Dusky Babysitter

I woke up in the middle of the night amidst all the shouting , I rolled over and looked at the time , I was 3am in the morning , I cursed my neighbors , they were always fighting , I put the pillow over my head and slept . next morning I got up and went for a run as usual , it was a beautiful morning , I stay on the fourth floor of a huge apartment building , its a sort of colony , my flat is the last one in the corner so I have to pass all the other flats , my neighbors front door was open a little bit , I decide to peak inside , I saw a small k** on the floor playing with his toys , and sitting opposite to him was a young girl , she was probably the babysitter employed by my neighbor to look after the k**. she was about 18 long hair , dark skin.

She was sl**ping on a big chair , her right leg spread over the arm of the chair , she had a small piercing on her nose and a silver chain over her neck , her duppatha had fallen on the floor and hence was not doing its duty of covering her cleavage , legs spread , showing a nice cleavage and sl**ping like a sexy princess , I stood rooted to the spot for about 5 minutes admiring her beauty , suddenly I heard footsteps down the corridor and I woke up from my trance , I resumed my journey towards my flat .

later that afternoon I was slumped up in front of the TV with a cool beer in my hand when I heard a c***d crying , I went out to the balcony and say the small k** sitting on the ledge and crying , without wasting any time I immediately jumped to the neighbors balcony , climbed over the railing to the ledge and got hold of the k** , by this time the babysitter had woken up she was standing on the balcony with fear in her eyes , I could literally hear her heart beat , I lifted the k** and passed him to her over the balcony , she went inside and started crying immediately , she thought I would shout at her and complain about her , but I left without saying a word.

The next morning I heard a knock on the door, on opening the door I saw the dusky babysitter standing with her head bowed down, she looked up at me and said - I have made some sweets for you. I invited her inside and made her sit on a chair and I sat opposite to her, she thanked me a hundred times for saving the k**, I asked her to tell me about herself. Her name was avanthika, she was from a village near Jaipur, she was staying with her whole f****y near the colony, and she worked from morning to the late evening as a babysitter for my neighbor.

We spoke about her mostly and before leaving she turned back near the door and said - you never told me your name. I said - robin. The next day I saw her drying clothes in the balcony, I went out and said - those sweets were very nice. She started blushing, murmured small thanks and ran inside the house. days passed by, we became good friends, these days she used to put the baby to sl**p and come to my house and we would watch TV together, she used to say - you live like a pig the whole house is so dirty, after making a fuss she used to clean the house, I would lean over and watch her sweeping I would get a nice cleavage show sometimes if I'm lucky.

Her ass used to dangle in the air when she used to clean my bed. one fine day we were sitting together and watching TV , she was enjoying herself and her concentration was on the movie , we were sitting so close that I could smell her , the sweat was sweet and fragrant , I ran my hand through her hair and held the back of her head , she turned to look at me , her big beautiful eyes full of passion , I came closer and kissed her lips , our tongues met and we sat there kissing for about 5 minutes , I got up and lifted her in my arms and carried her to my bedroom and lay her down softly on the bed , I took a new Saree from my table ( which I had purchased for her earlier ) and gave it to her. She asked- what is this for?

I held her shoulder with both my hands and put my fingers through the neckline of her dress and said - for this! with one sudden jerk I tore open her salwar all the way down to her stomach , she was not wearing a bra and her tits just bounced out , she had small tits , round , and tight like small balloons , I pushed her down softly on the bed and sat on top of her , she was between my legs , my cock rubbing against her pussy I was kneeling over her and starting at her chocolate boobs , she turned her head the other way to face the wall , I sat there on top of her for about 4 minutes admiring her boobs and then I noticed my cock bursting to come out , I took out my 7 inch dick.

She saw it and from the look on her face I knew its the first time she had seen a cock , she raised one hand to touch it , she grabbed it and I held her hand and showed her how to stroke it , she started pumping my cock up and down and I told her to stop , I caught her hair and lifted her head near my cock , I told her to open her mouth , she was hesitant but obeyed , I put my cock in her mouth and holding her hair I would guide her up and down , sometimes stopping when my cock was completely inside her throat , she sucked for about ten minutes and I was ready to cum , I took out my cock , I held her mouth open and I sprayed my cum inside her mouth and all over her face.

I told her to swallow my cum , she did as she was told , I opened her mouth to check if she had swallowed it , her face was covered in the white sticky fluid , it was on her eyes , her nose and all over her hair , I caught hold of her boobs and started squeezing them so that the nipples would pop out , then I kissed her nipples , sucked on it and bit her softly a couple of times. I came to her belly button and started licking it with my tongue, inserting my tongue inside and licking it I came further down and kissed her pussy over her panties and the salwar, I tore open her salwar. She was wearing underwear inside.

I removed it and threw it on the floor , her pussy was hairy on top and when I spread it I could see the pink insides of her pussy , by now my cock was hard again , I kept my dick near her pussy and with one thrust I entered it hard , she screamed out in pain , I started fucking her tight juicy pussy vigorously , I lifted her legs and held them with my hands and fucked her in the missionary position , after about 5 strokes she stopped shouting from pain and was now shouting out of pleasure , her eyes were close tightly and her head was arched backwards , she was screaming with pleasure and I increased my thrusts and stuffing my whole cock inside her.

I turned her around and told her to be on her knees bent over , I then grabbed her ass and stuffed my cock back into her bleeding pussy , she started screaming again and I fucked her doggy style for about 15 minutes, then I spread open her ass and slowly stuffed my middle finger inside her ass while fucking her , I continued to Fuck her pussy and finger her ass as the same time , I then place my cock over her asshole and slowly tired to enter it , she started screaming in pain. her asshole was completely stretched out and I started fucking her anal. her face was flat on the bed and her ass was in the air , I fucked her ass for about 20 minutes.

I felt I was about to cum so I pushed it as deep as I could inside her ass and I squirted all my cum deep inside her ass , her pussy was all red and swollen from the fucking and her asshole was spread out , there was a giant hole in her ass , I told her to spread her legs and sit on the floor , she obeyed and I told her to push out all the cum from her ass , she spurted out all the cum and I told her to lick it clean from the floor , she swallowed the whole load , after a nice shower together she wore the new Sari and left for her house.
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