Stephon fucks Sora and her sexy ass tranny ass

Ya know what fuck it since my last story wasn't good apparently imma just cut the bull and tell the whole story now shit.

So my dick is in her ass and im in heaven, like on some cloud nine shit.the head board is knocking she screamming, im not sure how loud though cause im pretty focused.And like i said before she released the dragon or sme shit like that i mean, what she did quite literally was with me inside her flip her whole body so she is now all fours and im like... the fuck did i get myself into. but still i don't punk out. the she told me to go deeper. Alright how hard can that be. I comply and start to use the full length of my ten inch cock fuck her like that. I think im the shit and shit until she is like deeper again five minute later and in my head im like.

Fuck how the fuck am i supposed to fuck her deeper is i don't possess the length to do so. so i do what any worried man should do in that situation. I softly tell her to come here so i can taste her tongue, and i then kissed her for like ten minutes, the whole while i'm thinking of how to make this more satifying for her. she saw there me. then she pushed me away and then said the most terrifying words i've ever heard in my life.

OK, well i see your a little more than shy for a girl like me so hows about you break out that ass of yours and let me fuck it untill you have a clue what to do with that cute cock of yours.


Now xhamster im pretty sure yall are all thinking c'mon stephon, she is a tranny, she has a dick, has only Fucked, key word being FUCKED girls, she wants her turn. UMM.. yall forget two hours ago i thought she was a girl, and my my cock opened her up to the point that i forgot that she was a ladyboy.

I honestly liked the girl, suptle natural tit, nice body, suprisingly arousing ten inch cock, nice hair, no public hair, and eyes to die for. But am i willing to give up my asses virginity to her. am i even willing to give up my asses virginity?

She see my hestitaion and ever so gently says, its ok ,it may hurt in the begining a little, but after that its feels really good. the she kissed me oh, so sweetly and i was like butter in her arms.

Thinking back on all of the girles' virginities and ass virginities i have taken i have never once contemplated what its like to be on the other side of the cock.

She kept her word and was really gentle with me.

She stated kissing me and just like i had done earlier neck, chest, nipples abs(she did each of the eight indivually, played in my belly button, then she was at my muscular v(below abs just above crouch).I though she was just going to to start fucking me but nah she continued to keep her word and gently sucked my penis enought to relax me,and asked me to flip over spread my legs and show her my ass hole. I reluctantly comply and instead of fucking my i enjoyed the wetness of her tongue licking my ass hole which i enjoyed thouroughly, and she lifted her face, picked up her omninous at the time by the size but still cute dick.

SHe asked in her little sex voice,"baby are you ready", and i nod.

FUCK, it was like she was pushing against a wall, the pressuure subsided as i her in and i instantly realized that she had a big cock. I could feel every part of it. She was right the first part hurt but i was good now. I could tell by herface that she was enjoying herselfas well then she started to pump.

Remember that pain that i said had gone away, FUCK THAT I WISH IT WAS STILL AWAY.every pump a wave of a new pleasure slash pain enter, three minutes go by and i seem to be getting used to it andthere is less pain and more pleasure. i all of a sudden want more so i say more. She give me all of her dick and is going at a regular fucking pace. Then i say more again cause i wanted it.


if i were a female with hair she would grab it in order to f***e me back onto her dick, but umm i keep a brush cut so yea. she was at an impass so she inprovised. she grabbed bothn shoulder and fucked the shit out of me. Now im a swimmer so i wax. Everything. Even by buthole and the feeling from the spit and dick i can honestly say out of this world. 10 minutes after we get into the real fuck she pulls out. she moving faaster so i basically can gues what comes next. she moves to shoot on my back but im felling adventurenous so i flip over and bury my face in her dick. she is obviosly affected and yea just fucks my mouth but its different this time. I could by her orgasm that she literally was a girl with a penis. the way she yell, moved her hips, convulsed.... yea this is like any other chick i fucked. She tries to pull out of my mouth but i want the to fucking orgasm like never before, not cum, not ejaculate, fucking cum like its her first time again.

i lift her and place back on the bed because her neck were trembling.then i spread them. That did is she says i'm cumming and grabs my head. If im right about her orgasm then she probably wont be able to control her legs. It would be ridicoulous to think she can because already has lost control and is squirming like a sexy b**st. I hold them open and inside my mouth i feel the jets of cum. And swallow them. Not that bad.

OH my fucking god, your fucking amazing... she said. and then it was time for me to use what skills i learned from her one her. I did and long and unneccessary part of the story. i Was able to fuck her so good i manage to make her nut with my dick in her ass alone. Hands free.

That was a great night in my life. partly because we kept on fucking and sucking until we just couldn't anymore. which was hours later. we had so much fun. we woke up to discover that we missed class so we just started fucking because we had nothing better to do with our pop up free day. in all we didn't leave her room for two days. and when we did he both walked like we had something up our asses.

this storyy is ttrue and i would like to know if xhamster support me so let a guy know. friend me, message me, rate me, idk just me some love and i will continue to show yall love with my thue sex stories.

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