s its nice jack oohhhaaa Jack what are you doing its nice ooohhhh as her hot pussy suddenly got attacked by cold ice cream and she screamed with pain. She cried when I went down close to her lovely shaved cunt and started to eat ice cream ooaaahhh jack aaa yes its nice more aahhhh. Ice cream tasted great and Nithya was now on fire she was so hot ooohhh please eat me. She was burning from inside i could feel how pleasure she got oohhh jan please more aahhh its nice yes don't stop please, jack. I loved it so much.
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