Mother-In-Law Gave Me Lots Of Love

I am happily married to Priya and get the love of both my wife and her mother Raji. People say if your Dad is poor then it is fate but if your Father in law is poor then you are stupid. I will say if your mom is not a MILF then it is fate but you should really choose your MIL intelligently. First of all young girls look attractive mostly but you do not know how they will will as they get older. Just look at their mothers and yu will get an idea of how they will be when they get older.

After my PG i got a job with good salary, my s****r was already married and i was next in line. I had asked my parents to look for a bride for me. After one or two proposals we got the proposal from Priya's f****y. Priya was of ordinary complexion but had a very pleasant appeal about her. A proportionate body , she being a good swimmer, and lot of sex appeal. We met in a restaurant and after that a formal function was arranged at the bride's house after 2 days. Priya was then only in her final year of college and had a campus placement in a very big MNC. She told me that she was not ready for the marriage and was doing so only at the insistence of her parents. At that time I thought that this proposal will not work, and moved on to having lunch. We got talking on other topics and had a good time. We left after agreeing that we will reject the proposal saying some reason or the other.

After that we went to priya's house for a formal visit. There I saw Priya's s****r who welcomed us in their home. Now that was a very homely girl with the same kind of appeal that Priya's got. ANd then my mom introduced her saying she was Raji. Priya's mother and was shocked in a pleasant way. If this was how priya will look 10-15 years from now then it is a shame that I will not be able to make good this proposal.

And then thought i should at least try to make it success. And then priya came wearing a fantastic sari and it was super. The honey colur skin of the hip and the curves visible through the side was great. As per formality me and priya were left to talk alone for some time. I was silent for some time as i was thinking hard on how to manage this situation and get favorable result. Priya then asked why so silent, you were speaking to me well during lunch that day. I then told her that after seeing everything i have started to like her. I told her if studies and career are priority please do it, but we are still young and take this forward after some time. Even I would like to have a great girl friend like you for a while.

After that the rest was history, we got married after one year when she finished her course and Joined her company in Bangalore and I got a transfer to Bangalore. We bought a house and settled well. Whenever I saw Priya's mom Raji who used to come visit us occasionally i used to think that as Priya gets older she will get more sexy not realising I am actually attracted to Raji. The truth was that me and priya were busy in work and were spending less time for sex. But whenever we had sex it was superb. Then one day Priya got a superb on site offer and she was to work for a while in Germany and then she left to German.

Few months later Priya said she was lonely and wanted me to come over for few days as tour and we can do sight seeing. Learning of this Raji also prepared to come and stay with her daughter for some time. All arranged me and raji reached Germany, but the bag of raji got lost in transit. So for the next few days she was wearing Priya's clothes. And lo what a make over. From sari's to slawar was ok. But she wore a 3/4 pant and t Shirt it was mind blowing. The fuller body of Raji was looking sexy in priya's clothes. After few days her luggage was retrieved and then I came back to B'lore. Raji came back 2 months later.

Since I was alone in B'lore my mom used to come over often to take care of me. But since my mom is working it was difficult. Sometimes Raji used to come over and stay. I was always tensed when Raji used to come over and did not realize why. Then it struck me that I will not be able to have peace unless i have sex with raji. But i did not know how to initiate and i was scared if it will danger my married life. So i did not really push it. One day I went for shopping to purchase gift for priya. Raji was in town so she came along. I took some dress for my wife and was not sure how good they will look on her. I saw Raji was looking and some dresses and holding it on her and checking out on the mirror.

Then I told Raji that i wanted to see how good they looked and if she does not mind to please try on the clothes and show. She was looking confused and then I told her you look almost like priya so if yu try on we will get a good idea. Before she could say anything i gave her the set and led her to the trial room. From where i stood i saw her sari dropping to the floor behind the trial room door. Imaging her standing in her blouse and petticoat was arousing me. Then she came out wearing one dress after the other it was all good. Then finally she asked me what kind of dress is this. That was a knee length open shoulder party gown. She said she will not wear it. I was so focused on her vision of blouse and petticoat that i did not realise that for some of the dress that i gave her she had to remove her blouse and petticoat too. Most time she wore the clothes only on her bra. Now she was uncomfortable because the party dress was too revealing.

I told her it is ok not to wear if she is not comfortable. From the other dresses I was selecting a few and noticed that Raji was standing still holding the party dress in her hand. I asked her what and she said that the dress was beautiful and Priya will like it a lot. I told her i will buy one like this when priya comes since it was costly it will be foolish to buy without trial. Then Raji made up her mind and went back into the trial room. She came out wearing the dress and it was mind blowing. Some of the guys in the showroom were staring at her.

She was feeling very shy but very beautiful. She slightly smiled at me and said "Thambi can you please take a picture of me in this dress. I obliged realising that women knew when they looked their best and they wanted to capture their best looking moment. Raji then changed back to her sari and became her normal self but had this very shy smile on her. Priya had this kind if look when she is in a very good mood which normally ends up with us having sex.

We paid got back in the car and left the shop. Raji turned to me and tried to say something and stopped. I thought why is she hesitating and realised she wants to see the photo. I told her she can just ask me without hesitation and handed over my phone. She opened the picture and was admiring herself. She transferred the picture to her phone and asked me to delete from my phone. I told her the picture is very good let me keep it. Actually I will show it to priya and tell her that you looked better than her. Raji blushed and said no no it will not be proper to have pic of me like that on your phone. I said ok but you looked very nice in all the clothes you tried out today. She blushed again and said It was nice to try out all the modern clothes and I felt good. Please do not tell anyone okay. I will be embarrassed. oh I was loving this secret between two of us stuff.

After that Raji came to Bangalore after 2 months. I told her I sent Priya the dress we got for her but kept the party dress you liked here itself. I saw that you like it a lot and hence you should have it. She said no she will not have it as she cannot wear it any where. Then I decided to press my chance and said that I have to attend the marriage of my company MD's daughter in one of the star hotels of the city. I am bored of going alone every where. Why don't you come with me. You can wear it once. After that i priya can take it.

She said no and I said fine. The next day i was watching TV in the evening when Raji asked me if I was going to the reception. I told her I am bored of going alone. Then she offered to come along and got ready in a sari. Then I told her that you like the party dress and it looks very good. Do it once you will like it. I took her mobile and showed her the picture in that dress and reminded her how good it looked. She finally accepted and wore that dress. I just loved it. We had a nice time at the reception. Raji was uncomfortable throughout and telling me that it felt like every one was looking at ther. I made her feel as comfortable as possible. As we were leaving one of my lady colleagues told good bye and complimented Raji saying “Your wife’s looking great. Raji blushed.

We were back in our car and the smile was back. Raji was relaxed now. She told me she always wanted to experience the feel of wearing modern clothes. But since she was in a conservative f****y, it was not possible. And then she added that she was embarrassed at my colleague assuming that I was yur wife and she laughed. Looking at her I was getting really attracted to her, so I just said you are looking good and young for your age. She mocked and with a laugh no no I am not that old am I?? I told no you are not old. There were so many men eyeing you, some them were even jealous of me I think. Raji said please don’t flatter me, thambi. She still did not get my hint so I thought of putting one more hint. I should have told all those jealous eyed guys that you all should be jealous of my FIL just like I am jealous of him… Raji blushed and got my drift.

After so much time she was aware of the way I was seeing her in that dress. I then deliberately gave her a full body admiring gaze. She was so embarrassed and angry and asked me to see that way. I then gave her my jacket and since I was very uncomfortable as I was totally aroused, got down from the car. I told her that I am having a headache and so we will leave in another 5 mins. She got down and innocently asked if she can massage my head. The tension of arousal and not having sex was so much that I was unable to bear. I told her that if she touches me now I will lose all control and take her then and there in the car itself. Raji was shocked and in tears. After a while I took back my mother in law back home. Few days later she went back to Chennai.

It was almost a month before I saw her again. I had gone to Chennai for a f****y function and Raji was there. She avoided me at first. Then I went to her and apologized. Praised and flattered her saying that whatever happened she should take as a compliment since even now in this function many men are “sight adichufying her”. Finally she smiled. A week later she was back in Bangalore for some time. The fact that she came back made me happy and I told her that. Then she told me that she has spoken to priya on coming back to India even if it means leaving her job as it is not good staying away like this. She needs to take care of you fully. I decided to play tough and told her my sex life with priya is our problem. If sex is only required I could have found out ways for it in these 1.5 years that priya has been in Germany. I want love and I love priya. But I also started loving you Raji. You are a wonderful person and you have made my time away from priya bearable. Raji was listening silently.

Time to press advantage. I looked directly into her eyes and said “ I love you raji… And then I took her hand and said I get so much of love from Priya , I will very lucky person if I get some love from you too. She did not pull out her hand. She was still looking at me. And then suddenly the moment snapped. She turned away and went back into her room. Now I knew that she liked me. Maybe now she was wet in her panty but she was confused. And I had to give her the time she required. I then went to sl**p. In the morning she did not come out of her room. I went to work.

In the afternoon I got a call from raji. She told she is feeling bad of herself to have lost control yesterday. She is afraid that she will spoil her daughter’s life. So she is going back to Chennai. I said ok go and cut the call. Then I sent an sms saying I know yu want to kiss me as much as I want to kiss you. Nothing will happen to priya’s life. In fact I will be happier with her and you. Rest is for you to decide.

Evening I hoped she will stay back and as per expectation she did not go back to Chennai. I got fresh as usual and had dinner and then we sat on the sofa together. She was tensed. Then suddenly she smiled. She said you are actually a nice guy and I like you a lot. I don’t understand how Priya can leave this and sit abroad for so long. Stupid girl. She was half laughing and half crying. It was time. I put my arm around her shoulder and embraced. Raji came to me and snuggled on my shoulder. It was a tender moment.

Then the dam broke. I was sex starved and there was this fantastic woman in my arms. In no time we were naked and I was inserted my dick into her. It was like a hot knife piercing butter. Carried away by the moment I came in just a few strokes. I pulled out from her. She put on my T Shirt and sat on the sofa. Then she teased me saying now I understand why Priya is staying in Germany. I went red in my ears and she laughed. Don’t worry I have heard the sounds form you and priya when you guys are together. I understand that you are capable of fantastic sex. So shall we start again.

Seeing her sitting that way aroused me again. I removed the T shirt she was wearing and admired her body. Priya had a harder body due to her swimming. But raji was all softness. She smelled a different raw smell. The long hair was silky soft. One or two grey strands of hair was all that bespoke of her age. I was felling so good. Raji said so you done looking ?? come and give me some pleasure. She came near and took my penis in her hand and shook it a bit. The touch gave me goose bumps and suddenly she bent down and took my dick in her mouth. It was heavenly. She said she saw that clip of Priya doing this on my phone. I knowyou like it.

I could not answer. Aaaaaahhhhh Raji … wonderful.. I love you so much.

And then we went to the bedroom and started kissing on the lips. Raji was moaning and she took my hand and placed it on her soft boobs. Even after so long her boobs were not sagging. It was much more juicier than Priya’s. I buried my face in the soft boobs.

Raji said ooooh… it is great … kiss me more …

Then I slowly inserted again. It was so hot and wet totally. This time it was much more pleasurable. Slowly we were moving in sync with eack other. Each time the dick went in fully and Raji was enjoying every moment of it. Raji asked to please go faster. The momentum increased and Raji came first. I kept going and she was ready to come again.

Raji said with your father in Law I have had orgasm only few times in all the years. But priya says she reached orgasm most of the times. I did not believe that till now.

This was the beginning of the love of my MIL. Later on Priya came back to Chennai and I got transferred to Chennai. Raji loves me a lot , I love both Raji and priya.
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